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Modding Tutorial 1 - Making Grilles


You can get every version back to 2012 from the Autodesk student website, and it doesn’t matter much what kind of student you are.


is there a chance to see an updated kee exporter for 3dsmax 2015 x64 ?


I just got a student license and downloaded 3ds Max 2016, so I guess I can’t export models with it? They only had 64 bit versions of 2014 to 2016 available.


Nope, only 32-bit versions from 2010 to 2013 are supported for now. It’s just been discussed on another thread.


I cant seem to find anywhere i can download a 2013 version of 3Ds Max, I wanted to make my emblem for my company.


You can’t get a new licence for it from Autodesk (only the 30-day trial), so they took it off their main site. You can still download it here:
autodesk.creativevirtual15.com/a … nt%20Desk#

Just go into download links, then 3ds Max, and then to 2013 32-bit at the bottom (if it doesn’t let you scroll at that part, just use the tab key until the right link is selected).


although it’s somewhat dead i hope i can still get some help here.
i’m totally new to modelling, as in first time in my life, first tried to learn the basics 3-4weeks ago. so i’m pretty much blind.
SOOOO much confusion and question.

so far
on 7:10, what are you fusing and welding to? is it to the plane?

9:55 i just realised, have you been doing it standing? and not viewed from top?
since i need to pull the Z axis instead of the Y axis. is this a problem or can i just rotate it when i’m finished?

and how the hell does this seemingly fine spline

turn into these

and how do i fix it?


Hi there,
Here it’s my first try on 3DSMax (after watching Daffyflyer’s tutorial), a simple Lancer grille.


  • It weighs like hell. I think mainly to the size (I’ve tried to downscale it but Automation started crashing again and again) and…
  • I’ve not removed the triangles.
  • The grille material is too glossy (the material editor is like a nightmare :disappointed:)

There are some minor details but I think that I have them identified (surely I’m being naive :relieved:).
Any suggestion/opinion would be welcome.

PS: Daffyflyer, thanks for the tutorial, 3DSMax if one of my targets.
LancerGrille.zip (228.1 KB)