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Mods not showing at all (even in launcher)


So I’m subscribed to all of the latest mods, when I launch the launcher it says (“subscribe mods: 0, processed mods:0”) I have verified game files a million times, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game a few times, I’ve unsubscribed and resubscribed to all the mods, but they still don’t show in launcher. When I go ingame there’s no mods, I have waited 1 hour before to see if one of the mods will show as subscribed. So if anybody knows how to Fix, could you please tell me. And my drivers are up to date, and I forced it to run as administrated


Are you trying to play off-line? because that’ll give you that issue.


Nope, online


did you clear the cache?


Yep, I’ve done most things, even put my hard drive (old one) in with the new one


imagebut this still comes up


Where do you get that error, while still being in the launcher (which otherwise works?).
Have you tried to just subscribe to a single mod that everyone is using and is confirmed working? Just to make sure it is not a specific mod screwing over the loading.