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Monarch Motor Company (1955 -


Thanks. Your descriptions are exactly what I was going after, though I tried for the Cortina, and alas, not too successful there.


First off I’d like to say that your 60s designs are absolutely brilliant, no questions asked. The Mystery in particular looks like something a professional player would make.

I’d very much like to see you become better, as where the Performancè market here is absolutely saturated, the luxury market would be dying for a new competitor like this.

In the interest of helping you improve, I feel I should tell you the Gariche concept looks like it was designed in Roblox. Everything on it just seems too big and cartoony, and the rear vents are just one big nope. Perhaps spend a bit refining your modern designs, and consider joining the discord to get some styling tips in real time.
Overall I see a lot of potential here, and I hope you cash in on it.


Thanks. Your advice is most welcome and I will endeavor to become better. May I ask, how do I join the discord to get styling tips in real time?


If you do not have a discord account, you will have to create one in order to join. It’s a live chat for automation.


I’m on Discord as MONARCH! Ready for fun…


1978 Mystery Series from the Archives…


This whole thread reminds me of Rinspeed. The designs are weird in the “I’d never think of doing it that way, it’s pretty unconventional” kind of way, and at the same time you can’t take your eyes off them due to the strange cool new shapes and decissions


1994 Balmoral Line of Premium Cars…


I’m sorry, but the Presidential is horrid.


May I ask what exactly is to be gained when making the taillights yellow?

If it was on the road it would lead to a mass amounts of confusion.


No U! :hushed:
I actually like these.


Understood and thanks for the feedback. I am reworking it.


I was using it to be unique. With the Presidential limousines I’ve seen around the world, there are a few that use this color for a dazzling, flash effect to help thwart terrorists. It was just a thought. Thanks for the comments…


I can understand that, but I believe you don’t need the entire taillight to be yellow, really, perhaps a small portion of it could?


Agreed. Rework in the making…Thank you.


Filling in history…1972 Marvel:


And for 1977, the Marvel, with something a little special added…


For 1984, the Marvel, with new engines and more luxury…


80s weren’t good for anybody, but I expected Monarch to spice things up. Sadly this car is too… regular.


You know, squidhead, you’re right. Maybe I’ll try again.