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Mondial Paris Motor Show 2018 (Mondial de l'Automobile Paris)


Automation Auto Shows Schedule 2018

This is exactly why I need to catch up with my lore.


Ready for the Montes flagship?


All-new Nemean

“Sometimes the greatest surprises come in small packages”

All to be revelead on 02/10/2018


Rennen continues their concept quartet; 4 concepts are to be revealed in succession with each being dubbed “LEC-X”.

Stay tuned for the next reveal on the 2th.



HTA Group is proud to present this on the Paris Motor Show!



Judging by that tagline, I suspect that the car in the teaser is either a pure EV or a petrol-electric hybrid.




2016: 6.4L, 820hp, 1230Nm.
2018: 5.8L, 820hp, 1160Nm.
2019: 7.0L, 820hp, 1340Nm

In the interest of fuel economy.


i love that Natsukashi front, remember me a Mitsubishi


AL Autos @ the Mondial Paris Motor Show 2018



LC Motors have the honour to present the : LC Lusitania



Grip Magazine will cover the event.


HA presents the TS 20

Drive with sensations


The legend reutrns, the Mk. 9 Citadel from Estrada