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Montes Cars - Enjoy Driving - Urban MY 19 release


Thanks! :slight_smile:


Back to the past (no, there isn't the name of a movie with a name changed).

1989: Montes presents to the public the luxury cabrio coupé called Montes Biturbo (yes, like the Maserati Biturbo):

Some photos:

The model is powered with a v8 x-plane biturbo 2.5l 5-valve, with a power of 290cv.

The model isn't finished at 100% (the body and engine is finished; the rest needs some adjustments).


uhm where did you get a convertible


Check the "cosworth pack" thread in the 3D modelling forum.


The new affordable ($50.000) Montes sportscar: the RXS-6.

The chassis and panels are made in carbon fiber to make a lightweight car.

The engine is a straight-6 with this specs:

(Yep, the engine is hand-builded).

And the car specs:

More photos:

In AutomationHub: automationhub.net/company-ca ... odelID=229 (And don't forget to vote).

Any comment are welcome.


That looks so good! :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile:


Ferrari can't beat that! :smiley:


Not often do you see a car that looks great from the top, but the RXS-6 seems to fit that bill.


The philosophy of the car is like the NSX: lower cost than the rivals, lower fuel consumption, highter dinamically than the rivals, and more cheaper to maintain that the contrincants.


Coming soon, Montes reinvented and redefine the street sport car.


A previews of the Gigacar/ Megacar: The Montes Fulmine (in Italian, Fulmine is lighning: with this word, I can expresse the power, acceleration and top speed of the car):


That looks SWEET! I love the back with Weasels Porsche lip, it fits well with the car. :slight_smile:


Yep! Thanks :slight_smile:

I need only my headlights (the showned headlights are provisional), and a side air vents.


Coming soon... The definitive superbeast... (flash)... the definitive version.

The poll and betting is open.


Another beast is coming to Geneva, a legendary car, so legendary that it needed new fixtures... Here's the teaser (credits to my brother for the teaser and design help :smiley: )


The new Excelsior preview (the car isn't the final version).


Holy mama. These headlights are just... mindblowing! :open_mouth:


Nice that Excelsior (trekkie car? :wink: )..., and the Amagosta in Geneva Car Expo thread.


Coming soon, the new Urban!