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Montes Cars - Enjoy Driving - Urban MY 19 release


The new Urban 2016!

The new model uses aluminum in the body and in the frame to lightweight 100kg respect with the old-gen (fully equipped).
This new-gen uses a innovative engine: is a petrol engine, with the fuel consumption and torque of a Diesel engine.

EDIT: This car is a fake :slight_smile:

The definitive model coming soon.


The Gaphyr Sedan reminds me of an F12 Berlinetta.


New Montes model: a retro model (doen't had any predecessor this model). The Retrofutura Roadster.

Do you like the new model?

Is a classic/modern car: modern tech, without the unnecessary gadgets: only you and the car.

Only had ABS.

The engine is a 2.0L engine with 227 HP at 8600RPM.


And the promised megacar: the GTT-rs:


Coming soon, the new (this time the not-fake model) Urban.


The new Urban gen!

(The photos are from the Montes Urban 3.0 MRP V6):

Powered by a V6 3.0 naturally aspirated, had 341HP, and a max. speed of 260Km/h, and a 0-100KM/h (in 6-speed manual version) at 5.0s.


¿Do you like the new model?

I am undecided about the next model to do. Do you think I should do?


The new Montes X-Raider, with a 7.0 NA Crossplane V8 TorquePower engine with 710hp was created to provide new experiences and sensations for the explosive people, because can do the 0-100km/h (0-65MPH) in 3.4s, and has a 252km/h mechanically limited top speed.

The 4x4 traction can make possible to control the car at all situations once you enjoy driving this car in the desert dunes.

This car is handbuilt by the Montes MRP (Montes Racing Performance) department.

More info at AutomationHub.


Although it does sound fun in theory, I would probably be the last person who would take their super car and go flying around on desert dunes. :laughing:



Look at the Local Motors RallyFighter.


Coming soon, a new high-tech E-Segment sedan, with new engines, 9-gear gearboxes and digital HUD called Montes Q90.

Coming soon, the teaser.


That name reminds me of infinity for some reason... But it is good to see you again! :slight_smile:


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Only I need a wheels like this: assets.passionperformance.ca/pho ... pg?864x540


If you are using steam you can go to the workshop and find that prylix has made 2 new rims. They are not like the ones on the volvo but they are new and interesting! :slight_smile:


I installed these 2 rims, but for a luxury sedan... doesn't looks well, except for the sport version.

P.S. Automation needs the ability to change the wheel colour.


We need more people to make cool rim designs, but for now that will have to do.

Also I agree that we need to be able to change the rim colour. That would be cool!


In the suspension setup, which is the ideal rank (in coordinates) to have a good balance between comfort and sportiness?


I really don't know.


Coming soon, the Montes Urban 2015 will be available to buy.

This are the versions and specs (I'm waiting the release of twinscroll turbos):

-1.7 DiSi:

    1.7L i4 133hp @6900rpm/160Nm@4000rpm.
    Top Speed: 213Km/h.
    0-100Km/h: 9.7s.

-2.0 DiSi SUPER:

    2.0L i4 196hp @7700rpm/195Nm@6000rpm.
    Top Speed: 240.5Km/h.
    0-100Km/h: 7.3s.


    3.0L v6 341hp @8200rpm/306Nm@6900rpm.
    Top Speed: 274.5Km/h.
    0-100Km/h: 5.2s.

-1.3 DiSi-T:

    In development.

The pre-release cars are available for the testers. If you will test any version of the new Urban, please, contact me via PM, and sent me a feedback (the best of the car, the worst, improvements...).

Coming soon, the images, and the teaser of the Q90.


Any engine suggestion for this model would be accepted.