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Montes Cars - Enjoy Driving - Urban MY 19 release


The revolution is shown:

100% from scratch.


I’m already seeing some ultra advance racing prototypes coming from this body.


This speaks directly to the ultimate concern of Gryphon Gear.


Seems like a Hypera SuperLyn :wink: Me likey!


Which car it is?


The one I might create when this body comes out :smile:


Shiiiet boi…

When it comes out I’m hosting either a Vision Gran Turismo challenge or a Ridge Racer Special Machine Challenge.

Expect to see a Dimension VGT and the Assoluto Vulcano…


Yeah, Cavallera is pulling out of the hypercar game, it’s stupid. I don’t have the skills for it.


I’m thinking a race prototype concept would be a good entry into this. Erin will be here for that.


Mind you the two are a whole different level of crazy… One’s just edgy styling and insane aerodynamics… the other includes a literal space rocket on wheels.


When you call something an ass volcano, I bet it’s going to go like the clappers :joy:

@vmo just one request, please allow it to house 395 rears!


and a 20L Tiwn turbo V12 :joy:


28L v16 plz


Not only am I digging the 70s styling, I am digging those 70s trim names too


Some numbers maybe? I mostly interested in these engines’ power :slight_smile:


I don’t understand what are you saying


The car looks fantastic, and I love the trim names you’ve come up with, as they’re very akin to real life 70s trim names (and the all consuming game of badge envy - “I’ve got a G-LXi, what have you got?” “A 2.0SL, beat that!”)


UPDATED: I added the car stats


Why the turbo one is lost?


It was an error. The turbo is for the MK2.