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Montes Cars - Enjoy Driving - Urban MY 19 release



Montes Press Conference:

Hello everyone. Thanks for coming.

Today, we are going to talk about the numbers that the brand has achieved until November, and to talk about future models.

This year, from January 2017, until November 1, 2017, we have sold a 5% more than the last year until November. Of which, 60% come from Urban, and 15% from T90 mainly.
An increase over the previous year. So they are good figures. An increase of 189,420 units compared to last year.

And on the subject of future models for next year, during the first quarter of 2018, we will release the restyling of the Urban, which will bring significant improvements in design, quality, options, and will debut the new range of four-cylinder gasoline naturally aspirated engines. very lean fuel mixture and high compression, accompanied by direct and stratified injection, called SCHI internally, which was already equipped in the v6 that equips the RXS-6.

And in what is luxury, we will get, in mid-2018 approximately, the new Excelsior. That will radically change design, for a more sober, elegant, but distinctive and current.

And we will also announce a new Arexis, which will also share the four-cylinder engines with SCHI technology. At the moment, we can not reveal anything else.

And, It will come a new model, called project SB1, that the brand shown a few weeks back ago.

And in the specialty of the brand, sports, we will announce two new supercars. They will not be announced until February, at least.


We see you on NAIAS 2018!


Montes Urban MK1 (1974-1983):

During the 60s, the Montes best seller car was the 200S. Available as 4-door sedan, 3-door coupe, and a strange wagon version.

That car was very popular on Europe due the practicality, confort and reliability.

But in the early 70s, the people searched smaller cars, and more fuel-efficient, and, looking the success from the Renault 4, a model who has a compact and versatile body model, called hatchback, Montes started the codenamed-project U1. A small utilitary car, with a hatchback body and efficient engines. And, of course, RWD, the brand DNA.

On the 1974 Geneva Auto Show, the Urban MK1 (U1), It was shown for the first time to the public and the specialized press. The design was very well criticized: modern and clean.

During the first 4 years, it was only available with two engines: a 1.4 4-barrel for the GX trim, and a 1.6 4-barrel for the GXL trim. Both can run with 91 RON fuel, and has cast iron block and head, and is a 8v SOHC.

On 1978, on the same auto show, it was shown the Urban MRP. Coming with the legendary G20 twincam series (2.0L i4), with 16 valves and electronic fuel injection, and a blasting 122hp. And, combined with an auto-locker diff, closed-ratio gearbox, radial sport tyres, and disk on both axis, they made it very agile and effective, as well as fun.

On 1980, on the Barcelona Auto Show, it was presented the restyled Urban.

Besides the aesthetical changes, the engines, interior, options, and suspension setup changed.

The 1.4L was changed by a 1.3L, fed by a 4-barrel carb (GX trim), and the 1.6L switched from the 4-barrel carb to a single point fuel injection system, like on the MRP. The trim was renamed to GXLi, to remark the fuel injection system.

And, of course, the MRP version. The engine is the same as the pre-restyled version.






So, the wait is over, and the New Urban is available now to purchase.

Here the presentation on the NAIAS 2018: North American International Auto Show 2018

And here, the car catalog brochure: Urban_2018_Brochure_Rev2.zip (2.6 MB)



Here we have another classic Montes ad. The 1975 Montes Zender.


Does that mean it was developed in conjunction with German specialist manufacturer Zender? Also, the number of valves in a six-cylinder engine must be a multiple of six, and 16 clearly isn’t - though I’m sure a 16V I4 would have fit under the hood of that fastback. If it really is an SOHC I6, then it should have 12 or 18 valves.


Also how did you get the value of $4450? What kind of conversion did you use?


Oh. Mine error. 12v xD.

And nope. Is not a Model developed by Zender.


I converted the game price+benefits, to the 1975 US dollar value , with a inflation calculator.


2018 Montes Roadster: first car images


Regarding looks, I think that this roadster is the most beautiful design I’ve seen on the forum this far, even though I have only been lurking here for a while so I might have missed something. Very nice work.


Thanks men! :slight_smile:


Well you should definitely keep looking around, there’s lots of really good stuff elsewhere on the forums!

Also, a fair share of not-so-good stuff; you don’t need to look too far for that either… :wink:


Haha, I just have to look at my own stuff for seeing the bad things, no need to browse the forum for that. :zipper_mouth_face:

But yes, there is lots of interesting cars being “built” I must say.