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Montes Cars - Enjoy Driving


That would be a risky movement, though.


Please don’t.


Well this was an unnecessary Bit of hype (?)


Montes and the future: statement for the next 20 years basic tech plans about engines.

(So, I will avoid to put a hypermegatext, and I will put a summary about the important things).

Montes will continue using internal combustion engines, but adapted to be used with multiple fuels (ethanol, hydrogen…), because is easy to repair and manufacture, and easy to adapt the system for older engines. But the hybrid and electric option it will be an option. So, don’t worry petrolheads! For this year, Montes will present a hybrid model with manual gearbox.

And, the same for the electric cars. You can order with direct drive, or manual gearbox. For the true petrolheads! :relieved:


1972 Montes Kammback Concept

This concept was unveiled in the 1972s Geneva Auto Show. It was a long sedan (4.97m long), featuring a kammback design to improve aerodynamics, design and performance.

This car is powered by a 3.3 inline 6 single turbo, fuel-injected engine, with 220HP @ 5800 RPM, and 338Nm @ 3400RPM.


1947 Montes D25 GT

Released on 1947 until 1954, available with two handbuilt aluminum bodies (the shown, GT, and a hardtop), this model was powered by a 2.5L 134hp DOHC 16V v8.

Enjoy that beauty! :heart_eyes:


These new designs in UE4 look the business, just as I expected. The D25 in particular is so far ahead of its time that it could well have been a game-changer.


Montes M300

Today, Montes shows to the world, the successor from the M200: the M300.

The M300 follows the legacy of its predecessors: to offer a car, both suitable for driving on public roads, and to give free rein in its natural habitat: the circuit.

That all-new car, instead featuring carbon fiber panels fitted into a steel tubular chassis, it uses a carbon fiber monocoque, combined with carbon fiber panels, to make a very lightweight but with more torsional stiffness.

Design features:

The new design, features a new full matrix LED headlights, but with laser for high beam lights.

The front and rear spoiler it gives 608N of downforce at 200km/h, giving good stability and cornering at high speeds.

The aerodynamic door handles, it reduces the amount of turbulences that passes around, so that the flow is as clean as possible, maximizing aerodynamic efficiency and downforce.

The twin fuel caps allows quick and comfortable refueling in the circuits as well as in daily use.

Mechanical features::

The new heart, a 4.0 flatplane V8 race-spec MRP engine, called MZ408E, is a square engine, direct injection, with 4 valve/cylinder, with VVT and VVL, with a block built in magnesium, and AlSi head.

That compact but powerful unit, gives 496.7HP@ 8900RPM, and 435.3Nm@ 7100RPM. High-revving engine, but with good low-end torque (342Nm @ 2000RPM). It only weights 178.6kg.

The individual throttle bodies provides a great and quick response.

The differential, is a helicoidal Quaife mechanical LSD as standard. But a optional electronic-controlled differential is available.

The available gearboxes are two (both six-speed): a manual (as standard), and a sequential, as optional.


  • Top speed: 288km/h.

  • 3.9s (electronic diff).

  • 80-120km/h: 1.6s.

  • 1/4 mile: 11.35s.

  • 100-0km/h: 27m.

  • Fuel consumption: 10L/100km.

  • Price: 69.030€.


Hello to everybody!

We have great news about Montes:

We have wiki page!

And Twitter official account!



First impressions suggest an elegant shooting brake grand tourer, reminiscent of the GTC4Lusso. Will any other body styles (2-door coupe, soft-top convertible) be offered for it?


Yep. At least the coupé and the shooting brake.

But that’s a concept. But depending how the people reacts, that car could be released!




That looks promising.



Montes Press Conference:

Hello everyone. Thanks for coming.

Today, we are going to talk about the numbers that the brand has achieved until November, and to talk about future models.

This year, from January 2017, until November 1, 2017, we have sold a 5% more than the last year until November. Of which, 60% come from Urban, and 15% from T90 mainly.
An increase over the previous year. So they are good figures. An increase of 189,420 units compared to last year.

And on the subject of future models for next year, during the first quarter of 2018, we will release the restyling of the Urban, which will bring significant improvements in design, quality, options, and will debut the new range of four-cylinder gasoline naturally aspirated engines. very lean fuel mixture and high compression, accompanied by direct and stratified injection, called SCHI internally, which was already equipped in the v6 that equips the RXS-6.

And in what is luxury, we will get, in mid-2018 approximately, the new Excelsior. That will radically change design, for a more sober, elegant, but distinctive and current.

And we will also announce a new Arexis, which will also share the four-cylinder engines with SCHI technology. At the moment, we can not reveal anything else.

And, It will come a new model, called project SB1, that the brand shown a few weeks back ago.

And in the specialty of the brand, sports, we will announce two new supercars. They will not be announced until February, at least.


We see you on NAIAS 2018!


Montes Urban MK1 (1974-1983):

During the 60s, the Montes best seller car was the 200S. Available as 4-door sedan, 3-door coupe, and a strange wagon version.

That car was very popular on Europe due the practicality, confort and reliability.

But in the early 70s, the people searched smaller cars, and more fuel-efficient, and, looking the success from the Renault 4, a model who has a compact and versatile body model, called hatchback, Montes started the codenamed-project U1. A small utilitary car, with a hatchback body and efficient engines. And, of course, RWD, the brand DNA.

On the 1974 Geneva Auto Show, the Urban MK1 (U1), It was shown for the first time to the public and the specialized press. The design was very well criticized: modern and clean.

During the first 4 years, it was only available with two engines: a 1.4 4-barrel for the GX trim, and a 1.6 4-barrel for the GXL trim. Both can run with 91 RON fuel, and has cast iron block and head, and is a 8v SOHC.

On 1978, on the same auto show, it was shown the Urban MRP. Coming with the legendary G20 twincam series (2.0L i4), with 16 valves and electronic fuel injection, and a blasting 122hp. And, combined with an auto-locker diff, closed-ratio gearbox, radial sport tyres, and disk on both axis, they made it very agile and effective, as well as fun.

On 1980, on the Barcelona Auto Show, it was presented the restyled Urban.

Besides the aesthetical changes, the engines, interior, options, and suspension setup changed.

The 1.4L was changed by a 1.3L, fed by a 4-barrel carb (GX trim), and the 1.6L switched from the 4-barrel carb to a single point fuel injection system, like on the MRP. The trim was renamed to GXLi, to remark the fuel injection system.

And, of course, the MRP version. The engine is the same as the pre-restyled version.






The 2018 Montes Urban (MY19)

Three years after the release of the sixth generation of Montes Urban, today we show the restyling version.

At first glance, it may seem that only changes have been made at an aesthetic level, but in reality, almost the entire car has been remodeled. Use the same chassis and body design, but the materials change. Using now for the first, lightweight AHS steel, and for the second, aluminum completely.

At the engine level, it also launches the new SCHI family, both in 4 cylinders, as in the previously seen, v6 3.5l, used in the RXS-6. Improves both in terms of efficiency, sound, power delivery, torque and reliability, to the previous 4 DiSi cylinders, as well as the V6, compared to the previous V6 of 3 and 3.2 liters.

The geometry of suspensions is the same used in the pre-restyling version, but has also been completely redesigned, but the shock absorbers have new tare and internal design, as well as the springs, to obtain a compromise between ride quality, sportsmanship and low rolling, not seen before.

In the aesthetic section, the optical groups have been changed, both in front and behind.

In front, now they are provided with full Matrix LED lighting, and in the Exclusive and MRP finish, as an option for € 3000, high beam laser lights.

The grille has also undergone a redesign to adapt it to the cooling requirements of the new engines, as well as improve the aesthetics, and have active cooling flaps to improve the aerodynamic coefficient.

Inside, it has been redesigned until the last screw, to increase the feeling of quality of the materials, as well as their adjustments, and to avoid crunching as much as possible.

And in the Luxury and Exclusive finishes, the dashboard is available, as well as the door panels and seats, covered in genuine quality leather, for when you sit in the cabin, seeing the atmosphere that surrounds it and feel the materials, it feels like in a vehicle of superior category, putting a standards of quality of materials and manufacture in the segment, never before seen.

In terms of engines and transmissions, we have a total of 5 engines available. All, except for the 3.5 MRP, turbo. A turbo with spherical bearings, accompanied by an intercooler, which works with low pressure, to obtain the greatest possible response, and the lowest possible lag.

These engines, thanks to the combination of pistons with a specific antifriction treatment, as well as the turbo and direct injection, achieve up to 37.7% thermal efficiency, without the need to resort to hybrid technology. A milestone that allows Diesel consumption in a gasoline engine, in addition to very low emissions.

The available transmissions are of 6 speeds, both in manual and double clutch (MDC), which are responsible for sending the work of the engine to the rear wheels, where you will find the differential.

Available differentials of three types: viscous for all normal versions, except the Exclusive, mechanical for the GT Turbo, and electronic for the MRP 3.5, as well as for the Exclusive.

For more information, we have model catalogs, from which, from today, you can request a driving test, as well as request the purchase of a unit.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Urban_2018_Brochure_Rev2.zip (2.6 MB)

EDIT: corrected an issue on the brochure (3.5 MRP engine capacity).