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Montes Cars - Enjoy Driving


What do you think about the Amagosta?


I am seriously amazed at this lap time with under 900hp and over 1600kg of weight


7:15 in nordschleife.

1:10 in topgear


I thought it was 6:38


Is very difficult.

The MRP Evo Biturbo can reach a 6:45-6:50 lap time.

But once the turbos will released.

The next version will be the MRP Evo, with a naturally aspirated v12 engine.


Bye bye Chiron…


I must say I really really like the styling on that car. I hope the rest of it is just as hot!


The RS-CIEN, one of the most exciting cars ever made in the world now has a new variant. Feel the sportness, feel the speed, feel the sensation that you will hit a bird with your window and feel how the world is better thanks to you. If you liked the Green Hell Beast, you will love the GreenPeace Beast, our first car thumbed up by the people who wants to save the world.
Somebody said to us that leather comes from animals, so that’s why we replaced it with ecological hemp, also the same guy screamed that we’e hurting the world when we saw carbon fiber, so we replace it with a new material developed by our first line engineers: bamboo fiber. And for sure we replace it the engine. Have nice driving sensations and teleport to other dimensions with our brand new** 1.0 litre 4 cylinder engine** with furious 10Hp of pure power, combined with 2 electric engines (0,5 hp per engine) and the power of love (0,05456 hp per heart). Save the world and drive with style, also don’t forget to put you GreenPeace sticker over your CarThrottle one in your windcreen for increase the power around -11,05456 hp.

Stats has been sligtly reduced, but you won’t probably notice them:

0-100 KM/H -> Can’t
0-90 KM/H -> Can’t
0-50 KM/H -> 54,23 seconds
Can’t steer.

Here’s a 4K preview of the car. Notice that’s a render:
[size=50]Happy april fools day :laughing: [/size]


Good god…what demented mad scientist managed to replace a human head with a car?!


Is a smart car!



Now let’s take a look to the past, specificaly to the 80s, an age for the greatest music ever made and also the best sport cars. Obviously Montes was there and offered to the people one of the fastests saloons ever made with a 5.5 litre V12 under the hood: the Gaphyr. The MRP V12 version was the most successful one. Take a look at the specs and teleport to other ages where things were more simple:


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