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Montes Cars - Enjoy Driving


Merry Birthday!


It’s your birthday and you’re giving us presents? Wow! :smiley:


Happy Birthday vmo!


Thanks guys!

The present is a Montes Amagosta MRP for yours!


I’m making photos about all Montes Urban MRP models.

Is the 40Th anniversary of this car.


I have news about the next Urban, that it comes to the market between mid-2017 and early 2018.

Some keys about the next Urban (is a full new model, not a restyling):

-200-300kg lighter.

-NA and turbo engines.

-Bye bye advanced infortaintment, because is dangerous for driving, increases the complexity of electronics, decrease the reliability, and increases the weight. Only am/fm HiFi radio, and GPS.

-like all Montes cars, in front, double wishbone suspension, and rear, multilink suspension (like the 2 last generations).

-RWD, and AWD.

-Manual and double clutch available.


The weight difference sounds promising, but no infotainment? Interesting choice. Can’t say I agree with it in this day and age.


Is easy to understand.

Why do you want WiFi for the rest of the passengers, if you need to put a SIM card, and the smartphones can share the network to other phones?

Why do you need more than a radio with am/fm, bluetooth, mp3, wma, FLAC, and a decent GPS?

But, of course. Heated seats and steering wheel, a/c, etc it will be available.


Hmmm. I guess it’s all dependent on what the customer wants. I personally like those comforts in a car, but they aren’t a necessity. Perhaps they’d be better offered as an optional extra?


That’s some apple thinking right there.


Yep. It will be available as extra instead .


Bye bye hypercars. You don’t have the necessary amount of downforce to go such fast on corners.

Soon, the downforce revolution


Great to see another pilgrim on the Way of the Downforce :smile:

Until you’ve made a car that can do it’s top speed in a 250m circle, you folks ain’t seen nuthin yet :laughing:


Your neck it will be on +infinite Lol.


Flug’s been doing this for ages. Although the top speed of a Flug is about 38 kph.




New previews about the "downforce revolution


Coming soon, Montes it would be released the complete design.

And other info: it will be only built 1000 units.


The revolution is shown:

100% from scratch.


I’m already seeing some ultra advance racing prototypes coming from this body.