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The 2018 Montes Urban (MY19)

Three years after the release of the sixth generation of Montes Urban, today we show the restyling version.

At first glance, it may seem that only changes have been made at an aesthetic level, but in reality, almost the entire car has been remodeled. Use the same chassis and body design, but the materials change. Using now for the first, lightweight AHS steel, and for the second, aluminum completely.

At the engine level, it also launches the new SCHI family, both in 4 cylinders, as in the previously seen, v6 3.5l, used in the RXS-6. Improves both in terms of efficiency, sound, power delivery, torque and reliability, to the previous 4 DiSi cylinders, as well as the V6, compared to the previous V6 of 3 and 3.2 liters.

The geometry of suspensions is the same used in the pre-restyling version, but has also been completely redesigned, but the shock absorbers have new tare and internal design, as well as the springs, to obtain a compromise between ride quality, sportsmanship and low rolling, not seen before.

In the aesthetic section, the optical groups have been changed, both in front and behind.

In front, now they are provided with full Matrix LED lighting, and in the Exclusive and MRP finish, as an option for € 3000, high beam laser lights.

The grille has also undergone a redesign to adapt it to the cooling requirements of the new engines, as well as improve the aesthetics, and have active cooling flaps to improve the aerodynamic coefficient.

Inside, it has been redesigned until the last screw, to increase the feeling of quality of the materials, as well as their adjustments, and to avoid crunching as much as possible.

And in the Luxury and Exclusive finishes, the dashboard is available, as well as the door panels and seats, covered in genuine quality leather, for when you sit in the cabin, seeing the atmosphere that surrounds it and feel the materials, it feels like in a vehicle of superior category, putting a standards of quality of materials and manufacture in the segment, never before seen.

In terms of engines and transmissions, we have a total of 5 engines available. All, except for the 3.5 MRP, turbo. A turbo with spherical bearings, accompanied by an intercooler, which works with low pressure, to obtain the greatest possible response, and the lowest possible lag.

These engines, thanks to the combination of pistons with a specific antifriction treatment, as well as the turbo and direct injection, achieve up to 37.7% thermal efficiency, without the need to resort to hybrid technology. A milestone that allows Diesel consumption in a gasoline engine, in addition to very low emissions.

The available transmissions are of 6 speeds, both in manual and double clutch (MDC), which are responsible for sending the work of the engine to the rear wheels, where you will find the differential.

Available differentials of three types: viscous for all normal versions, except the Exclusive, mechanical for the GT Turbo, and electronic for the MRP 3.5, as well as for the Exclusive.

For more information, we have model catalogs, from which, from today, you can request a driving test, as well as request the purchase of a unit.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Urban_2018_Brochure_Rev2.zip (2.6 MB)

EDIT: corrected an issue on the brochure (3.5 MRP engine capacity).



Here we have another classic Montes ad. The 1975 Montes Zender.


Does that mean it was developed in conjunction with German specialist manufacturer Zender? Also, the number of valves in a six-cylinder engine must be a multiple of six, and 16 clearly isn’t - though I’m sure a 16V I4 would have fit under the hood of that fastback. If it really is an SOHC I6, then it should have 12 or 18 valves.


Also how did you get the value of $4450? What kind of conversion did you use?


Oh. Mine error. 12v xD.

And nope. Is not a Model developed by Zender.


I converted the game price+benefits, to the 1975 US dollar value , with a inflation calculator.


2018 Montes Roadster: first car images


Regarding looks, I think that this roadster is the most beautiful design I’ve seen on the forum this far, even though I have only been lurking here for a while so I might have missed something. Very nice work.


Thanks man! :slight_smile:


Well you should definitely keep looking around, there’s lots of really good stuff elsewhere on the forums!

Also, a fair share of not-so-good stuff; you don’t need to look too far for that either… :wink:


Haha, I just have to look at my own stuff for seeing the bad things, no need to browse the forum for that. :zipper_mouth_face:

But yes, there is lots of interesting cars being “built” I must say.


Montes attended the NYIAS 2018, showing the T90, and Urban TCR


Montes T90

Montes Urban MRP TCR

You can find the full presentation of both cars here: 2018 New York International Auto Show (NYIAS)


Stay tuned on 1/5/2018!

More info, during the next days!



Designed and bult entirely by MRP (Montes Racing Performance), the HCS-01 (High-Cornering Sportscar-01), is a lightweight (639kg) trackday car.

The car was designed to get the maximum downforce possible, with the least drag possible. To get that, we designed the car with smooth curves, and we get the maximum downforce possible, thanks to the undertray, plus a front wing, and a rear wing.

The monocoque and body, is made with carbon fiber, reinforced with kevlar, providing high-torsional stiffness, with the less weight possible.

Initially, the car is only available with a high-revving MRP-designed 20v 1.6l inline 4, with 221hp, fitted with a 6-speed sequential gearbox, at the moment (more powerful versions, soon).

The price starts from 48.814€. The price includes MRP lifetime technical assistance, 3-year warranty, and sports driving courses.

In September (calendar TBA), the HCS Cup will begin. The inscriptions to the cup, are not available at the moment, in the absence of specifying the calendar, but the required information, it Will be available on the Montes website the soon as possible.


Montes Zender MK3 (ZE3).

Released on June of 1989, it was the third generation of the Zender saga.

The front suspension uses a double wishbone setup, meanwhile the rear axle uses a new multilink design (vs the double wishbone from the older generation).

And to keep the weight low, some of the body panels, like the bonnet, doors and fenders, they are made of aluminum.

And a cool detail: it comes with a T-top!


During the 1987 Paris Auto Show, it was shown the Z-Millenium concept.

The prototype was intended to show Montes’s vision of the sports vehicle of the 21st century.

Among whose characteristics were an all-wheel drive, with three differentials piloted electronically, capable of sending a range of 0 to 100% of torque to an axle, even in a single wheel, as well as an electric steering to the 4 wheels, tactile control, 4-way ABS, stability control, traction control, active aerodynamics, and piloted suspensions, as outstanding elements.

ZE3A (1989-1994)

The first Zender’s phase, called ZE3A, it was available with 2 or 2+2 seats, 5-speed manual or a 4-speed electronically controlled gearbox, and with two engines: a 3.0 NA 24V DOHC, or a 3.0 turbo 24V DOHC, with powers ranging from 207hp, to 264hp.

The top trim, the GTS Turbo, it comes with an improved EG630R, used on the old Zender generation. But now, improving the low-end performance and efficiency.

The highlighted features of this trim was the E-AWS. turning the rear wheels 1.5º as much, to improve cornering and stability; the electronically-piloted air suspension. Providing a good level of confort, plus an exceptional dynamism, and the active aero: the rear spoiler can be adjusted in height, depending on the speed and angle of steering wheel, and whether it is braking or not. The same with the front spoiler. And, of course, ABS, plus TCS.

And the best, it was the weight: it only weights 1452kg.

The other trim, the 3.0 GT, it comes with the naturally aspirated trim of EG630R.

It does not have the equipment of the other version, but it was remarkable the suspension with electrical regulation of hardness, the variable hydraulic power steering, and seats with electric recline, and heated.

ZE3B (1995-2001)

The restyled Zender, aesthetically, it changes the headlight design (now, is transparent), the taillight glass, the front bumper, and the wheels.

Mechanically, it comes with a brand-new fully aluminum 3.0 inline 6 TE30DT, now delivering 283HP (300 since 1998), and a 6-speed manual gearbox.

The air suspension it was changed by a progressive active suspension, that it was less complex, and with similar efectiveness.

On the security section, now, we have 4 SRS airbags (driver, co-driver, and door airbags).

On the comfort section, now, we have a cassette+CD HiFi radio player, developed by Technics, and new-design seats.



Breaking news: Montes has bought the 100% of Gabatron Automobiles

After two months of rumors, Montes announced the purchase of the French brand Gabatron Automobiles, for an economic value, which has not yet been made public.

At the press conference held at the headquarters of Montes, in Barcelona, ​​the leaders of both brands have expressed great satisfaction for reaching an agreement, as it will benefit both brands economically.

“Thanks to this agreement, we hope that Gabatron will once again obtain good sales results, as well as recover again, the reputation it once had,” said Yves Saint-Guillaume, CEO of Gabatron.

“Customers and followers of each brand can rest assured, each brand will retain its DNA” remarked Víctor Montes, CEO of Montes.

Each brand will continue to maintain its distribution networks and after-sales service. The transaction will be effective next week.


The classic corner: Montes Sport GT

With an attractive Art Deco design, the Sport GT was one of the last cars designed by the brand, before WW II.

Designed in late 1939, it was the last Montes car that featured an Art Déco design, and combined this, with a streamlined line, looking for a balance between elegance and aerodynamics.

As details to highlight, had a smooth front, to improve the CX (the intake was behind the bumper, and the entrance of the radiator, at the bottom), and the exhaust that passed through the rear bumper.

The engine, was a 6-cylinder with 1850cm3, naturally aspirated OHC, made of steel, which thanks also the double carbs, delivered about 103hp, capable of taking the car to 183km/h. An astronomical speed in its time. As well as a 0-100 in 10.3s, and 0-400 in 17s.

to ensure an optimal weight distribution, the engine was arranged in a central, front longitudinal position, which powered the rear wheels, thanks to a 4-speed gearbox.

In the braking section, emphasis was also placed on the use of ventilated drum discs, which stopped the car from 100km/h to 0, at 53m.

In his time, he had exceptional performance. Able to stand up to larger models

And in addition to amenities, it also had a simple, but luxurious interior. Where leather and wood were the materials that stood out.

In this car, in short, everything learned in the competition was put into practice.

Of this model, only 27 units were made, due to the outbreak of the war, of which only 5 survived.




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