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More Dynamic Engine Capacities


I’ve played quite a few hours lately, stretching and tweaking various projects to simulate real-life vehicles.

I’ve noticed, when I try to create certain engines (Ex. some American Inline 6’s) with long engine strokes (like 80mm x 115mm) that Automation will not allow for a difference of more than ~25mm between bore and stroke. Is this an intended feature due to the limits of the game simulation mechanics, or is this something that was unintentionally restricted?

I’d really like to make those horribly under/oversquare engines of the past :slight_smile:

( I should note that I am using standard (in.) units in-game. It seems like certain capacities allow for more differences between bore and stroke)


Try using Variant capacity.
Have the engine set up for the largest of the measurements,
then with Variant Capacity, size down to intended.
I’ve done this with a few NASCAR and F1 engines
Obviously they don’t work as intended due to NASCAR requiring MOHV (something in the Kee days) and F1 requires Pneumatic or something valvesprings and single Turbo Twin Bank. But the game isn’t designed for silly Race engines


Duly noted.

I was trying to simulate some very undersquare designs, such as some of Chrystler’s flathead engines. Ran into the same problem when designing a Yugo, too :man_shrugging: