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Moshou Motors. Innovation at its peak


Welcome to Moshou Motors. This company was founded in 1980 by Morohoshi san. He had a passion for motorsport. So after 5 years it happened. In 1985. The first racecar of the Moshou dynasty was the 495. Which was good and did rather well. Supporting a 9 litre V10 With over 934 BHP. Which makes it go 374kph. It dominated with its superior design. Over the years they kept the racing legacy on. But for him, that wasnt enough. He wanted to make road cars too. So it became one of the most innovative companies in the world. And they invented new innovations. If you want to help me in my quest of being a remarkable builder. Let me know

(P.S) due to my inexperience i will make concepts. When i learn to make nicer engines production cars will be made. Thanks for understanding

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At least tell us the year it’s from, and what tech it utilised


272 km/h considered impressive for a Group C racer with 857 bhp?

M8, what




Uh, that car is undriveable.

As in, noone could actually drive that car without crashing, and therefore not actually finish, or race… probably lots of crashing.


The Moshou Maraossa. A sensible but powerful cruiser.


I might suggest that you try and bring that fuel consumption under control, it’s pretty horrendous currently.


That’s not how it works.

Driveability is how driveable a car is, counting all the factors that went into the design of the car, including power, tyre size, tyre type, drivetrain, etc.

An Undriveable car will be undriveable unless you can make the drivability greater than 0.


Ehm… even with 302 kph, we’ve seen cars noticeably faster by 88 in street trims on these forums… Just so you understand, a Group C prototype’s top speed should be about 350-380 kph range with about the same power you’re achieving. Also that drivability does mean that it will spin out right at the moment you start the engine and you’ll have a crash.


The 2018 Moushou Gaiden is the supercar of tomorrow. With a 4 litre V10 turbo. It profuces 600 bhp

Rear unavailable due to photo glitch


6.5 V6? At this point it’s shaking so much that it actually hurts reliabillity. Why did you choose a V6 for such displacement? And a 90 degree one at that? And why did you use turbo 6.5 to get 600 hp in a supercar? And why did you set the quality sliders to such astronomical level?


Because then my stats is at its best.


Couple of things

  1. With that engineering time of 969 months, that would mean the Gaiden’s engine would have had to begin development in ~1978
  2. 600hp from 6.5l in 2018 is far from max, you may as well reduce the engine size considerably to save on weight
  3. As @szafirowy01 says, larger V6s start to get very unsmooth. You’d be better off with a V8, V10 or V12.

Stats are one thing, but they’ll only matter if they’re somewhat realistic in terms of being achievable


gg just when i thought i got it right. welp. time to redo the engine. fml


They are not. Quality helps that, yes, but it’s insanely expensive at this level. It’s not even the Bugatti level, it’s the space shuttle level. Well thought design gives far better results and is far cheaper.
And what about other questions? Decisions about which I ask there actually make your stats worse.


It’s a learning process. Key thing is to learn how to not rely on quality sliders to make good engines.


hes right. i just got the game this weekend


Pro tip: don’t touch the quality sliders at the beginning :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously. And Tutorials (in Scenarios section of the game menu) are quite helpful.


ye. i actually went thru some of them. But imo the time it takes sometimes is dreadful


Tell me more :joy: I spent 1000+ hours in this game and still learning :stuck_out_tongue: