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Most Needed Body Types Survey


We need an Evo X body


I need a 2000 mini body, with clubman and convertible variants

I tried to do something with the swift body but it’s not looking as intended.


We could use a 1959 El Camino body, and a Corvair as well.


Just to focus on about a decade span time, I think there’s a gap of big American cars from mid 40s, mid 50s, and early 60s,

for example, I tried to make an old Nash 600 with the Panamera sedan body, hah.

A body like the 53 and/or 54 Hudson could be a cool alternative to the late 40s full size.

this would be really cool as a mid 50s full size car, and parts like the fins could be adjustable to allow for the variations of it from other GM brands, or even other period cars in the Big Three.

Dunno, I’d quite like to make cars from this period


also some of these would be really cool to have for the late 50s, early 60s.

I quite like the 2 different sedan versions of this gen.


I don’t mean to be that guy but is this survey for any modders to look at or more for the community? I’m not saying stop at all, its fun to think of stuff you’d want in the game, but I think most if not all have a pretty good idea what the game realistically needs. There’s only a few modders making bodies, the devs are currently working on other stuff, and the list of stuff to make is huge so idk if it would make a difference atm.


Seriously, have a look at the spreadsheet. So many suggestions are either already a WIP or sitting in the Kee engine waiting to be ported when people have the time to do so.


I think we could use more 1945-1960 family car bodies - both American and European designs.

These examples (or similar models) would fill some gaps IMHO:

-1946 Ford
-1948 Hudson
-1949 mid-size GM body (Chevy-Olds-Pontiac) both Fleetline (fastback) and Styleline shape (3 box sedan).
-1955 Chevrolet Bel Air
-1957 Plymouth

-1948 Peugeot 203
-1952 Simca Aronde
-1953 Fiat 1100
-1955 Fiat 600
-1955 Peugeot 403
-1956 Wartburg 311


One of those on the Europe list might be coming soon :wink:


1948 Hudson and Peugeot 403 are planned in addition to Land Rover Series 1 (4x4) and Fiat 600 that are claimed or completed, as I found those from Automation Missing Bodies spreadsheet list.


The 403 and the 600 are both currently WIP. Also, the 1958 Chevy/Buick mashup above has some morphs that can style it closer to the mid 50s GM cars (and it’s meant to unlock earlier in the 50s).


We also need some more retro supercars too. Plus im also sure the F40 Body was a thing on the kee version.


I’m thinking about a short wheelbase around 2.3m or less, 2 seat, mid engine style car, like the Lotus Elise, Toyota MR2, Honda S660 and the Factory 5 818.



There’s the Elise mod, which is good enough.


We need LMP1/DPi Bodies


I remember hearing someone was working on one that’s based around the Mazda RT24P DPI. Not sure whether that is still ongoing, or what’s come of it.

There was also a modern LMP body in Kee that has yet to be ported over.

Many people may say we don’t need one. I raise the point of having a Group C style body. A modern LMP body would compliment that.


The problem with modern LMP bodies compared to that 80s group C body is that they are further away from the shape of a supercar. Even the carbon chassis would stick out in the grooves between the cabin and fenders. They can be done with some changes, but its a lot of effort for something that ultimately won’t be easy to design on. Might be a cool mod someday though.


We need a Tucker 48 body



Something i would love to see in game are smaller cars, such as the Fiat 500 and the Smart ForTwo, and some more supercars, like the Volkswagen Nardo, Vector W8/M12, Dodge Viper, Renault Alpine A110-50.

EDIT : Now I want the Reva G-Wiz.


We only technically have two of those(Vector M12 and Fiat). Even then, the M12 can only be approximated by morphing the Koenigsegg body.