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Most Needed Body Types Survey


Yes we need the Nardo and Viper! I also will like to see some Pagani Bodies like the Zonda C12 & F. Also Huayra is a must. But a body that is a must is a A80 Toyota Supra.


a good idea for an early 60s American body would be the 1960 Ford Galaxie



We had a very similar-looking body in the Kee era, but in the UE4 build, the 3000GT body comes closest to it.

As for the Viper, there is a mod resembling it in Kee, but it needs to be converted to UE4 ASAP.


YES! :triumph:


I would like to see a Jaguar XJ serie 3 or older in this game.


id like to see cars such as the Talbot Horizon, Hillman IMP, Hillman Hunter, Hillman/Chrysler/Talbot Avenger, The sunbeam Alpine, The Hunter based Sunbeam Rapier Fastback, Talbots Alpine/Solara Series, The pugeot 104, Citroens GS and AX , the Fiat X1/9, Lancia Montecarlo, Lancia Beta and its derivitives, THe deathtrap Ford Pinto, The Honda Concerto, Civic and Ballade models from the 80s and 90s. Fords Much Praised 1986 Taurus. The Yugo 45, The Audi Quattro (the proper one) The Triumph Herald , AMC pacer , The MK 1 and 2 “Vauxhall Cavalier”… I could Probs list more cars but this seems enough


Especially if the XJC -75 is included.


Another vote for late-prewar/early-postwar American cars (2- and 4-door sedans, trunkback sedans like the Cadillac 60 Special and Nash 600, coupes, 2- and 4-door convertibles, woodie wagons, etc.), as well as mid-'70s midsize Americans (e.g. '73-'77 GM A-/G-body, '71-'78 Chrysler B-body) and personal luxury cars (e.g. Eldorado, Toronado, Cordoba, Continental Mark III/IV/V, etc.).





BMW 8 series, Nissan GT-R and porsche 991 bodies for post-2012 content.


A relatively modern mid 00s hatchback with a crossover variant would go a very long way. Something like a Pontiac Vibe/Toyota Matrix.


Also having bodyes of more bold looking cars would be nice
e.g Kia Soul


I’d like to see a Porsche 928 body.

Including the 4 door concept that never went anywhere.


Currently, there is a considerable lack of kei car bodies that are available. At the moment, there is only 1 body that technically meets the maximum dimensions of 360cc era kei cars (peel p50 body) which does not unlock until 1960. There are very few bodies for the 550cc era that come to mind, some of which are the 70s kei truck/van, 80s kei truck/golf cart, 80s Daihatsu Mira, and a few sports kei bodies that unlock in 80’ and 85’. For the 660cc era, there is an early 00’s passenger kei, a 10’s kei van and a kei Reventon.

If players wish to perform a campaign playthrough as a kei car manufacturer, it is not feasible until the mid 1970s for trucks and the 1980s for passenger or sports cars, just to give an idea of the lack of keis, especially for the 360cc era (1950-1976).

More kei sized bodies would be beneficial, whether the bodies are custom made as their own models or are made as miniature versions of existing bodies. Below are some ideas for potential kei bodies from different eras for inspiration.

Image Source: https://i.imgur.com/Lpjl4F8.jpg


Zimmer Golden Spirit please…don’t mind if we get the Land Rover Defender first, of course!


This soon to be released bad boy, the F5R F9R


or any Ginetta


This bad boi

In all seriousness, we need an Aero 8

And this Savage Rivale

Is it possible to create a 80s SUV body?

can we get kind of an Ariel Atom body shape, or Caterham or BAC mono


Not very likely due to various limitations, but we did have a mod for a Donkervoort-esque body back in the dark days of the Kee era.


Costco’s wishlist:

  • more easy to mid 2000’s American bodies. Catfish Taurus, W and N bodies, third gen Explorer, blobby F150, GMT1800 in three wheelbases(Suburban,Silverado crew cab, Tahoe/Silverado single cab, TrailBlazer,Colorado), blobby Caravan, a Liberty type small offroader, a retro style PT Cruiser/HHR hatchback with SUV, minivan, ute, and convertible versions maybe a LWB version for a Flex.

  • more early 60’s American bodies, they should unlock in '57 or something. First gen Falcon, and a LWB version for a Fairlane, Rambler American/Marlin plus a SWB version for a Metropolitan, a cabover van like the Dodge A100 or Corvair van. The American looking bodies all unlocking in '65 creates some pretty serious problems in lore and continuity.

  • a 90’s Asian offroad SUV, should unlock in '90. 110 in wheelbase for an FZJ80. 100 in wheelbase for a Pathfinder, 90 in wheelbase for a Vitara

  • a curvier 2000’s Asian SUV, should unlock in 2000. 100 in for a Rav4, 110 in for a Sorento.

  • a retro styled European car akin to the 500 and Cooper, unlocks in '02. 90, 97, and 105 in WB. Hatchback, sedan, coupe, convertible, SUV, ute, and minivan variants(not every variant for every wheelbase). Option for a rear engine layout akin to the Twingo

  • a more swoopy Asian sedan body like the Sonata, should unlock in 2010. 110 and 120 in wheelbases. Sedan, coupe, wagon variants

  • a more angular sedan body like the Art and Science era Cadillacs, should unlock in 2010. 110, 115, and 120 in wheelbases. Coupe, sedan, convertible, wagon, mybe hatchback, maybe ute variants


A general list of categories of body that I feel are lacking/that I would love to see added.

  • Long nosed GT cars, meaning stuff like the Jaguar E type, mercedes SL gull-wing, SLS and AMG GT, Toyota 2000GT and alike. Ones that have the cabin way far back in the body and usually end up with the transmission almost at the rear axel. The only bodies I know of so far that really fit the bill that are currently in the game are the split window corvette body and the '60s Z car body. I know you can do some with the morphs on these, but they’re still pretty limiting. It would be nice to have some more modern ones, like the Mercedes SLS, that would give us something updated to work with and that won’t immediately come off as a retro modern car.

  • some early 1950’s “bathtub” bodies in multiple wheelbases, preferably with options for built in fender skirts. This would make it so we could make it so things like the Hudson Hornet and Mercury Coupe. I know there was the “lead sled” mod body at one point, but that was a heavily modified version of this kind of body and didn’t play well when making stock looking cars.

  • Just more '50s and '60s bodies in general. That era was such a volatile time for car design, at least in america, so only having about 6 ish bodies for cars other than sports cars feels inadequate. That jet age of cars with fins just feels very under represented in the current body line up.

  • Actual sport hatches for the mid to late '70s! Stuff we could use to make mustang II’s, Coswoth vega’s and similar clones. I’ve tried doing with the 3 door hatch version of the BL_18_22 body, but the roof line won’t go flat enough for it to look right. Also some more bigger '70s muscle car bodies would be good. Not everything can be made off of a Falcon XA body or nova body. Seeing something close to a challenger/hemi cuda or a 72/73 mustang would be nice.

  • Honestly just some bodies from after 2011 that aren’t that pseudo prius shape with severe amounts of side indentation. I could easily see ones based around stuff like the Ford Fusion, modern camrys, jaguar XE, and Alfa Romeo Gulia, definitely with wagon/estate version of the bodies.

  • This is a smaller want, but still an important one: more sportback style sedans. Stuff along the lines of the audi rs7 sportback and Mercedes C63 sedan. If not new bodies for these types of sports sedans, then at least let us pull the back window morphs farther so we can make existing bodies have that streamlined effect. It is not a requirement of a sedan to have a pronounced trunk bulge or even a trunk bulge at all. That is one of my pet peeves when dealing with most bodies that look like you should be able to pull the roof line out long enough so that it blends nicely into the rear end, but you can’t.

(I’ll probably come back at some point when I think of more things, but this is what I have for now)