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Most Needed Body Types Survey


Yes we need the Nardo and Viper! I also will like to see some Pagani Bodies like the Zonda C12 & F. Also Huayra is a must. But a body that is a must is a A80 Toyota Supra.


a good idea for an early 60s American body would be the 1960 Ford Galaxie



We had a very similar-looking body in the Kee era, but in the UE4 build, the 3000GT body comes closest to it.

As for the Viper, there is a mod resembling it in Kee, but it needs to be converted to UE4 ASAP.


YES! :triumph:


I would like to see a Jaguar XJ serie 3 or older in this game.


Obviously their is what youd expect me to put here ( yada yada BLMC/AUSTIN-ROVER yADa yada) BUT id alsos like to see cars such as the Talbot Horizon, Hillman IMP, Hillman Hunter, Hillman/Chrysler/Talbot Avenger, The sunbeam Alpine, The Hunter based Sunbeam Rapier Fastback, Talbots Alpine/Solara Series, The pugeot 104, Citroens GS and AX , the Fiat X1/9, Lancia Montecarlo, Lancia Beta and its derivitives, THe deathtrap Ford Pinto, The Honda Concerto, Civic and Ballade models from the 80s and 90s. Fords Much Praised 1986 Taurus. The Yugo 45, The Audi Quattro (the proper one) The Triumph Herald (ik its BL BUT ive always loved em and considered one for my first car), The Datsun 120Y , The MK1 AND 2 Ford Granada, The bmw M1, The superb Chevrolet Nova, The Terrible but funny AMC pacer , The MK 1 and 2 “Vauxhall Cavalier”… I could Probs list more cars but this seems enough. These are just a few out of the long and exhaustive list of cars i like (even without my so called ‘BL FETISH’


Especially if the XJC -75 is included.


Another vote for late-prewar/early-postwar American cars (2- and 4-door sedans, trunkback sedans like the Cadillac 60 Special and Nash 600, coupes, 2- and 4-door convertibles, woodie wagons, etc.), as well as mid-'70s midsize Americans (e.g. '73-'77 GM A-/G-body, '71-'78 Chrysler B-body) and personal luxury cars (e.g. Eldorado, Toronado, Cordoba, Continental Mark III/IV/V, etc.).





BMW 8 series, Nissan GT-R and porsche 991 bodies for post-2012 content.


A relatively modern mid 00s hatchback with a crossover variant would go a very long way. Something like a Pontiac Vibe/Toyota Matrix.


Also having bodyes of more bold looking cars would be nice
e.g Kia Soul


I’d like to see a Porsche 928 body.

Including the 4 door concept that never went anywhere.


Currently, there is a considerable lack of kei car bodies that are available. At the moment, there is only 1 body that technically meets the maximum dimensions of 360cc era kei cars (peel p50 body) which does not unlock until 1960. There are very few bodies for the 550cc era that come to mind, some of which are the 70s kei truck/van, 80s kei truck/golf cart, 80s Daihatsu Mira, and a few sports kei bodies that unlock in 80’ and 85’. For the 660cc era, there is an early 00’s passenger kei, a 10’s kei van and a kei Reventon.

If players wish to perform a campaign playthrough as a kei car manufacturer, it is not feasible until the mid 1970s for trucks and the 1980s for passenger or sports cars, just to give an idea of the lack of keis, especially for the 360cc era (1950-1976).

More kei sized bodies would be beneficial, whether the bodies are custom made as their own models or are made as miniature versions of existing bodies. Below are some ideas for potential kei bodies from different eras for inspiration.

Image Source: https://i.imgur.com/Lpjl4F8.jpg