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MotorMonth 1985 Commuter Car Comparo (Phase: Complete - Results Released)


MotorMonth is made possible by StoneAuto, TyreShelf and ProvincialRanch.

I’m making a car soon.


Sorry, tweaked emissions again. It’s a tough one to decide on.


Did you also drop the Engine engineering limits or did I just not read that properly the first time :joy:


I should see if this fits the rules, I guess it would suit american needs for the 80s quite well.


Cheap to buy and run, with space for five and compact dimensions ideal for urban commuting, the SMG CJ2 Base Spec can easily fit a budget-conscious motorist’s needs for just $7700.


1985 Mitsushita Boarilla FE83 1.6E.

Normally Boarilla is a dumpy looking little compact sedan from Aichi based company Mitsushita. Tough and reliable, but also boring and not very fun to drive.

This, however, is a bit more special. It’s the Boarilla FE83. Also called Boarilla Serpente in Japan. It’s basically the same as normal Boarilla with the exception of unique body panels featuring pop-up headlights.

They’ve sent in a mid-spec 1.6E with optional power steering and air-conditioning. Normally a Boarilla for Gasmean market is assembled locally. But all FE83 is assembled in Mitsushita City, a city founded specifically to built Mitsushitas located in Aichi.

The engine is a 1.6, 2A-FN unit. Fuel injected with 12 valves. Good for about 80hp perhaps. Coupled with a long-ratio 5 speed manual gearbox. Reliable and tough. Economical and cheap. Automatic is optional.

For never ending loyalty, Mitsushita.



Presenting the first original automobile from First Order Automotive (we recently [spoiler]assimilated[/spoiler] …erm…acquired Empire Automotive).

The Ocelot.

At all good Empire/FOA dealerships from $7,000 for 2 seat model. Shown model is 4 seater and comes in at $7,600 (rear seats are removable).


I did drop the engine ET by 5, but that was before the competition was opened. Like I said at the time, the higher ET limit could almost only be exploited to fit a turbo on a more sophisticated engine, and I want to keep turbo set-ups a little desperate at this budget level. Only bad behaviour on my part is tweaking the emissions up and then down slightly after it started.


Let’s just say that making cars beyond 10,000$ is most certainly possible… :smiling_imp:

But before I submit… Something wasn’t entirely clear. Is advanced safety mandated? Because it says greater than standard… Would it not be easier to set a required number perhaps?


If you look carefully it’s a greater than or equal sign. Standard safety is the minimum.

Cars that have a low safety score will of course suffer in the scoring stage, but as long as its equipped with ‘standard’ safety features it’s okay to submit.


Please check the rules, I made a small but important change (with permission of the only affected entry so far). I won’t be touching the rules again even if I find more exploits. :no_mouth:


#The 1985 Shromet Mystic.
It brings America into the future of automobiles. Leading innovation with Intuitive Front Wheel Drive, Fuel Injection, a 4 Speed Automatic Transmission, and so much more.

Will you choose to be left behind? Drive the 1985 Shromet Mystic Today.


The 1985 Scarab Flare RS, a lukewarm hatch with room for 4, 4 gears, AWD and 98 hp, drinking 8.29l/100km. All this at the low cost of $8500.

Get yours today


@Leedar how strict are the rules? I’m struggling to get my large wagon to the 26 mpg minimum, right now it’s at 25.3.
Would you accept that? :stuck_out_tongue:

There are things I could do to get it within the rules, but they would be very much against lore (like making it 35 cm shorter, among others)


I want to let you past, but I put the economy limit in for a specific purpose: to make sure everyone doesn’t run a gas-guzzler and break the flavour of the competition (since they are graded relative to each other). It’s not fair to people who have submitted to change that now… there must be some way you can squeak into 26 MPG. You can’t get a quality point on your fuel system or something?


1985 Bogliq Kitten SR-5

Here at Bogliq, we like to make our cars fun to drive, economical and easy to live with day to day. The Kitten SR-5 is no exception with great fuel economy, stylish interior and a chassis tuned for fun. What you lose in 4 door practicality you more than gain on your favourite “B” road. But don’t think we’ve forgotten how to be useful; a 60/40 split-fold rear seat and easy to use liftback soon put that myth to bed!

The SR-5 model also gets stylish additions such as alloy wheels, 5 speed manual and four wheel disc brakes to help it stand out from the crowd. And what would you expect to pay for this cute kitty? Only $8700… Test drive the MY85 Kitten at your friendly Bogliq dealer today!

Buy better, buy Bogliq


Well, I could make it a manual gasps.

As for quality, I’m really tight on the limits, it’s a large wagon with a larger engine, which isn’t really helping.

I will make it a manual, despite how un-gasmean that is.


A nice, mid-rangeish Merna for this competition. 1.6l i4, decent interior, decent everything. It’s how cheap motoring should be.


Manual model is still good RP in 1980s Gasmean economy car, IMO.