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MotorMonth 1985 Commuter Car Comparo (Phase: Complete - Results Released)




Convenience note: make sure your car is within all the rules before you submit. Quite a few folks have had to resubmit because they are exceeding one or two of the build limits.


The engineers of SPE are in final stage of progress for this competition.
They designed a commuter car, with some comfort and good reliability for a low budget.
But they are adjusting a engine and car to meet the emission rule and with in the PU/ET.


JHW Sparrow 1600 LXi

Simplicity, Simply Affordable. Simple.



SPE H-170 V6


Front side.

MMC01 car back

Back side. (With dual exhaust).

There it is! SPE present you the new lower end hatchback model for 1985.
The successor to the previous model, but now also with the new small six cylinder: H-170 V6

The car would do the job to go from your home to the supermarket and back to home. This hatchback gives you space for 5 persons (I am not sure American or European people would fit. Asians will fit, maybe 6 or more), and some place in the trunk for several crates beer. The primary need is contented. Now to the secondary.

If you are looking for something different, but not for much money? This care would be a good choice for you!
It has good driveability and comfort. This is partly thanks to the more luxurious progressive suspension and front-wheel drive.
For this model we designed a new smooth running 1.7 liter V6 engine. This gives enough horsepower to move around your city and gives you the feel “it sounds faster that it drives”. But the sound gives a little more character to the car.
For those who are interested, it accelerate from 0 to 100 in 11.7 sec. Top speed is 174.5 km/h.
Combined with the new ecotech® 5 speed gearbox, this car has a good fuel consumption of 7.61 L/100km (37.1 mpg).

Order your new SPE H-170 V6 now at our dealership for $8695 !

New big stroke engine. 83 hp (61.9 kW) @ 5700 rpm / 124 nm (91.5 lb-ft) @ 2500-3500 rpm. Shiny yellow edition.


48 hours left (roughly)

Thank you and have a nice day. :sunglasses:


that… that’s way WAY too modern looking. like the body is fine, but you’ve got a mixture of 90’s and 00’s fixtures. and they’re all far too small.


The 1985 Baltazar-Bush Q-car.

Introduced in 1981, combining the best from both companies heritage, the Q-car was the car that would lift Bush into the 80s and would bring the Baltazar brand to Gasmean minds. Once before known for their old-fashioned and thirsty vehicles and for making small and quirky cars, these two brands signalled their parternship with this car, aimed at the heart of Gasmea.

For 1985, the car was updated, with all models now coming with electronic injection. Shown here is the 2200E Wagon model, with the standard 5-speed manual gearbox.


1985 Armada Fore Birdie


In 1982, Armada made one of the best decisions in its history, and attempted to break into the hot-hatch market. It was new but booming at that point, popularised by VW, and Armada, feeling the effects of its reckless pursuits, was in need of a good money spinner.

Of course, trying to break into a hot new market is a turbulent business, and their turbo 1982 Fore GTi was probably coming on a little hot. Blisteringly quick for a cheap 5 seater hatch, but suffering characteristic reliability issues, Armada issued a much milder NA version, in the Birdie as shown above.

It’s hardly the biggest or the fastest, but it was not slow and it was rather capable, a steady middle-of-the-road option for those who wanted something a little different but still wanted to be sensible.


Yeah you are right. It looks more 90’s… Let’s say, it went on new styling in late 80’s :wink:


1985 Stryker Arcadian

Uhhh so Stryker may have spent all it’s development time on making the Arcadian fun to drive and not soooo much on making it look fun. But hey, you get a 3.1L fuel injected V6, 5 speed manual, and sports tires on your 2,085lbs economy car so does it matter what it looks like?


1985 CM Halifax ET-C


Competition is closed

Now in a short extension period, as explained in the OP.


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Just FYI, I’m aiming to get the results out this weekend. Seeing as this is my first competition, I’ve naturally made the job harder on myself that I should have; the mix of subjective and quantitative scoring is quite a bit more difficult than I imagined.


Me too. I’ve discovered this just now. Sigh


dw, if you think my car is a shitbox I won’t mind, that’s because it is :joy:


Yep, me three. Ah well.


lol, wtf do I have to do to make people notice? It was open for ~2 weeks. :neutral_face: