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MotorNation Japan | Promote and compare your cars!


Excellent start to this thread! I liked the style and enjoyed the reviews along with the nods to Best Motoring with the final race. The only areas I felt could improve things, even more, was perhaps as asdren suggested showing at least a single screenshot of each entry. Possibly perhaps some best in class/category as Leo was alluding too. Something like a simple lineup for best hot hatch, most practical, fastest, best mpg, value, etc. Just some simple consolation prizes for entries that aren’t just aiming for different markets. But really I’m probably just nitpicking now. Overall it was great and I’m really looking forward to seeing more from you guys!


Round 2: Dungeons and Wagons.

Kuro arrived at their HQ, dropping his cigarette and stomping it. As he opened the door, a crossover passed next to their HQ, a Nissan Juke. Kuro couldn’t help but cringe at the sight of a crossover, and he slammed the door shut as soon as he entered.

-Good morning Kenji.

-Hi. What topic do we have to write about this week?

-Remember the station wagons? I think they’re going extinct due to these crossovers, right?

-Right. Are there enough wagons nowadays to make a proper comparison?

-That’s what we’re going to find out, Kenji.

Kenji wrote a couple of rules and sent them to MotorNation, which would later take care of sending them to the carmakers in the Automationverse.

The rules:

Budget: 60000$ with a 50% markup.
Body: must have at least 5 doors.
Maximum rim diameter: 19 inches.
Body style must be a wagon/station wagon.

New categories this round:

-Most comfortable car.
-Best at the track (winning the race).
-Best value for the money.
-Most practical.
-Best all-around package.
-Best looking.

Naming convention:

Model: MN - Username
Trim: Anything.
Engine family: MN - Username
Engine variant: Anything.

DEADLINE: Friday 8th of September, 15:00PM GMT +2.


Ever wanted the style and performance of a Nimrod but needed more space for your stuff? Then try the Harris Nimrod 5.0 Wagon - it offers all the things that make the rest of the range so special and wraps it up in a more practical wagon body. And it can be yours for just $39000 with a 50% markup.


Dynamite’s new Family-Sport line is designed for giving everyone a good amount of comfort and fun all in one convenient package. The latest one in the lineup is the FS-3, bringing V12 fun to the masses with a price of $36,300.

The FS-3 is easy to drive, thanks to a 9-speed automatic gearbox, and yet it’s far from slow. 0-60 in 5.3 seconds, top speed of 191 miles per hour, and RWD for fun, plus a powerful twin-turbo V12 tuned to get 25 MPG. All wrapped up in a highly-practical wagon body, with 5 seats and plenty of cargo space.


Bonham will join the party, with the Chaucer Brooklands Estate. It sure is a bit pricey, but it makes up for it with supreme comfort, power, speed and handling finesse.

For further details click here


MY2015 Bogliq Bastion Veloce Estate

Top of the line V12 estate; built for speed, comfort and exclusivity

Retails for $56550 (@ 50%) and is currently in-stock so visit your local, friendly Bogliq dealer today!

Buy better, buy Bogliq!


@asdren Kenji isn’t babbling performance figures from paper during street tests like Kuro :slight_smile:


A, er, “special”, four door version of the Tauga SB. Which technically means it’s no longer a shooting brake but…

It’s lighter and more taut than its more comfortable saloon brother, packing AWD and a near perfect 50/50 weight balance.

A true driving machine.


The Kimura Eminence 330T KRS SW-Spec. Japan exclusive, 3.3 Liters, Twin-turbochargers, 410 PS.


Please give me time to hang myself after I forgot to place a door handle on my car. After which, my schedule is surprisingly empty.


2017 Megacorp ME1 LW-12

A V12 wagon inspired by Art Deco in style and decadence to offer uncompromised luxury and performance. Available from $58,800.


Zenshi Altrea Newman R Touring. Have a bit of crazy in your life.


So beautiful cars… I feel unskilled now :expressionless:


This round I’m seeing a lot of blue cars… and they all look good, at least on paper!


No time to make proper ad, sorry.

2017 Cavallera Moia RS

Powered by a 4 litre, naturally aspirated V8 packed into a small but practical body, the engine revs to a stratospheric 8900rpm to produce an astonishing 438hp. Coupled with advanced aerodynamics components, an electronic limited-slip differential, world class safety and luxury, the Moia should leave you awestruck when you see that it only comes in at $53200. Nothing is compromised, the hot wagon still nets 28.7mpg, remains drivable on a daily basis, seats 5 and has plenty of space in the trunk.


Adenine Cadence Premium Wagon Sport

Luxury, Performance, and an Unbeatable Value at just $35000


Interesting that you’re not going for the Valence this round, unless it’s just because there aren’t any sporty versions of the Valence?


Merciel Verona Touring SP

The new Verona Touring with the Sports Package. With new lips and a diffuser as well as a tuned 1.6L N/A i6 producing 200hp and revving up to 10,000RPM for only $30,000.


10000 rpm in a 30k$ family car…

GIB NAO :heart_eyes:


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