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Read our newly released, in-depth test of the Enactor Estate Roamer and Sachiuri sL600x, released at NYIAS, by clicking on the image above. You should be redirected to Google Drive.
Our thanks to @Leonardo9613, @DeusExMackia and @Rk38 for this fantastic opportunity.
Please be aware when reading that sections that begin with an encircled B are by Bruno and an encircled G are by Nathan.
Feedback, thoughts and criticisms are welcome and the writers are here to take any questions or clarify any doubts. (Note: we will continue to work on trying to reduce the excessive lengthiness.)


Nathan Garcia drives the new Nohda Shourai and gives his thoughts about it! Is it promising?
(Props to @Dorifto_Dorito for the car!)
(Click on the image to go to Google Docs)


Feedback, thoughts and criticisms are welcome.

Merciel S.A| Lore Refresh

Yes, now the length of the article is perfect IMO, not too short and crude, but not too long and boring either, you managed to keep interest up during the whole review, nice work.

I know this review is a bit late, it was supposed to come out shortly after New York, but better late than never right?

Matt Sierra’s Short Reviews: GBSC MV350 Ampere and GTE.
Thanks to @Vri404 for kindly providing the cars for the review.
(Click on the images to go to Google Docs)

Once again, feedback, criticism and corrections are much appreciated :smiley:


Two Trucks, One Idiot. Nicholas Justinian Drives the LZA TX-500 And the Maine Guerilla to find out which is best.



Cross shopping for a crossover? Nathan García maxes out an Azanti Asada and gives his thoughts.

(Props to @titleguy1 for lending me the car and @Dorifto_Dorito for proofreading the text! Click on the image to go to Google Docs.)


As always, feedbacks, criticisms and suggestions for the writing are more than welcome :wink:


How do I submit some of my brand’s cars for you to review? Do I need to make photoshop pictures or can I just send you the press car as a file and you make it?


Main post has the answers:


Ah okay, my bad. How do I get word out to do that? Any suggestions?


Contact one of our writers and ask politely. However don’t do it now. We’re currently close to exam season so your request would most likely be totally ignored


Alright! I’ll wait then, because I also have exams coming up. I feel your pain. Thank you guys!


From issue 392: Kuro Nakahara’s Joyride, Kimura TK-R.

(Props to @titleguy1 for lending me the car!)

(It’s something new I wanted to try out and I don’t know if it’s good or not, so feedback is highly appreciated :smiley:)


I like these, a small column on an iconic car or future classic, next to full reviews.


From Issue 394: Nathan García drives the Zenshi Seiryu.

(Props to @Grandea for lending me the car! Click on the image to make it bigger.)

(As always, comments, critique and thoughts are encouraged! :smiley: )

EDIT: forgot to mention the engine was designed by Cavallera.


Click to open in Google Drive. Thanks to @titleguy1.

OOC: My sincere apologies for this having taken so long, in short I burned myself out totally with the visual work of this review and had very little motivation to go back and finish it. Which is why it’s here so late and not quite as high quality. This doesn’t really reflect anything upon the car, just on me.


I’ve got to say this is one of the most well-done reviews I’ve seen on the forum. The writing and the presentation were both stunning; I’m so honored that you chose my car to go full overboard with. Bravo!


MotorNation wants your Premium 4 door D-Segment cars!

Important information:

Body style can either be a sedan or a liftback.

They should roughly cost $50,000 with a 50~60% markup

Trim Year 2018/19

Please keep in mind that submission does NOT guarantee a review. We will be selecting our favorite examples for the article. Please send all entries to me :slight_smile:

Deadline: 26th August 2018


That means that cars that are sent in unsolicited will be ignored.


I think you might have trouble understanding the word unsolicited. In that case you might want to refer to a dictionary, or maybe google it?


I’ll send you guys a 2019 Farox Aerio when I get the chance!