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MV Design - Marcus_gt500's design studio


Ilhabela island, São Paulo coast, Dec. 1981

I’ve removed the NegaTape from the windows (except the side ones) re colored the interior, set up the light materials, and made the tail lights more to the shape of the real ones.

VW_Brasilia_-_STD.car (102.3 KB)


-“Who’s gonna tell them to stop bogging the street? You?”

Every time a new update comes, I get closer to make the perfect bosozoku car. These two are my best ones yet.

Bosozoku_-Sedan.car (70.8 KB)
Super_Bosozoku-_Yakuza_Speciall.car (66.8 KB)


Here’s a copy of my entry at the AGC15

Mrs. Lucy D. - 1980 VW Brasilia
Shoving my IRL car into an Automation competition 3: Third time is a charm!

This cobbled together, 901 years old, hovering junkyard special started life in 1980 as a 65hp slowpoke. Around the '00s, it was gifted by its driver’s father, and every time new tech showed up at his local junkyard, it was quickly implemented into the car. Now, more than 60 years before starting modifying it, the vehicle is an legend among illegal racers.

It’s wild agility and lightness, combined with unsuspecting looks, made it act like a shadow, showing up at the starting line, quickly vanishing, sometimes even believed to be left behind, then all of a sudden showing up near the finish line. It’s owners’ territory knowledge and repair skills are useful for finding new shortcuts (highlighted by the player suit’s visor) and temporary boosts to achieve maximum racing efficacy.

The car now is powered up by a small, super safe, phase VII nuclear generator, mounted behind the front bucket seats. There’s a minuscule 1000cc hydrogen powered twin turbo V8 engine as a backup generator right under the nuclear powerplant’s cooling fluid reservoir. This setup powers up the eight electromagnets under the wheel wells and rear end, and moves the air pump mounted under the reactor, creating a cushion of gravity nullifying, neutron charged air under the vehicle, making it levitate around one meter from the ground. For overcoming tougher terrain, it can lift an additional 2 meters, reducing it’s speed proportional to the lift, as the air cushion becomes thinner. In special occasions, the electromagnets can be used to propel an EMP at a 25m radius around the car, but this is an purchasable upgrade and will need time to charge. During this time the speed available will be reduced, but it can be very usefull to disable the electronic systems of nearby racers and police vehicles. The rear thrusters are thinner and longer, to increase the thrust speed and push the car to its top speed of 220mph. Its focus is super high agility, though, not speed. It can generate wake and will consume an increased amount of fuel when surpassing 200, due to the car’s subpar aerodynamics. Not that it matters if the nuclear reactors are still undamaged. Just don’t get shot.

The cabin was left pretty stock, besides the carbon-reinforced roll cage and racing seats, to keep the driver and a possible passenger locked in. There are four driving modes, programmed at the steering wheel buttons and controlled by the repurposed stock commands, for that long lost, vintage driving experience:

Sprint: sharper control and higher acceleration
Max Power Max Power: slower steer and higher speed
Overland: terrain sensitive crab steer and body height
Hypermiling: low consumption, slower steer and speed, for emergency or saving fuel

(Using this car also unlocks a selection of “classic” (mid '00s to mid '20s) songs, including famous hits by Ash Kentkorp, MIASES, Snail’s Tecno, Shoe Mop, Vice, FM-48, Nomad Palace, The Midday, SHIELDSHIP, Mystery Skeletons, Roger Davids, M.E.V.O, Kazinsky, and others)

Instead of having projectors inside the cabin, the HUD is displayed at the driver’s helmet visor, along with being a bulletproof kevlar clad piece, as the driver’s head is it’s only part not covered by the seats and side panels, also kevlar clad. The durability is average to low, as the driver is not as protected as in other vehicles, but it’s lightness and agility gives it a high active safety, as the player will be able to avoid most of the gunfire. And you have repair perks, remember? You didn’t used all of them yet, did you?

But if avoiding gunfire is impossible, the car is equipped with a front mounted, pop up up and down machine gun. Its position is fixed, but it uses a semi automatic aim system, coupled with the vehicle’s electronic stability system. Basically, it uses the car’s auto-leveling to aim at a 15º “cone”, not counting the manual aiming by using the crab steer capabilities. Shooting is not recommended at high speeds, though, as it can affect the stability, and that’s why the gun is mounted at the front. Let them think they’re winning!

The player’s repair perks are visually shown by the amount of scrap and parts stored in the top-mounted luggage rack. Just don’t get shot over there, as it can drain your perks. Be a smart player and use your agility and minigun!

Driver profile: Marcus "The List" Matos

(Yes I’m my own driver, fite me)

Still going strong as one of the top racers around at the age of 85, this junkyard master not only researched whatever showed up at the yards for making his car faster, but also to maintain, and even increase his reflections and skills through repurposed cybernetic implants. A master of terrain dogfight, having experienced more pain in his experiments than what can be caused by gunfire, will use advanced tactics and terrain reading to achieve victory. Not worrying about fame as much as getting the resources to keep his experiments evolving, driving with this lad will unlock junkyard special upgrades to all qualifying cars, as well as special rewards in his book of memories (Which is an actual paper agenda, a rare sight these days!). Buying the GOTY version of the game will warrant you a replica of the book, including tips, tricks, and cheat codes.

Come live this neo-vintage adventure on board of the most stylish race car around!

-“I don’t care that much about winning, this, right there, is my masterpiece.”


Found this one while spring cleaning. Made before the update, so some things have broken. Feel free to mess with it. Includes a semi well made Detroit Diesel V8.

Nissan_Fairlady_Z_S30_-_Radical_Raid.car (75.5 KB)


This is said to be the last Brasilia produced. It’s an '83 LS version in Mantiqueira Metallic Green. I don’t believe it, most manufacturers here don’t care about their history. It lives in VWs museum, and it’s 0km, never registered. I also updated the car with new taillights, door handles, bumper caps, exhaust and it’s grille, materials, and interior detailing. I’ll probably remake my car over this one as it’s much better. It’s an accurate replica, in engine specs and power, gearing, suspension, and overall tuning.

I wish mine was an LS with this rare side trim.

VW_Brasilia_-_LS.car (137.3 KB)

Duhen Coyot 1500T, an Brazilian Hot Hatch

On this next video, I created an hot hatch for an competition that went on in the brazilian Automation Discord.

As always, here’s the car file, and some pics!

Duhen_Coyot_-_1500T.car (58.5 KB)

Also as a side note, me and @HighOctaneLove made this restomod Brasilia, with a front mounted twin turbo V6 from the Buccanneer SPV, and AWD.


Some years ago, I’ve made this photoshop and posted it on April 1st. To this day, there’s some discussion in the interwebs if whether it’s real or not.

Tried to do something similar in the game. Kinda low effort, though.

Orchid Lilium GT
There was an competition held on brazilian automation Discord, with the objective of creating an luxury barge for the scenary where the fuel crisis never had hit Brazil. I don't consider myself a winner, since there was only 1 other competitor, but mine won. More lore about it on Bridgell's page

BN70_(Marcus_gt500)_-_Orchid_Lilium_GT.car (76.6 KB)