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MV Design - Marcus_gt500's design studio



Too bad this isn’t a lore car becuse it looks hella great



CSR81 - MarcusGT500 - Ishima 770 Sedan.car (46.7 KB)
CSR81 - MarcusGT500 - Ishima 770.car (45.6 KB)


looks like a Ford escort MK2 or a Toyota corola KE 30 series coupe.


I like to download cars, so in a sheet excell I write statistics and mechanical data, so I can compare them to mine. I like this car, both in line, elegant, snobby, and in its performance. Although my PC is obsolete, driving it in Beam makes you feel a bit like James Bond, and what about the interior made by hand ?? fantastic!. or the sound of the V12? .gran beautiful Hyper Car! Good job!


Aw man, it makes me feel glad that I’m not the only person lifting company names from Street Legal (here and in your ad thread) :smiley:


Fiat 147 - L.car (33.0 KB)

It’s a Fiat 147. You can’t want more from a car (At least if you’re in a army dictated 80km/h limited 70s/80s Brasil).

And this one looks like the one my father had, minus the big rust roles.


This is the SEAB (Sociedade de Engenheiros Automotivos Brasileiros - Society of Brazilian Automotive Engeneers) Typ 171. It’s a sporty rear engined sedan packing a 2.5 boxer 4, developed mainly by @Knightophonix , @Leedar and myself. Still a handfull to drive fast after a lot of development, but a fun car nonetheless. Try it out!

MV-SEAB Typ 171 - 2500.car (37.1 KB)

F.E.A.B. Fabbrica Europea Automobili Bg

The Shimutshibu Focer Moonchaser is a sports coupe for the thai market. Didn’t had much success due to a weak engine.

CSR83 - Marcus_GT500 - Shimutshibu Focer Moonchaser.car (83.1 KB)


Presenting the Orbit MV/GS. A stylish street beast, with our bespoke BBM V8 engine, pumping double the power and double the braggin’ rights of the base model. New front and rear fiberglass panels are included, to give a powerfull new look while being easy to install over the stock body. Also a fiberglass hood, side scoops and wing are included. A new “Jãobolão Loko” color, with sport side stripes and mag wheels complete the looks. A suspension tuning and more confortable seats are also included. All this parts can also be installed as acessories at the dealerships, as “upgrade kits”.

Orbit - MVGS.car (40.0 KB)


Here’s the List’s Law Enforcer from AutoTrend 2045 “Best Raider’s Car” Awards!

Here’s a log of changes:

European shitty plane crankshaft changed to quality American Cross Plane Crankshaft.
Weak cast pistons and rods changed to American Forged pistons and rods.
2 barrel poor foreign carbs changed to American Four Barrel carbs.
Camshaft changed, ignition advance retarded and compession lowered so it can run on plenty avaliable low quality fuel.
Secondary muffler removed. Was rusted through anyway. Exhaust diameter reduced with a hammer to compensate the loss of pressure.
Granny’s automatic gearbox changed for a more reliable manual gearbox. Final drive adjusted to match.
Light truck wheels and tires installed. Got lucky and found a set with only 15 years of use! Good as new!
Refurbrished brakes from some old truck were installed.
Newer hidraulic steering removed from some old wreck and installed.
Suspension adjusted, newer shocks, springs and front sway bar found at the scrapyard installed.
Stronger front bullbar taken from an scrap pickup and installed at the front, with some protection spikes.
Sheet metal covers installed in place of the missing auxiliary lights. Replacement working left light sourced.
Spot lighs installed at the roof.
Scrap steel plates screwed at front doors for protection.
Top of the trunk removed for added cargo space.
Rear doors welded shut.
New front grill made with scrap sheet metal. Works as a scarecrow too.
Plate welded between rear area and trunk. Along with the stock cop car cabin separator, rear is now a prisioner cage, acessible by a plate door on the place of the window.
Tail Lights removed. Nobody needs them 'round here.
Old truck bumpers mounted to the rear, for some more protection.
Big plastic box fitted to the roof to carry suplies.
Replacement less rusted hood fitted.
Side mirrors fitted.
Rust holes on the chassis fitted with sheet metal patches. Safety increased.
Skidtray from an old pickup fitted.

Marcus_gt500 - Law Enforcer.car (58.6 KB)


This is the Interstella 20T, a great handling sports car from the 90s, complete with a twin turbo V6 and AWD. This one is abandoned under a tree next to my parent’s home for a few years. Do something with it, could you?

MV Design Interstella - 20T.car (35.8 KB)


For the new milennial, Terrazi reached MV Design to restyle their flagship sports car, the 30A Decision. A sleek body with wild styling encloses the racing chassis and extremely powerfull V10 engine.

Terrazi Decision - 30A.car (40.5 KB)


Here’s a trackday special version of my mk2 Fiesta. Probably one of the most fun cars I’ve ever made.

'83 Ford Fiesta MK2 - Custom.car (40.0 KB)


…and it was the last time I saw him. The Road Warrior…

The Last V8 - Interceptor.car (35.7 KB)


Recently, I’ve posted a bunch of drawings, and this one inspired me. I’ve decided to make it “real”. The car had no name originally, but was aptly named “Exhausted” on game. It’s meant to represent a car I saw on an old racing game that had this exhaust tips all around (anybody remembers where is it from? I couldn’t), also some sort of old custom car that never stopped to be modified. Underneath there’s not much special, a shitty car with a 1800 hp and nm engine.

After some consideration, the front end received a “little” revision.

MV Exhausted - 488 cui.car (66.1 KB)


On SLRR, we had the 2005 PFAA Whisper R1 at our disposal, witch is this car if you don’t know it:

Now you have the 2010 PFAA Whisper R1 at your disposal, with all the glory of the 1001hp 8 liter V10. Caution, this is a wild beast that needs a experienced driver to even drive slow on the street!

PFAA Whisper - R1.car (28.9 KB)


Hell yeah


Here’s @DriftinCovet1987 's ad on the Aviator Ronolit, witch had it’s visuals designed by us.


Here at Aviator, we pride ourselves in making some of the world’s best planes since 1916. That’s why our new 2015 Aviator Ronolit DXiT comes styled with a fancy new logo that both represents our aerial heritage and allows you to stand out on the streets in style. But behind that new badge, integrated into the all-new styling straight from the masters at MV Design, comes our completely-redesigned D18DET/E 1.8-liter straight-four. With 115 horsepower(1) from its combination of E-Power multi-point electronic injection and a economy-tuned turbocharger, you’ll be getting over 75 mpg highway(2) with the greatest of ease. That’s because we’ve hooked the engine up to our trusty and reliable A700TEF 7-speed electronically-controlled automatic transmission, which will allow even the novice driver to fly down the highways and dogfight through traffic as easily as a professional. Even though it’s only hooked up to the front wheels, we’ve confirmed that a set of winter tires will make it more than usable for the average winter (3). And it’s built to withstand those winter salts and slushes for as long as possible, with a galvanized steel chassis and treated steel panels making its gorgeous design incredibly resilient to corrosion.

Speaking of the design, we’ve handed that over to the masters down in Brazil, the renowned MV Design, who have refined every curve, line, and fixture to perfectly mesh with the swoopy sedan’s body. It’s also a call back to the original Mouton-era Ronolits, famed for their incredible rally and race pedigree. Thankfully, we haven’t put in a stripped-down interior for this car. With its plush leather seating and A-Net infotainment system, the Ronolit DXiT allows you to experience the joys of driving as though you were flying coach for your entire life. But that’s not all; the double-wishbone suspension all around is tuned and designed to give you maximum control as you weave your way through the city jungle without breaking your back in your daily commute. But the best part about this car? All of the above - and much, much more - can be yours for just $14,600.(4)

(1)SAE Net, measured at the crank with all engine accessories.
(2)Perfect cruising at 56 miles per hour (90 km/h); EPA combined is 47.7 mpg.
(3)Tested in Calgary, Alberta. We do not recommend using this vehicle for treks to the North Pole as standard.
(4)At 0% markup for a base DXiT. Dealer prices - including markup and options - may differ from advertised.

CSR84 - DriftinCovet1987-Marcus_GT500 - Aviator Ronolit DXiT by MV Design.car (52.3 KB)


Great hotrod, got any engine specs?


PFAA Whisper is great.Any chances for V16 engine?I driven it a lot in SLRR.