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MV Design - Marcus_gt500's design studio


Yours looks really good too. Had to cheat and use a molding to hide the top part of the grille and headlights, so seen how you used the same space is pretty interesting. And I really like this lineup modernization projects, remembers me of my Nimber. I couldn’t possibly seen yours before, I’m just back of being 1 year abscent from the game and forum, so it’s purelly coincidence.


Yes I know, I just used some precautions because many people say such things just to accuse other for stealing things. I remember that I got accused for stealing when I did a mod for GTA 1 many years ago, the only similarity I saw was that both cars were green… :smiley:


Didn’t even knew modding GTA I was a thing! Nice one. I was probably designing paintjobs for NFSU and daytona usa around the same period. Good times.


Decided to do something easy to relax and hone my skills a little. Remade the S30 replica. This is the base of the basest, '69 single carb, 4 speed, light cream, not even with hubcaps version. Nice evolution in resources from the game, came out pretty good.

(Added the hood emblem and corrected the displacement on the file. Lost 10 hp though.)
Nissan_Fairlady_Z_S30_-_SC_4SPD_JDM.car (56.7 KB)


Here’s the ruined 1973 American version. Dual carbs, a little more power to be negated by the now 3 speed automatic, higher, softer suspension and heavier bumpers so it can be less stable on the active safety aspect (handling), ugly hubcaps to protect your shitty steelies, and 1000 holes drilled on the sides to slap a chrome trim and rear side markers because somehow parking dents sucks more than this. Oh, and uglier side mirrors. Goddammit!

I wish I had seen that cursive font when I was doing the Fairlady logos on the Japanese car.

Nissan_Fairlady_Z_S30_-_DC_AT3SPD_USDM.car (60.2 KB)


A friend from the reddit page asked me to do a replica of the '70 Fairlady Z 432 that appears in the game Sega GT 2002. Might as well!
This one made me wish we could swap body materials betwheen variants, this car had a lighter body due to the use of a frp hood, and thinner metal on the fenders, doors and rear tailgate.

Nissan_Fairlady_Z_S30_-_432.car (67.4 KB)


And for closing the arc before I go to the next thing, here’s a 1978 Datsun 280Z. Goddamit american government and Nissan branch. At least it has an L28 with a 5 speed.

Nissan_Fairlady_Z_S30_-_Datsun_280Z.car (65.5 KB)


Made a replica of this mini '69 Nova that’s made from plywood and fiberglass over a tube frame with a Kawazaki Ninja engine.

Mini_Nova_-_Stock.car (36.3 KB)


I’m back at revamping SLRR cars. This is the Ishima Enula, in the base WRY version. I know, hard to be that plain. Will get better, I promise. This have a frankenstain engine, it’s a I4 like the game, but I’ve used Impreza specs the best I could. In this case it’s a 1.6l engine.

Ishima_Enula_-_WRY.car (37.9 KB)


Now for the mid trim, the WRZ. Now this looks like a proper sports car, doesn’t it? And still shows the familiarity with the base version. Wider fenders, sportier bumpers, a wing and a hood scoop, and some mags. Oh, and some more CCs under the hood! This one have a 2.0l engine.

Ishima_Enula_-_WRZ.car (46.0 KB)


Now for the top of the line, all out racing car for the street, WR Superturizmo. This WRZ on steroids packs a 2.3 turbo engine, bespoke AWD, and heavily tuned suspension!

( The rear plate surround is black like the rest of the bumper. It’s showing up blue on photoscene for some reason.)

Ishima_Enula_-_WR_Superturizmo.car (57.2 KB)

Car lot screen. Made this to be the first pic of each car, before noticing that the next car showed up on each pic, and that I’ve inverted the names.

Teaser shot of the Superturizmo for reddit, because the rear logo didn’t showed up on the other pics.

So, witch one will you take home?


Keeping up with the Haulers Badge lineup. The 1968 model marked the split of the line, with the Badge nameplate being applied only to the coupe. Also a tech inovation was experimented in this year only, and turned out to be too expensive and not developed enough. The car had a rear independent suspension. The two versions available were the standard, bringing yards of chrome trim and comfort, powered by the same small block 5700 V8 from previous years, making 216 hp.

And the H/R, powered by a big block Haulers 7476 V8 making 333 hp, and all the sport accessories you’d expect from a top tier muscle car.

In January 2020, an old and rusty '68 H/R was modified for an upcoming TV show about a trio of otakus trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. Then the real 2020 apocalypse came about and the show was canceled. Still it turned out a pretty interesting car!

Haulers_Badge_-Coupe.car (49.9 KB)
Haulers_Badge-Coupe_HR.car (54.2 KB)
Haulers_Badge-_Apocalypse.car (123.0 KB)

I’ve made this car before having the mods installed, so it’s all vanilla fixtures, besides the external gauges from the H/R, wich was shitty. The original one can be seen in the apocalypse car. Also, I’ll not be making the '69-'70 until we have a body closely reassembling the '69 Charger, as it’s what the SL version is based, even though the game calls it a '67.