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My 1969 Caddy Eldorado


Getting my tranny done while I work on the engine.
Was gonna plan on getting a Billet stroker kit to increase the displacement to 9.1L, then realized that is too rich for my blood.
Wanna hear something really cool… It’s FWD.


Feel the torque steer


I think 472 cubic inches is plenty. :wink: Keep us posted on progress, love the land yachts.


Did you mean: Cruise Ship


That’s a longitudinal FWD setup. Torque steer only occurs in transverse setups due to different length CV shafts. (Some designs feature an intermediate shaft on the long side, then another CV axle. This helps to mitigate that effect.)


Oh! True!


Indeed!™ :joy:


Late 1960s and early 70s Eldorados are sexy beasts. N33d moar pics!


More “feel the understeer”… I got to watch an old Toronado (the Olds equivalent of this same car) autocross once. Ohhh man the body lean and understeer! The noise it made was glorious as it wiped out/murdered entire Baker Boxes, forcing the track to be shut down and reset every time… lol


Work is starting to pick up so I won’t be able to do anything to my car anytime soon which sucks because I want to continue working on the car but i’m simply too tired to continue after work.


Update: Breakup is here which means no work but I get time to finish my car.
Got almost everything finished except for a few things then the car will finally run.
Mostly everything is OEM except for my timing chain and carb.

Note: sorry for the bump but I don’t want to start a new thread