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My 280Z just bit the dust. I need a new weekend whip!


Do you plan on doing some reviews and announcing a winner, etc.? :wave::sweat_smile:


Yes, lol. Just got a little busy atm. It’ll get done


It is considered good etiquette to finish the challenges you host. Just saying, you dont’ want to lose face, or trust of the players for the time you’ll want to host another challenge


Yeah I’m sorry about that, I haven’t had access to el interneto for about a week, so I haven’t been able to wrap it up. But it will get done


92 Zorg ZS30 Convertible - ABG7


The ZS30 was the first car on the list. The soft-top convertible was the oldest of the three cars. Powered by a 3-litre inline six motor producing 200hp, this small roadster made the least power of the group. Combined with its slightly higher weight, the Zorg just didn’t have speediness on its side. The 0-60 time of 6.2 seconds, however, was fast enough that it wouldn’t be cut for that alone. It did get a very nice fuel economy rating of 23.6 miles per gallon, which, combined with burning 87 octane gas made it an economic choice. The ZS30 had some very advanced features for a 92, including a multilink rear suspension and advanced safety features. The petite car was a very fun vehicle to drive on backroads, which is exactly what I am looking for. We shall have to see how it fares after looking at the others.

96 Bogliq Sparrow SR - HighOctaneLove


Bogliq’s odd entry into the market, the Sparrow SR, was next. Bogliq had decided to stuff a V8 into their small car to appeal to enthusiasts. The 226hp motor was adequate, but somewhat lacking in low-end power. The more powerful engine, combined with a lighter weight than the ZS30 meant that the Sparrow could reach 60mph in only 5.5 seconds, while still getting over 23mpg. The Bogliq certainly looked menacing on the outside, but once inside the story changed. The Sparrow SR had gotten the engine from a performance vehicle, but the rest of the economy car roots seemed to remain. The cloth seats and low-quality sound system were mediocre, and it didn’t have some of the safety features that the ZS30, a 4-year-older car, did. The suspension had been tuned very oddly to accommodate the power, and the springs were incredibly stiff. The brakes had been upgraded, and had a very strong bite to them; they stopped the car well, but not very comfortably. The Sparrow SR might have been better on the track, but on ordinary roads where my car will see most of its use, it is almost painful to drive.

98 Bord Mostang - Leedar


The final stop on my search brought me to the Mostang. This car was from 1998, and as such, had some more advanced features than the others. The high-tech safety systems were impressive; this car had electronic stability control. The Bord had a striking appearance, aided by its 18 inch wheels. While the motor in this specific car was only an inline-six, it made more power than the Bogliq did - 258bhp. This car weighed almost 100lb less than the Bogliq, also, and as such was capable of hitting 60 in only 5.2 seconds - a very impressive time for a 90’s car. Once inside, the Mostang became even more attractive - the premium leather seats and CD player were major steps up from the competitors. After taking it out on the roads, the Bord proved itself to be a comfortable performer - the softer spring setup combined with a multilink rear end made it much more satisfying to drive. The one drawback of this car was that it drank 91 octane gas, and much more of it - only getting 16 miles to the gallon. However, this was still an acceptable number.


The 96 Boglig had a few things going for it, including a V8 engine (albeit a small one), and race-worthy brakes. The Bogliq would have been a better choice if I had been looking for a track vehicle, but that just wasn’t what I needed. I want a car that I can drive on the weekends, around town and look cool. Yes, the Sparrow certainly looked cool, but I wouldn’t feel cool when I got out and would be unable to sit for hours.


The 1992 Zorg ZS30 was a step up from the Sparrow. The small convertible was a very fun vehicle to drive around with the top down, even though it wasn’t as fast. The better safety features would have given me some extra peace of mind when letting my son drive it, and the audio system sounded much better than the Bogliq’s. However, the performance of this vehicle when put next to the Bord Mostang just couldn’t cut it.


The 1998 Bord Mostang 6-cylinder was all-around a better vehicle than the competitors. The meatier engine and lighter body made this an amazingly-well-performing vehicle that could be thrown around corners. The premium interior and sound made this a very comfortable performance car. The aggressive look added to the appeal, and even though it would cost more in gas, this was a car I would be happy to park in front of my house.

Thank you all for participating, I apologize for the tardiness! Congratulations Leedar!