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My 3D Car Models


Watching your work on the Monte Carlo 3D model showed me that making just one highly detailed model, let alone dozens of them, requires plenty of time, skill and patience - but the upshot is that it’s immensely satisfying once mastered, much like driving an analog performance car with little or no electronic aids.

As a correction to my earlier statement, the yellow Ferrari in your lineup of renders shown in the OP is actually a V8-powered 348, not a (180-degree) V12-powered 512 TR - and it’s nice to see someone on these forums showing their most underrated and misunderstood mid-engined model some rightfully deserved love.


After god knows how much time, here comes an update, a BIG one!
Most know Riley, right? Well, I’ve been making his Beetle for a fair amount of time and finally I’ve deemed it ready for a showcase! And oh boy was this a big one to make :fearful: