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My bad UE4 cars


This is the thread where I poop out UE4 cars.

List of companies
Kismet (Aston Martin, Lotus)
Ronin (Mitsubishi, Honda, Nissan)
Nakamura (Toyota, Honda, Mazda) (yes I know it’s in Burnout shh)
Aurora (Acura)
Norris (Dodge/Plymouth)
Perbacco (Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia)
Nervenkitzel (Porsche)
Cogitare (Maserati/Ferrari)
Fusaro (Pagani)
Toro (Lamborghini)
Nitrex (Kindof like what Fluke was supposed to be, just my designs, not a lot of lore)
KRA (BMW/Audi/Mercedes)
Riesling (Original?)


Witam Cię czeski bracie :smiley:

Nice idea with company - there’s currently (counting yours) only one Czechian company, so well.
If you’ll do something like Skoda Favorit then I’m all yes.


3rd Gen Alka is a really interesting design. One might comment that it is a little lacking in the headlights department, but you’ve actually managed to make a 3 tier grille design not look pernickety or overdone. Quite the achievment I’d say!


The Bobcat actually looks quite nice. The safety score of 43.9 is quite low for a car introduced in 2000, but well above the minimum values required for sale in Gasmea and Fruinia at the time (and even a decade later). Low weight with a decent amount of power is always a tempting combination, and the Bobcat should use it to great effect.


#Tigrica Bobcat

Introducing, new for the year 2000, under the new brand Tigrica, the Bobcat track car!

Sporting a modest 371 hp 4.4 liter V10, this car may not peak your interest at first - until you realize it weighs only 2300 pounds! This low weight allows the monstrous, mid-engined Bobcat to accelerate in a blistering 3.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 172 miles per hour. It also won’t bankrupt you, since it only costs $34440. So come over to your local Tigrica dealership and buy one today. It won’t hurt - until you crash it.

######(Also available in red!)
Next up - Turbina Zoka! The Skoda Favorit copy that one person asked for.


#Turbina Zoka

I don’t think this was supposed to happen…

So yeah, I started with a 43 hp 1000cc inline 3 that managed to only get this thing 27 mpg, and I wasn’t satisfied, so I decided to make a 1995 hyper-hatch.
Equipped with a 334hp 4.3 liter V8, this baby accelerates from 0-60 in 4.4 seconds and thunders on to a modest top speed of 142 mph. It’s also slightly lighter than the Bobcat.
Don’t even think about driving around the city in this monstrosity, since it only gets 10 mpg. It is quite the head turner, though.

Next up - Kismet Cunning!


That is just wrong on so many levels - the exterior color doesn’t belong on anything other than a few classic muscle cars, the front fascia looks glum, and the overall proportions are awkward in places! The poor fuel economy only adds insult to injury. But as the butt of countless jokes, it strangely works well enough.


#Kismet Cunning

The 2009 Kismet Cunning coupe uses all of its 301 hp 3 liter straight-six to accelerate from 0-60 in 4.1 seconds and reach a top speed of 163 mph, while still managing a fuel economy rating of 20.3 mpg.
Of all the cars I’ve made so far, this one is the most drivable, most comfortable, most economical, and most inexpensive, most likely due to its recent model year. It costs $30,600 at 20% markup.

Next up - Daytona Dastardly!


Is that a scion tc-esque body? If so when was this added?


#Daytona Dastardly

The ultimate in sub-par muscle, the 1988 Daytona Dastardly goes to 60 in a boring 5.6 seconds. It’s a 2+3 coupe with 277 hp. It has a horrible economy rating of 12.8 mpg. It only costs around $20000, but is unreliable.

Next up - 2017 Tigrica Bobcat!
Nevermind, there’s no suitable body. Uh, next up - 1969 Daytona Dastardly!


With enough effort, you could probably squeeze a lot more than 43hp out of a 1 litre inline 3 - 110bhp and beyond, if you tried hard enough.


#1969 Daytona Dastardly

This classic muscle car, with its 301 hp 4.5 liter V8, accelerates from 0-60 in 7.1 agonizing seconds and keeps coughing on until its top speed of 145.3 mph. It sucks.

Next up - who knows?


I have my doubts over the competitiveness of both versions of the laughingly named Dastardly - for the newer one, is it really worth getting a 0-60 time of 5.6 seconds when the fuel economy and reliability are so low? For the older one, 7.1 seconds isn’t quite as pathetic, and 140+ mph is quite decent for its time. The Cunning, on the other hand, ought to be much better in all respects when compared to contemporary real-life equivalents. At least all three of these coupes look good enough for some unwary buyer to consider them.

As for the revised '90 model, it’s more of a rival to contemporary imports with its turbo I4, and commendably more economical (though not by much) - but it needs to be faster at the top end, and a change in gear ratios should do the trick. But it’s almost a full second quicker to 60, so you may be making an improvement in some areas after all.


For the '69, 72.9 competitiveness in Sport Budget in Gasmea at 10% markup ($14740). I thought we would be talking $3000 range, but I guess not. Maybe the prices don’t simulate inflation yet?

The '88 I don’t know since I made a new version with a 2.0L turbocharged I4 instead and deleted the old version (Silly me!)

#1990 Daytona Dastardly

Now with a 0-60 time of 4.7 seconds, 15.2 mpg, and a sadly lower top speed of 137 mph.


1999 Veltri Artiglio

Using Veltri’s home-cooked low-torque V10, this baby accelerates its carbon-fibre and AHS steel body to 60 in just 4 seconds and continues being underpowered until its top speed of 211 mph. Of course you’d expect a high price from a car like this, but it’s only $42130!


You have a knack for building underpowered performance cars, but at least this one makes better use of its engine. Less forgivable is the somewhat bland front-end styling, and since it is actually slower than the Bobcat to 60 mph, it’s tougher to justify than it looks at first glance.


You’re not helping it by passing it off as being shit then not suggesting how to improve it. Go on then.


Your decision smacks of cowardice; simply giving up on the UE4 build for a while is not the solution.:anguished:

It would be much better to ask the community for suggestions on how to improve it. You should do the same with your cars. In doing so, you will learn some valuable lessons on car design and engineering - so that they will at least be semi-decent.


The game is in beta, made by a small dev (team who rebuilt the game from scratch in a completely new engine) and this is how you thank them for their many months of work? By whinging and complaining? Sure it isnt perfect, but being a dick about it isnt going to change the game magically. At least try to be productive and help the devs improve the game instead of sitting around twiddling your thumbs hoping that the devs can read your mind and magically fix the game.


Sorry guys, I’m just really butthurt over how heavy this one car body I’m trying to use is.
Way heavier than everything of the same size. It’s 4000 lbs and then I choose another similar body for it and it weighs in at 3500 lbs. Is that because it’s from 1985? I’m trying to make a muscle car out of it but even with 300 ish HP it gets 0-60 in like 6 or so seconds since it’s so darn heavy.

Also, the game crashes a lot and nothing seems to be causing it.