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My bad UE4 cars


Weird, if I build that in the late 80s with standard safety and 4.0ltr iron block V8 I get around 1200kgs (about 2700lbs), which almost sounds a little too light to me. (about 100kg lighter than, lets say, a Fox Body Mustang)

If I build it in 2017 with advanced safety etc, it’s more like 1650kgs (3600lbs), but that seems pretty reasonable for a modern muscle car of that size. (A modern Mustang is about that weight)

What were the similar bodies you were using? It might be more a problem that the others are too light, than this one is too heavy I suspect.

Regarding the crashes, let us know as much info as you can about when it crashes. What errors if any are showing up, and the specs of your PC. That’ll help us track down issues like that.


I tried that and got a car that weighed 3300 ish pounds. What is yours made of?


Steel Monocoque with Steel panels. (so similar to most Mustangs) Are you building it in 1988 like I am? It sure does get heavier at newer years.


Oh, wait, I had it set to transverse by mistake. Longditudinal RWD puts it up to about 1300kg, so pretty much Fox Body weight in 1988.


Ok, using full steel and building in 1988 and not 1989 like I was before, my car weighs 3700 lbs, actually heavier than what it was at before. I managed to make it lighter before I posted about it weighing 4000 lbs and I think it’s because I made my engine smaller. I decided since it’s so heavy to make it a sort of sports-luxury car instead of a full-on muscle car.

(Currently using a 3.4L straight-6 with aluminum block and head, billet crank, steel con-rods, forged pistons, long tubular exhaust headers, 76.2 mm exhausts, baffled-baffled.)

Using transverse instead of longitudinal makes it 3200 lbs, but of course it’s FWD which isn’t very desirable. Using aluminum panels, corrosion-resistant steel chassis, a longitudinally mounted engine, and RWD, the car weighs 3400 lbs. Stripping the luxury stuff and going for a premium interior, standard entertainment, and Traction Aids 1, the car weighs only 3100 lbs - but still isn’t anywhere near as light as your car. I have no idea what’s making it so heavy.
Also, with 4 seats instead of 2, it weighs 3200 lbs.


Hmm weird. If I leave it on full steel materials, but give it luxury entertainment, advanced safety and luxury interior and a 3.4ltr I6 I still only get to about 3340lbs. (My earlier ones were two seaters, so that made mine a little lighter)

Maybe we’ve fixed a bug related to this recently and accidently?

Try unzipping this file into your Documents/My Games/Automation folder (Be sure to rename your own sandbox.db file first!)

That should give you the one I built and if everything is working properly it should be 3071lbs

Sandbox.zip (332.7 KB)


I don’t see anything different that could’ve made my car lighter. Everything seems to be the same (at least things that could make my car lighter) yet yours is much lighter. I’m not sure what’s going on. I’ll send you my sandbox.db as well, but it has lots of other cars on it. The car I’m making is the Daytona Arbiter. See if you can find something wrong with it. It’s currently in de-luxury-ized mode.
Sandbox.zip (2.0 MB)


So, to be clear, when you load mine, it shows as 3071lbs?

I’m just testing yours now to see what it does.


Yes it’s 3071 lbs.


Yours shows as 3271lbs.

I removed the Citroen style Hydropnumatic suspension and that dropped it to: 3163lbs

Dropping it to standard safety got me to: 3088lbs

Lowering the safety quality dropped it to: 3022lbs

Making the rear brakes smaller (they were bigger than needed) got me to 2993lbs

Seems to be behaving reasonably well to me, 2993lbs is pretty damn light. Apparently most Fox Bodies are 3200 - 3300lbs, so that’s within a similar range.

You’re actually supposed to be able to raise the Chassis quality to lose some weight too, but that seems to not be working right now. Would be some extra gains to be had there too.

Edit: Wait. Shit, that’s with Alloy panels still… it’s 3342 with Steel… Soo, close again but on the heavy side, yeah. Maybe our interior weight calcs are a bit heavy there? Taking out the entertainment and using a Basic interior gets you back to 3022lbs… so that’s claiming that there is 300lbs of difference between the most simple Lada-spec interior with no entertainment, and an average good quality 80s car. Could be the problem there.


I have known for quite some time that more recent and advanced safety systems are heavier than the ones they replace, simply because they are more complex. This also applies to the more upmarket interiors and entertainment systems, where each one adds more weight than the last for similar reasons.

Edit: Thanks for fixing the interior volume bug on the 80s pony car body - the weight savings will bring about a sizable boost in performance and economy. But giving up on a particular game just because of a (relatively) minor bug is incredibly cowardly. Only when more severe problems force you to stop playing should you raise a complaint or two.


HAH! IT WAS A BUG… @SideswipeBL

I thought the interior weight seemed a bit excessive, so I checked the interior volume at it was 11,000ltrs… (rather than say, 2500)… That’s why the interior weight was huge, and that’s why changing interiors made a 300lbs difference.

Thanks for spotting that one! Would have been very difficult to notice otherwise, given it only happened using higher spec interiors.

It’s now 2700lbs in Steel with basic interior/no entertainment, and 2965lbs with Luxury interior and premium entertainment… Need to make a few more tweaks to the passenger volume as it’s now too small/light, but it’s a lot closer and it WAS a bug :slight_smile:


YAAAAAAAAAAY, Automation is no longer the worst game in Sideswipe’s steam library

Seriously, talk about overreacting though. One bug with one body and “worst game in my library”


Currently a little busy, I’ll try to get the Arbiter out when I have the chance.


The fix won’t be released until next patch anyhow


2017 Tigrica Bobcat Lineup (WARNING: LOTS OF PICTURES!)

The two-seater sports coupe that nobody wants; now with 6 trims nobody wants!
Sorted from least expensive to most expensive.

Base I6 - $37,730

372 hp
321 ft-lb
0-60 in 4.3 seconds
Top speed of 160 mph
60-0 in 29.6 m
20 mpg

Base V8 - $45,980

382 hp
342 ft-lb
0-60 in 3.8 seconds
Top speed of 180 mph
60-0 in 29.6 m
18 mpg

Sport V10 - $50,710

510 hp
394 ft-lb
0-60 in 3.1 seconds
Top speed of 198 mph
60-0 in 28.4 m
13 mpg

Sport V8 - $53,520

609 hp
552 ft-lb
0-60 in 2.8 seconds
Top speed of 201 mph
60-0 in 30 m
14 mpg

Luxury V8 - $54,240

479 hp (detuned Sport V8 engine for maximum comfort)
402 ft-lb
0-60 in 3.7 seconds
Top speed of 185 mph
60-0 in 30.2 m
14 mpg

Super V10 - $58,080

693 hp
599 ft-lb
0-60 in 2.6 seconds
Top speed of 209 mph
60-0 28.4 m
11 mpg

I’m not sure why or how I made the Sport V8 faster than the Sport V10, but whatever. The Super V8 is coming soon as the Bobcat X, a new model and potential 220+ mph car. Hopefully.

Tell me if you want more in-depth specs or not, or else this is how I’m going to present every other vehicle. By the way, this is obviously not the Arbiter. I’ll just be sitting here making supercars, unless the patch already rolled out (which it may have since I think we got a new aerial fixture).

Next up - Shibata!


All of these trims should have the same front-end design for a more coherent look overall - having each trim look completely different only causes confusion. On that note, I like the looks of the Super V10 the most, and as such the other trims should share its front fascia.


They all look different so that the commercials can have them all driving side-by-side on a salt flat. Then, they don’t all look the same. Since there’s no lettering in the game yet I like to change the exterior design to differentiate between trims.


The game crashed twice while I was trying to make this…

2005 Shibata Tofu

also featuring your favourite emoijis from the 2017 hit

Sorted from least to most expensive

EL (Entry-Level) - $11,550

(Somehow scores the best in Pony Budget???)

97 hp
92 lb-ft
0-60 in 11.3 seconds
Top speed of 107 mph
60-0 in 39 m
28 mpg :frowning:

CS (City-Sport) - $12,210

Not actually that fast.

157 hp
139 lb-ft
0-60 in 9 seconds
Top speed of 124 mph
60-0 in 39 m
26 mpg :frowning:

Sport (Sport) - $13,530


221 hp (Almost double that of an AE86)
193 lb-ft
0-60 in 6.66 seconds :smiling_imp:
Top speed of 136 mph
60-0 in 39 m
22.7 mpg :angry:

LS (Luxury (lol) Sport (lol x2) - $17270

194 hp
177 lb-ft
0-60 in 7.6 seconds
Top speed of 126 mph
60-0 in 43 m (UH OH)
21 mpg (RUH ROH)

Racecar (Not for sale) - Retired examples worth $72,000-ish

“Hey, what if we shove a V6 into it?” - Shibata intern

461 hp
333 ft-lb
0-60 in 3.9 seconds
Top speed of 157 mph
60-0 in 28.1 m (Better than the top-dog 2017 Bobcat)
15 mpg (Also better than a fancy Ferrari shooting-brake!)


Next up - Maybe another Daytona?


Why does the front end have to be so boxy, and hence at odds with the mono-volume design? At any rate, getting 40 mpg (on the base trim, at least) shouldn’t be too hard to attain with the body you chose; you just have to learn how to do so.