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My car body mod doesn't appear in game


So I’ve recently tried to get my car body in game. I followed this this tutorial. I also made sure that the “Is Release Ready” box is ticked and all the other settings are set appropriately. After I uploaded my body to the workshop I found out the body is not loading in game whatsoever. Any idea why could that be the case? Any feedback is appreciated.


For modding help, you’re worth joining the Automation Discord (found here) and heading to the Modding chat.


It’s probably because the thumbnail tool doesn’t work properly, you have to create a thumbnail folder inside your mod folder (Here’s where mine is so you get what I mean: Automation_SDK\AutomationGame\Plugins\Corvette80sExecutive\Content\Cars\Blueprints\BodyEditors\Thumbnails\sedan_BodyEditor) and place a 512x256 png image in there.
Then, in UE4, open the thumbnail asset and change the source file to the image you just placed in the above folder and click reimport:

Then open the other asset and tell it to use the thumbnail asset (Don’t know if you actually have to do this but I do to be safe):

If you’ve done everything else right it should now appear in game and you can use the photo mode to create a better thumbnail.