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My First Car: a Community Thread


This is the thread for posting the absolutely horrific looking builds we all made when we started playing automation.

I looked around for a thread like this but found nothing, so I created one. So go dig through your sanboxes or your old automation posts and find the biggest eyesores possible. And post them here, so that we can all share your pain. And in a strange way, we can use these awfully designed and often questionably engineered cars as testaments to how far we’ve all come since we started playing automation.

Don’t be shy, post your noob builds! We’ll laugh, but we’re laughing at the build and not at you.


I’ll go first. Hoo boy was I a truly clueless automation player when I first got the game around 2016 or so.

This rear engined monstrosity from the kee engine days


My idea for an offroad sports car back in 2018...this is truly something to behold. Just about every decision put into this thing was the worst one imaginable, and the end result is an eyesore of breathtaking proportions

A small sports car that looks like it was slapped together by a 10 year old who graduated from Pimp My Ride to Automation

Think the front looks bad? Behold, the back.

I truly had no idea what I was doing when I made this: behold, my 2017 design for an "offroad muscle car. You will need some bleach after seeing this"


Flashback to the time I spent 5 hours making a "brand showcase"...in beamNG. The lag was so bad that each car took 10 minutes to load and another 10 minutes to park.




The first time I ever made a sports car and the first time i ever made the Albatross

And some other ugly gems


And I cannot forget the fucking burger style I had made for Taimania in the Automation discord last year.

I can’t believe I actually liked this but I wonder if anyone has any other photos of this or something like this that I made. Cause I remember someone edited a burger one time and that gave me a good laugh. God I have so many eyesores I can’t even count it.


Oh man the automation discord can be absolutely brutal to inexperienced players.


yeah they definitely can be brutal but it’s helped me improve greatly


Sadly I don’t have any pictures of it, but my first car in Automation, made in the dark days of the Kee era, was a ridiculously powerful but incredibly impractical hypercar. Why was it so impractical? Because I used +15 quality on everything. Fortunately, after realizing that excessive positive quality increases production units and engineering time beyond the point of practicality, I began to learn how to use quality sliders much more sparingly.


My first car, a german supermini that got 30mpg with an anemic engine.


I started in sept. 2018 so I would be a relative newcomer. I have no screenshots of my first few cars, I guess I never figured out how to. They were dreadful 40’s era cars. I did find my first 2 screenshots. I did not realize until now that that some of the fixtures had drifted. This was a 2.5 litre 4 banger.

these shots are literally labeled 0 and 1.


i remember…this…


Given that this thread is about showing off the very first cars we made, it deserves to be placed in the Car Design subforum.


i think this was my 2nd ever car, my 1st was lost to the shadow realm.


I think this was my first ue4 car, scrolled up to 2017 in the discord and found it the comments i saw really helped me get to where im at today!


My First Automation Car

(beam pic soz)


My First Forum Car

My First Automation Discord Car


IIRC, a copy of the Volvo 343 was my first attempt.


Not my first, but it’s as far back as I could get (september 2016)

What happenned to the Omega body anyway?


It hasn’t been converted to UE4… yet. I wish it had been, though; nevertheless, we already have a few sedan bodies with a similar size and wheelbase to that one, so it’s not much of a loss.


First Car i’ve Ever Made when i Brought Automation Game on Steam, literally made for testing the game only


I don’t actually have my first build anymore, but this is the oldest one I still have- it’s meant to be an older version of BeamNG’s Sunburst. Was actually pretty fun to drive, if with a bit too much oversteer. Don’t know why I went for solid axles though.


My first cars weren’t ugly, just plain. But this one right here, ohhh boy!


Still, I liked the bugger. Mainly the name: Bridgell Cammommilla. So I recently remade it. It’s still weird, but at least it’s not unsightly anymore. And looks like an actual car.