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NASCAR and Le Mans-1976


Just as a heads up, did a bit of testing and my car needs about 460hp to reach 180mph according to the chassis rules, might want to consider bending a few if you want higher top speeds. allowing 5 quality points in aero, undertrays, and multi carbs to free up engine power (a single carb at my bore size restricts power after 286hp) is good for about 10-15mph, and dropping my engine into a smaller body can hit 180 with those allowances.


Provided that the car remains price competitive, I will update to rules to allow multiple carbs and a changing of the quality slider for aero/ undertray. The carb concession is more so because the carbs in this game don’t seem to match up to typical NASCAR carbs. Plus, hey, I’m already taking creative liberties with the real regulations


I’d suggest also reconsidering the rules regarding cast engine internals and single exhaust. VW Beetles of the same era had forged cranks and rods, I’d imagine they weren’t uncommon among US V8 race cars. And what kind of ‘Mercian muscle car doesn’t have dual exhaust? Single exhaust is for communists.


My ban of forged comes from a desire to not make a car that requires any special factory components (forge works). Therefore, I intend to keep this rule in place (for the time being).
I’ll allow the dual exhaust, though. Time to make another change. At least I haven’t added any restrictions.


The 1967 Alba Longsword LG1 SuperSeries, A car designed for running in NASCAR (Not actually that successfully on Speedways, due to it’s lack of speed) That was put up into the 24 Hours of LeMans, Due to it’s Remarkable reliability (Among NASCAR Cup cars, Of course) and Nippy handling, It would definitely do at least OK in the race.

Unlike most other cup cars, The car didn’t run the traditional 90° V8, But rather a 60°.
The engine is also smaller than usual, Measuring in at only 347 CUI.
This also then means that it doesn’t have much power, At only 312 HP available. However, It only weights 1255 Kg


(Car Pictured in #72 Alba Racing Livery. Alba Performance Division decals not applied dut to there not being a proper Coloured stock badge fixture)

(Note: Images may not be entirely accurate to final version.)



facepalm just reread the rules and i was keeping 70% competitiveness in muscle premium not muscle. going back to the shed to iron a few things out.



Certainly a wonderful entry to the field.
This marks the fourth contestant and the sixth cup car to take American muscle to the French roads.


I’ve got a question about reliability.

Is the number of 50 is only for the engine or the lot, I mean the number you find at the one to last page?


It is for everything. Survivability of the engine isn’t the only problem for a car at Le Mans.


My entry for this challenge!


Bringing some serious street muscle, I see.


Introducing the Mons Iskotew

Both street and race trims feature a 5 L (305 ci) V8 OHV, producing 304.9 HP with its modern 4-barrel twin-carbs. The wide rear tires (295/50R16) allow for superb acceleration (6 seconds to 100 km/h or 60 mph) and a top speed of 281 km/h (175 mph). Fuel consumption remains reasonable at 27 L/100km (8.7 MPG). Confidence-inspiring breaking is provided by front and rear disc breaks. Power steering makes this beast of a car easy to handle on twisty roads without sacrificing acceleration abilities.

Mons Iskotew

The street version comes standard with luxurious rich paint (black shown), stylish chrome accents, and prestigious side exhaust pipes to deliver a satisfying V8 rumble. If you want to make a statement, this car is for you!

Mons Iskotew GT

The sport version has an eye-catching orange and blue livery, enhanced air intake and aerodynamic enhancements for improved performance, and larger vents front and rear for enhanced brake cooling*. The side exhaust has also been re-routed to the rear for added protection and enhanced gas flow.
* Don't worry, for this competition aero is set to 0 and is decorative only. All other fixture changes are decorative only as well - the two models are mechanically the same in terms of the game.

Some stats


A lovely new addition. I suspect those Europeans will be in for quite the shock on race day.