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Nassau Motor Company - 2nd Gen 900 Revealed!



Although not all of the exterior colors listed on this ad are period-correct (metallic gold and lime green in '96? Seriously?), I am convinced that the entire 1996 Nassau range is the strongest the brand has ever had thus far!


February 17, 1996 - Nassau has announced that 1996 will be the final model year for the Bandito compact off-roader.

November 25, 1996 - Motorsports have wrapped up for the 1996 season. Let’s take a look at how Nassau performed.

Fruinian Touring Car Championship
It was more of the same in 1996 for Nassau, as the Tango XF may not be up to the challenge of the current FTCC competition. We again managed to win 1 race. Former Nassau Driver Anton Gustav claimed his 3rd championship, this time behind the wheel of a Blake B2400.

FTCC Final Standings:
6th - Gerard Rickman (Segelson Motorsports) - 1 victory
8th - Justin Jonas (Nassau Performance)
12th - Thom Franklin (Nassau Performance)
16th - Ian Potter (Segelson Motorsports)

November 30, 1996 - The final 1996 Bandito S has been sold. Let’s take a look back at our first entry into the SUV market.
Bandito S F

The Nassau Bandito S was introduced for the 1989 model year and was our first entry into the offroad market. Our compact SUV was powered by the D20-4I 4 cylinder engine, which produced 100hp and 117ft-lbs of torque. While this was more than sufficient for the market in the early 1990s, the Bandito S could have been considered “under-powered” by 1996.

Sales of the Bandito S were relatively good, topping out in 1991. Sales fell to the mid 20k range from 1992 onward and below 20k for the final year. The SUV outsold the pickup every year except for 1995.

Bandito S Sales
1989: 30,959
1990: 32,505
1991: 39,468
1992: 24,879
1993: 24,210
1994: 25,406
1995: 25,561
1996: 18,797
Total: 221,785

December 22, 1996 - The final 1996 Bandito Pickup has been sold. Let’s take a look back at our second entry into the pickup market.
Bandito Pickup F

The Bandito Pickup was introduced in 1989 and was the second Nassau pickup, following the failed Runabout, which was produced from 1979-1981. The Bandito was much more successful.

Powered by a 2.0L I4, the Bandito was a fun alternative for the small pickup market. The small off roader was marketed as a fun weekend car that could haul camping gear, bikes, kayaks, etc.; rather than an actual truck. Sales peaked in 1991 and were relatively stable for most of the 8 year model run.

Bandito Pickup Sales
1989: 23,280
1990: 30,858
1991: 34,346
1992: 21,183
1993: 23,732
1994: 24,229
1995: 26,037
1996: 15,400
Total: 199,065

Between both models, Nassau sold a total of 420,850 _Bandito_s.


January 6, 1997 - 1996, the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Nassau Motor Company, has come to an end. The company will officially celebrating 50 years for the 2000 model year as our first car, the Metropolitan was a 1950 model.

96 YE 1
96 YE 2

With our recent expansion into new markets and the glowing reviews of our new models helping sales, we earned $16.7 billion in revenues this year, taking home $2.4 billion in profits.

Also, we finally did it! Nassau’s drive to 1 million sales has reached its conclusion in 1996. 1996 saw 1,116,181 Nassau cars leave dealership lots. Over the past 5 years, we’ve seen almost unprecedented growth.

It’s taken 48 years of sales, but we’ve finally hit 1 million sales.

This is all happening as the economy is in a big upswing. Things are looking good all around.

Now for the sales breakdowns.

As stated, in 1996 we sold 1,116,181 cars. This was 130k more than 1995. This was our second largest increase in sales in 1 year in our company’s history. Only the jump from 1970 to 1971 (139k) was bigger.

697,442 - Gasmea (+17%) - Top Seller: Tango R
273,351 - Fruinia (+6%) - Top Seller: Tango R
145,388 - Archana (+9%) - Top Seller: Tango R

We were lead by another big year in Gasmea. This year we had a growth of 17%. Our new NT100 chassis (the Redwood and Provo XL) did very well in its debut year.

The Tango lineup had its best year ever in 1996. Sales surpassed the 1994 total and reached 508,706 units.

Sales of the base Tango S actually fell slightly, down to 112,598 units. An improving economy means that more people are choosing the higher optioned models.

The Tango SE saw flat sales, coming in at 113,976 this year.

The 1996 Tango R became our second best selling model ever, moving 265,610 units. It is second only to the 1989 Tango S, which sold 270,059.

The Tango XF coupe saw sales remain steady at 16,522 units.

The Hornet model line continues to be popular as sales increased for the 2nd year of the car. Total sales came in at 91,567.

The base Hornet S sold 41,438.

The Hornet XF sold 50,129.

Sales of the Accolade have begun to taper off. This was the 7th year of the model run and the car’s starting to get a little long in the tooth. When you consider that the base engineering of the sedan dates back to its introduction in 1984, that makes it much more obvious that we need a replacement. Our engineers are currently working on it. We sold 94,968 _Accolade_s this year.

Sales of the Accolade SE sedan have fallen to a fraction of what they once were. We sold just 18,725 this year.

It was the same story with the Accolade Estate, however it is still the best selling model in the lineup. We sold 27,223.

The performance oriented Accolade Sport saw a slight sales drop as well, down to 21,991 units.

Interestingly, with the economy on the rise, the Accolade Elite saw its sales increase this year. We sold 27,029, which was its best year ever.

Our high tech Stria sports car had a good second year, selling 8,517 units.

Sales of the Stria S coupe came in at 2,774 units.

The Stria C convertible led sales again this year, moving 5,743 units.

The Overland minivan continues to be a huge sales success. Sales rose across all three models, with a total of 291,676 units sold.

The smaller Overland S sold 144,506 units.

The larger, front wheel drive, more luxurious Overland XL sold a total of 59,868.

The top trim, all wheel drive Overland XL AWD sold 87,302.

In its final year, the Bandito lineup sold a total of 34,197 units.

The Bandito Pickup came in with 15,400 sales.

The Bandito S sold 18,797.

Our new entry into the utility/offroad market, the NT100 chassis, sold a total of 86,450 units.

The Redwood pickup truck sold 27,786 units. We’re hoping that the awareness of Nassau that the Bandito brought in the offroad market will translate to the new models in the future.

The premium Provo XL sold a total of 58,664 units, which was more than expected.

Sales Breakdown
265,610 - Tango R (+4%)
144,506 - Overland S (+17%)
113,976 - Tango SE (-)
112,598 - Tango S (-1%)
87,302 - Overland XL AWD (+14%)
59,868 - Overland XL (+26%)
58,664 - Provo XL (NEW)
50,129 - Hornet XF (+5%)
41,438 - Hornet S (+10%)
27,786 - Redwood (NEW)
27,223 - Accolade Estate (-7%)
27,029 - Accolade Elite (+10%)
21,991 - Accolade Sport (-4%)
18,797 - Bandito S (-26%)
18,725 - Accolade SE (-4%)
16,522 - Tango XF (+2%)
15,400 - Bandito Pickup (-41%)
5,743 - Stria C (+37%)
2,774 - Stria S (+44%)



I’ve noticed that Nassau ads during the 90s are the best that they’ve made so far. As for the '97 Fruinian Motor Show teaser, could it be for a redesigned Accolade? If not, it might be an updated Hornet or Tango, or even a new Stria variant.
Edit: It’s actually a sneak preview of the new Nifty.


February 18, 1997 - Welcome to the 1997 Fruinian Motor Show!

At the Nassau Motor Company, we pride ourselves on our small cars. Our Tango is a force to be reckoned with in the compact market. When we released the 3rd generation Tango in 1992, it was smaller than the previous car in hopes that it would appeal to those looking for a compact car as well as a subcompact car. When this decision was made, our subcompact car went away and since 1992, there’s been a hole in our lineup.

Today we’re here to announce that Nassau will be re-entering the subcompact car market in 1998 with the return of the Nassau Nifty S!

Nifty S F
Nifty S R

Riding a 91" wheelbase and coming in at an overall length of just 131", the 1998 Nassau Nifty S is the perfect city car. It’s small wheelbase and overall length, as well as its ability to seat 4 make it the perfect car for the city.

The Nifty S has been designed primarily for the Fruinian and Archanan markets, just like its predecessor, though it will be sold worldwide - should inventory levels allow it. This is the perfect car for the crowded, ancient city centers of Fruinia. Its low cost (pricing will be announced at a later date) makes it perfect for Archana. The Nifty S will also fit well into the crowded metro centers of Gasmea.

Featuring a cloth interior with a Nassau cassette deck and seating for 4, the Nifty S provides everything the modern motorist desires.

Underneath that small hood is a scaled down version of our Nassau D-series 4 cylinder. The Nifty S is powered by the new Nassau D12-4E 1.2L, which is attached to a Nassau first 5 speed automatic transaxle.

D12-4E Stats

The D12-4E features dual overhead camshafts with another Nassau first. The Nifty S will feature variable valve timing. The use of this new technology allows the Nifty S to return fuel economy of nearly 38 miles per gallon.

The D12-4E produces 61hp and 71ft-lbs of torque, which is more than enough for its intended environment.

So, is the 1998 Nifty S a worthy successor to the 1983-1991 model? We don’t just think so, we know so! The first generation Nifty sold over 1.2 million units and we expect this one to sell even more.

The 1998 Nifty S goes on sale in January.


It’s nice to see the return of the Nifty, which should now have no trouble living up to its name, but will there be a high-performance NP variant of it? I think it deserves one!


There are currently only plans for the S trim of the Nifty subcompact. This is to keep costs low to appeal to the Archanan market.

However, Nassau will have another announcement to make.


April 14, 1997 - Welcome to the North Gasmean International Auto Show!

At the Nassau Motor Company, we’ve always been about small cars for families. Our first car ever, the Metropolitan, was the compact that got Fruinia moving again following World War II. The Arabia sedan was one of the definitive cars of the '60s and '70s. When the Tango came along in 1978, we finally got the formula perfect. An economical 4 cylinder with front wheel drive that can seat 5 in comfort.

Since its first year in 1978, the Tango has gone on to sell over 7.5 million units across three generations. The Tango has also been sold in many different variations over the years - from 5 door hatchback, to 3 door hatchback, to sedan, wagon, and coupe.

Now the time has come to introduce the fourth generation of Nassau’s front wheel drive compact. Now the time has come to introduce the 1998 Nassau Tango!

Tango S F
Tango S R

We’ll start with the entry level Tango S sedan. Outside, the Tango has been completely redesigned for 1998, borrowing styling cues from our popular Hornet sport coupe. The base Tango S comes standard with 14" steel wheels over top of 4 wheel anti-lock disc brakes. For the first time, the Tango will be equipped with ventilated discs up front to increase stopping power.

Inside, you’ll find a tasteful cloth interior which seats 5 and a Nassau cassette deck. Safety is a priority at Nassau, which is why you’ll find that the Tango has been equipped with one of the most advanced safety systems on the market, featuring front driver and passenger airbags.

The Tango S is powered by an all new version of our 1.8L D series 4 cylinder engine.

D18-4V Stats

The D18-4V features variable valve timing, a first for the Tango and the same system you’ll also find on our new Nifty subcompact. This allows for more power while still returning good fuel economy. Power of the 1.8L has increased to 93hp and 110ft-lbs of torque while still returning nearly 32mpg. This power is delivered to the front wheels via a 5 speed manual transaxle.

The Tango S will be the only sedan version of the fourth generation offered. 1997 will be the final year for the Tango SE.

Tango R F
Tango R R

Moving into the heart of the lineup, we have the 1998 Nassau Tango R wagon. The Tango R is the most popular variant of our compact and we wanted to make sure the new model is much better than the old.

With the Tango R, you get the same 4 wheel anti-lock disc braking system as the Tango S, however, the wheels have been upgraded to 15 inch alloys. Front fog lights are also standard.

Inside, a well appointed cloth interior seats 5 in comfort and a Nassau Hi-Fi cassette deck has been provided for your listening pleasure.

Under the hood, we are no longer offering our 2.0L I4 in the Tango R. Instead, the wagon now comes standard with our D22-4V 2.2L 4 cylinder.

D22-4V Stats

Our new 2.2L outclasses the formerly offered 2.0L in every way. With the aid of variable valve timing, the D22-4V produces 120hp and 134ft-lbs of torque, up 20hp and 16ft-lbs over the outgoing model. This is achieved while still returning 27.2mpg, up 1mpg over the third generation wagon. Power is delivered via a 5 speed automatic transaxle.

Tango XF F
Tango XF R

Finally, we have the 1998 Nassau Tango XF coupe (EDITORS NOTE: Please disregard the front lip. When I saved the car and signed off on it, the lip stretched the whole way across the front. I’m not sure why it’s so small now). Borrowing styling from the Hornet, the new Tango XF is the most stylish compact coupe on the market.

The Tango XF provides all of the goodies you get in the Tango R, but in a stylish coupe body. Wheels have been upgraded to 16" alloys and a revised front fascia has been added. Also, a rear spoiler is standard.

Inside, you’ll find the same cloth interior as the wagon. The Tango XF will now seat 5, while the outgoing model could only seat 4. A Nassau Hi-Fi cassette is standard.

Power is provided via the D22-4V 4 cylinder. In the more aerodynamic Tango XF, the D22-4V, which is mated to a 5 speed manual, returns an impressive 28.3mpg.

Pricing for the new Tango models will be announced later this year.


June 18, 1997 - Nassau has announced pricing for the 1998 Nifty S.

July 27, 1997 - The final third generation Nassau Tango SE has been sold. Let’s take a look back at the first sedan version of our compact car.
Tango SE F

The Tango SE was introduced as the higher trim sedan version of the Tango in 1992. Featuring a 100hp 2.0L 4 cylinder mated to a 4 speed automatic, as well as upgraded wheels and styling from the base model, the Tango SE sedan proved to be very popular. With the exception of its first and last years, the higher trimmed sedan sold over 100k units per year. The Tango SE is being absorbed into the Tango R for the fourth generation car, which debuts next year.

Tango SE Sales
1992: 84,187
1993: 103,919
1994: 104,634
1995: 113,657
1996: 113,976
1997: 59,068
Total: 579,441

August 12, 1997 - The final third generation Nassau Tango R has been sold. Let’s take a look back at the most popular version of the third generation of our compact.
Tango R F

The Tango R wagon was introduced for 1992 as the spiritual successor to the first and second generation cars. This was the only 5 door variation of the Tango still on the market and became the most sold trim of the third generation.

Equipped with the same 2.0L I4 as the Tango SE sedan, the added practicality of the wagon body style saw the 1992-1997 Tango R become our 3rd highest sold model ever, behind only the 1978-1987 Tango 5R (2,175,673) and the 1978-1987 Tango 5S (1,474,267). The Tango R has been restyled and the new model will debut next year.

Tango R Sales
1992: 254,561
1993: 259,674
1994: 264,067
1995: 254,622
1996: 265,610
1997: 144,116
Total: 1,442,650

August 24, 1997 - The final third generation Nassau Tango XF has been sold. Let’s take a look back at the first ever coupe version of the Tango.
Tango XF Front

The Tango XF was introduced in 1992 as the first coupe version of the Tango and the first with two doors since the 1978-1983 Tango Turismo.

Initially very popular, the Tango XF was equipped with a 2.2L I4 producing 122hp which was mated to a 5 speed manual transaxle. Sales were initially high, but increased competition, including our own Hornet sport coupe saw sales fall after 1994. The Tango XF will be replaced by a new coupe in 1998.

Tango XF Sales
1992: 34,028
1993: 28,777
1994: 27,925
1995: 16,274
1996: 16,522
1997: 10,282
Total: 133,808

September 14, 1997 - The final third generation Nassau Tango S has been sold. Let’s take a look back at the base model sedan.
Tango S F

The Tango S became the base model of the Tango lineup in 1992, moving the Tango R up market. The Tango S also had the job of taking over for the discontinued Nifty subcompact lineup.

Overall, it did its job well. It’s sales were on par with the higher trimmed Tango SE for pretty much all of its run. Equipped with a 1.8L version of our D-series I4 and a manual transaxle, the base sedan achieved the highest fuel economy of the lineup, at 33.2mpg. The Tango S will be replaced by the new Tango S as well as a new Nifty in 1998.

Tango S Sales
1992: 89,704
1993: 110,521
1994: 111,492
1995: 113,724
1996: 112,598
1997: 76,928
Total: 614,967

Overall, the third generation Tango (1992-1997) sold 2,770,866 units.

October 1, 1997 - Nassau has announced pricing for the new 1998 Tango models.

November 22, 1997 - The 1997 motorsports seasons have wrapped up.

Fruinian Touring Car Championship
The final year for the third generation Tango XF did not go very well for our race teams. Nassau failed to reach victory lane for the first time since 1983. Things did go well for driver Stephen Blackman, who earned his 2nd career championship, this time in the all new McNamara Shadow.

FTCC Standings:
9th - Justin Jonas (Nassau Performance)
11th - Thom Franklin (Nassau Performance)
15th - Ian Potter (Segelson Motorsports)
16th - Larry Segelson (Segelson Motorsports)


January 4, 1998 - 1997 has drawn to a close. While it was another good year for the Nassau Motor Company, it will go down as the year of what could have been.

We reached over 1 million sales for the second year in a row. However, During the month of August, our Slotylv plant shut down to re-tool for production of our new Tango models. Due to the continued high demand of the current lineup, we were producing at capacity, so inventories dried up quickly. Though this did lead to an uptick in sales of our other models, it didn’t come anywhere close to making up the lost sales.

1998 YE 1
1998 YE 2

This year revenues dropped slightly from $16.69 to $16.39 billion and costs rose from $12.97 to $13.38 billion. All told, we made nearly $2 billion in profits this year.

As you can see below, re-tooling for the new Tango dramatically affected our sales this year.

This is all occurring while the economic boom continues.

And here are the sales breakdowns by region.

In total, we sold 1,003,489 cars in 1997. This was down about 113k from last year, due mostly to factory retooling.

658,891 - Gasmea (-6%) - Top Seller: Overland S
235,748 - Fruinia (-14%) - Top Seller: Tango R
108,850 - Archana (-25%) - Top Seller: Tango R

Sales fell across the board this year. We had a new top seller in Gasmea, as the Overland S took over the top spot. Fortunately for our Gasmean dealerships, the Tango isn’t as integral to the lineup as it is in Fruinia and Archana, where sales fell much more.

The final model year for the third generation Tango was shortened, as the Slotylv factory shut down in August. Total sales for the year were 290,394.

The Tango S sedan finished the year with 76,928 cars sold.

The final year of the Tango SE saw the 2.0L sedan sell 59,068 units.

Our most popular model, the Tango R wagon came in with 144,116 sales.

The Tango XF coupe didn’t see sales fall quite as much as it sold 10,282 units.

While sales were a bit flat while we still had Tangos on lots, the Hornet greatly benefited once they were gone. Sales of our sport compact were up to 108,276 this year.

The lower trimmed Hornet S sold 50,537 units.

The Hornet XF sold 57,739 units.

The aging Accolade had a sales revival in the absence of the Tango. Sales jumped back up to 124,015 this year.

The standard Accolade SE sold 31,510 units.

As usual, the Accolade Estate led the charge, coming out on top with 45,684 units sold.

Sadly, it seems the Accolade Sport has been surpassed by its competition. It was the only model in our mid-size sedan lineup to post a loss this year, falling to 16,169 sales.

At the other end of the spectrum, the Accolade Elite posted its best sales year ever at 30,652 units.

Things are going well for our Stria sports car lineup. For the first time, we sold over 10k, with a final tally of 10,061 units.

The Stria S coupe came in at 3,207 units.

The Stria C convertible has been much more popular and sold 6,854 units this year.

Our NT100 trucks had a great sophomore year as the Provo XL really seems to be catching on. Total sales of the NT100 chassis were 107,334.

The Redwood pickup had a small increase, up to 32,256 units.

The Provo XL saw a huge sales jump from year one to year two, selling 75,078 in 1997.

Sales of our Overland line continue to rise and we are now producing at capacity. Even a small price increase during the year failed to keep us from having inventory issues. In total, sales rose to 363,409 units this year.

The smaller Overland S was the top dog for the company in 1997, selling 183,415 units.

The larger Overland XL saw an increase as well, up to 77,444 vans sold.

Our current flagship, the Overland XL AWD topped the 100k mark for the first time, selling 102,550 units.

Sales Breakdown
183,415 - Overland S (+27%)
144,116 - Tango R (-46%)
102,550 - Overland XL AWD (+17%)
77,444 - Overland XL (+29%)
76,928 - Tango S (-32%)
75,078 - Provo XL (+28%)
59,068 - Tango SE (-48%)
57,739 - Hornet XF (+15%)
50,537 - Hornet S (+22%)
45,684 - Accolade Estate (+68%)
32,256 - Redwood (+16%)
31,510 - Accolade SE (+68%)
30,652 - Accolade Elite (+13%)
16,169 - Accolade Sport (-26%)
10,282 - Tango XF (-38%)
6,854 - Stria C (+19%)
3,207 - Stria S (+16%)

With fourth generation Tango production underway, as well as production of the subcompact Nifty we’re expecting a pretty big year for 1998. However, we are planning on sales falling on most of our other models, as the main reason for the increases was the loss of our small car for the end of the year.


The Accolade is now long in the tooth, to the point where it will need to be replaced. But when it does, I am expecting it to be a world-beater, especially when the rest of the Nassau lineup is as strong as ever!

But with the Tango XF now outclassed by its opposition on the track, will this be the end of Nassau’s long racing history?


Yes, the Accolade is getting very long in the tooth. There have been grumblings about this in the reviews of the car the last 2 years or so, but those grumblings are starting to get louder. They do have a point, as the current car was released in 1990 and just finished its 8th model year. When you consider that the 1990 model was more of a restyle and upgrade than a completely new car, it gets even more eye opening. The platform itself was first released in 1984 and its development dates back to the early 1980s.

Needless to say, our engineering team is currently at work.

As for Nassau Motorsports, we will be running the new Tango XF in the FTCC. Unfortunately, the switch to the Tango from the now legendary Laguna in the series hasn’t gone very well. Our effort has been reduced to just 2 teams and word is next year may be the last for our non-factory team. We would like to continue to compete in the series, but the cost of supporting a team to field just 2 cars may not be worth it.


April 28, 1998 - We’ve received the May issue of EngineFad magazine, which contains its annual buyers guide for new car models. The Gasmean publication has been doing this every May since 1963.

Let’s see what they had to say about Nassau’s lineup for 1998.


It looks like your lineup is very inconsistent; while the Overland, Stria, Tango and Hornet are easily recommended, this is nowhere near as true for the rest of the range. And EngineFad has made no bones about the fact that the Accolade is long overdue for replacement after 15 years on the market and one major revision.


Yes, it’s no secret that the Accolade is not as competitive as it used to be. Development of a new model has taken longer than anticipated, so the current model has had to soldier on for a couple extra years.

As for the Nifty, we’re chalking this up to EngineFad being a Gasmean publication. The Nifty developed primarily for the Fruinian and Archanan markets. So while it may fit in perfectly in the old, tight cities of Fruinia, to Gasmeans it’s short, skinny, and underpowered with a cheap interior. We had considered doing a “Deluxe” version like with the previous Nifty, but figured the few extra sales we’d see weren’t worth the costs.

With the NT100 chassis (Redwood & Provo), we didn’t expect to hit the bulls eye of the pickup market on our first real shot. These were developed primarily as trucks. Our previous pickups have been offshoots of other models already in development. The Runabout in the late '70s was a stretched version of our Galleon Grand Coupe and the Bandito Pickup was developed as a small SUV first and later had the roof cut off.

The problem that most reviews have with the new vehicles isn’t that they’re underpowered, or a lack of options, or bad driving dynamics. They don’t like that our “luxury” SUV looks exactly like our cheap pickup. It’s all a perception thing.

We’re currently working on an update to better distinguish the vehicles from one another.


January 4, 1999 - It’s here, the final year of the 1990s. When we entered the decade, we were selling 60k cars per month worldwide. We now regularly achieve over 90k sales each month. We’ve made great strides in just 10 years. July of this year will mark the beginning of Nassau’s 50th anniversary of sales. Our first car, the 1950 Metropolitan went on sale in July 1949.

But before we get there, let’s take a look back at the year that was 1998.

Motorsports Review

Fruinian Touring Car Championship
The 1998 season in the FTCC was hotly contested throughout all 20 races. An updated Viking P4 traded wins with the Blake B2400, the McNamara Shadow, the newcomer to the series, the Whitaker Wolf, among others. In the end, it was driver Alan Berta taking the championship in his McNamara Shadow, the 2nd straight title for McNamara.

Nassau showed improvement with the new Tango XF, but we were never really a contender and we failed to reach victory lane. Word is that Segelson Motorsports will be switching makes next year, leaving just our factory racing team.

FTCC Final Standings:
7th - Larry Segelson (Segelson Motorsports)
8th - Thom Franklin (Nassau Performance)
14th - Ian Potter (Segelson Motorsports)
17th - Max Browne (Nassau Performance)

Sales Review

98 YE 1
98 YE 2

1998 saw us relaunch our entire small car portfolio with the new Nifty and Tango models. We were rewarded with revenues of $17 billion and a profit of $1 billion.

Aside from a rough December, our sales were steady all year at just over 90k vehicles sold per month. This was a great recovery from the 2nd half of last year, when a lack of small car inventory destroyed our sales totals.

Economically, there was a bit of a cooldown from the recent boom, which started around 1990. We’re finally almost back to the economic levels seen before the worldwide depression, which began in the early 1950s.

But now, sales charts!

We sold 1,095,077 cars in 1998. This was up from last year and just below our best year ever, which was 1996.

704,998 - Gasmea (+7%) - Top Seller: Tango R
277,452 - Fruinia (+18%) - Top Seller: Tango R
112,627 - Archana (+3%) - Top Seller: Tango S

Sales rebounded quite nicely in Gasmea and Fruinia this year. The new compacts are a hit, with the Tango regaining top seller status in all three markets. The Nifty was also very popular in Fruinia.

The fourth generation Tango debuted with a solid sales year, moving 351,070 vehicles. This was more than last year’s shortened total, but far below the third generations average. Even with Nifty sales added in, as it basically took over as the base model, the numbers are still down. We may need to address this in the future, but we’re going to see how next year’s numbers look before making any decisions.

In its first year of sales since 1991, the Nifty S sold 113,990 units. Surprisingly, our cheapest car did not do as well in Archana as we’d expected, where it sold just over 19k.

The Tango S came in with a total of 95,750 units sold. The sedan was our top selling vehicle in Archana this year.

The Tango R is still the sales king of our compacts, as it sold 227,730 units this year. The wagon was our best seller in both Gasmea and Fruinia.

The Tango XF coupe had a very good year, as the 2 door reached sales levels not seen in our compact coupe since 1994. We sold 27,590.

Numbers for the Hornet were down, as expected but it’s still performing very well. We have yet to see the big sales drop that we see with most of our sport coupes, though we know it’s coming. Total sales this year were 94,440.

The base model Hornet S came in with 46,308 sales.

The Hornet XF sold 48,132.

The aging Accolade lineup once again fell below 100k sales, but just barely. Total sales across all four models were 99,193. We’re currently just biding time until a replacement is ready.

The Accolade SE sedan sold 22,759 units this year.

The Accolade Estate continues to be the sales leader, achieving 39,480 sales this year.

Sales for the Accolade Sport are in a free fall. Increased competition in the sport sedan market and an aging platform are to blame. After leading all Accolade models in 1994, sales have fallen by nearly 2/3. We sold just 12,506 in 1998.

Sales for the Accolade Elite fell as well. There is still a demand for our most luxurious model, but we don’t think it’ll last much longer. We sold 24,448.

Sales of our Stria sports car continue to rise, up to 11,315 for 1998. Although, we are alarmed by the significant sales drop we saw in December.

The Stria S sport coupe saw sales rise to 3,666 units.

The Stria C convertible continues to be the more popular option, even though it’s slightly slower than the coupe. We wold 7,649.

Sales of our NT100 chassis pickup and SUV continue to rise. Although we are planning an update for these sooner rather than later, most consumers feel the current models more than meet their needs. We sold a total of 117,320 across both model lines.

The Redwood pickup has been a bit of a slow seller as we try to penetrate the pickup market, which is dominated by the Gasmean automakers. We sold 33,980 trucks this year.

The Provo XL is taking off. Sales were up double digits percentage wise for 1998 as the SUV market is booming. We sold 83,340 units.

After peaking in 1997, sales of our Overland minivans cooled off a bit for 1998. After its seventh model year, our vans are going to need a replacement before they share the same fate as the Accolade. The Overland was introduced in 1992 and it looks like it. It stands out against the curvier and more aerodynamic designs of the competition. We did still sell 307,749 units though.

The base model Overland S was the sales leader, coming in with 147,685 units sold.

The larger Overland XL sold 66,073.

The flagship Overland XL AWD came in with 93,991 sales.

Sales Breakdown
227,730 - Tango R (+58%)
147,685 - Overland S (-19%)
113,990 - Nifty S (NEW)
95,750 - Tango S (+24%)
93,991 - Overland XL AWD (-8%)
83,340 - Provo XL (+11%)
66,073 - Overland XL (-15%)
48,132 - Hornet XF (-20%)
46,308 - Hornet S (-8%)
39,480 - Accolade Estate (-14%)
33,980 - Redwood (+5%)
27,590 - Tango XF (+168%)
24,448 - Accolade Elite (-20%)
22,759 - Accolade SE (-28%)
12,506 - Accolade Sport (-23%)
7,649 - Stria C (+12%)
3,666 - Stria S (+14%)


Going into the 21st century, the future looks bright for Nassau (except on the racetrack), what with an all-new Accolade on the way. In particular the Tango and Nifty are selling like hot cakes. But you are right that your range needs more visual differentiation to make the individual models more recognizable. Certainly, Nassau will be among the most recognizable Fruinian manufacturers by 2000, and this situation ought to persist for a long time afterwards, judging by how well you’re managing the company.


February 15, 1999 - Welcome to the 1999 Fruinian Motor Show!

At Nassau, we pride ourselves on being able to provide the highest quality cars for reasonable prices. Since its introduction in 1984, the Accolade has been the pinnacle of Nassau technology. The Accolade was a car built with the most technology available and the luxury flagship of our lineup. The Accolade was the first Nassau car to feature anti-lock brakes and the first equipped with airbags.

In the early 1990s, we branched out from the standard sedan and estate models, introducing the Accolade Elite, which took the luxury level up to 11. The Elite featured all the luxury items, including real wood and leather used in the interior.

We also introduced the Accolade Sport, which took front wheel drive performance to a level that is only now being equaled. Our engineers stuffed a 3.3L, 230hp V6 under the hood, which could pull the sedan to 60mph in 6.1 seconds and through the quarter mile in 14.5. This made the Accolade Sport the quickest Nassau ever produced at the time, even faster than our iconic Raider muscle car.

But time is beginning to pass the Accolade by; and that’s why we’re here today. We’re here to introduce the 2000 Nassau Accolade!

Accolade Estate F
Accolade Estate R

There are many changes for the third generation Accolade. The first is that the standard model is no longer a sedan. The Accolade Estate becomes the “base” model of the car.

The second change is a big one. After seeing the popularity of our Overland XL AWD, we’ve decided to make all wheel drive standard on every Accolade model. This means that with the new Accolade, you have the piece of mind of one of the best all wheel drive systems in the business.

The list of standard features is long, so we’ll just highlight a few of them. Standard is a premium leather interior and Nassau Hi-Fi CD player. Outside, 16" alloy wheels wrap around 4 wheel vented anti-lock disc brakes.

Under the hood of the new Accolade Estate is one of Nassau’s new E series V6 engines.

E32-6I Stats

The 3.2L E32-6I is an all aluminum, dual overhead cam V6 with forged internals. Rated at 165hp and 186ft-lbs of torque, the E32-6I is mated to a 5 speed automatic transaxle, which then distributes the power to all four wheels.

But let’s say you’re looking for more luxury, more posh. Well, don’t worry, because for 2000, the Accolade Elite is back and better than ever.

Accolade Elite F
Accolade Elite R

The Accolade Elite improves on its predecessor in nearly every way imaginable. Starting on the outside, we’ve made the effort to differentiate the Accolade Elite from other Accolade models. The luxury sedan features a chrome trimmed front fascia and a full ground effects package. Just as with the base model, the Elite features 16" alloy wheels and vented disc brakes. However, the Accolade Elite features Nassau’s new Traction Control system, ensuring 100% grip in any weather scenario imaginable.

Inside, a luxurious leather interior features the use of real wood. Both front seats are 6 way electronically adjustable. In-dash entertainment features a 6 disc Nassau Hi-Fi CD system with surround sound.

Under the hood, the Accolade Elite will no longer share an engine with the base model. The flagship Accolade will be powered by the Nassau E32-6P.

E32-6P Stats

The all aluminum 3.2L DOHC V6 is similar to the standard model, but creates a lot more power. Utilizing VVT technology and featuring a revised intake an exhaust system, the E32-6P makes 232hp and 218ft-lbs of torque. This is mated to a 5 speed automatic gearbox, which pushes power to all four wheels.

But we know what everyone is really here for. And we’ll get to that now. We’re especially proud to introduce the 2000 Nassau Accolade Sport!

Accolade Sport F
Accolade Sport R

The Accolade Sport is all new from the ground up. Outside, the Sport features a ground effects package similar to the Elite model, but adds a rear spoiler. The Sport also features Nassau’s new Traction Control system.

Inside, you get the premium leather interior found in the Accolade Estate with seating for four, as well as a Nassau Hi-Fi CD player.

Under the hood is the E32-6P, also found in the Elite. However, in the Accolade Sport, it’s mated to a 6 speed manual gearbox, a Nassau first.

This combination, along with a limited slip differential, rockets the all wheel drive Accolade Sport to 60mph in just 5.8 seconds and through the quarter mile in 14.2 at 96mph. It will keep pulling to a top speed of 146mph. This bests the previous model in every possible way and keeps the Accolade as the king of performance sedans.

Pricing for all three Accolade models will be announced later this year.