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Nassau Motor Company - 2nd Gen 900 Revealed!


[quote=“MAG, post:159, topic:19352”]1995 Nassau Stria!..snip snip…
makes the Stria S the quickest car in the world. In just 3.9 seconds

Congratulations. There is now a bunch of German engineers from Hamburg scratching their head and checking their spreadsheets, to see if Nassau’s marketing department got stuck in 1987


What do I have to do with any of this?


Ah, you see…uh…Porsche does not exist in this slightly alternate version of the universe. Yes, that’ll do.

In actuality, I made the car and as I was posting it I thought to myself, “hmm, that 0-60 time is pretty quick”. A 30 second google search and not really reading too deeply into any of the results results in Nassau having the world’s quickest car in 1995. We’ll just forget about the pesky McLaren F1, the Porsche 911, the Vector W8, the Ferrari F50, the 959, and as I look more into it, others.


May 18, 1994 - The final 1994 Nassau Laguna NP has been sold. Let’s take a look back at our second generation sport compact.

The second generation Nassau Laguna debuted for the 1989 model year. After lackluster sales returns for the “hot” Turbo model, Nassau’s engineers went back to the drawing board. They created an even more performance oriented version above the Laguna Turbo. Dubbed the Laguna NP, the new car would go on to become one of the iconic FWD performance cars of the 1990s. It’s performance on the racetrack was unmatched as Nassau was able to capture 4 consecutive FTCC championships and 52 race wins.

Powered by a turbocharged 2.2L 4 cylinder engine producing 203hp, the street version of the Laguna NP was one of the top performance cars of its era.

After strong sales in its debut year an increasingly competitive market, with competition from both outside and inside the company, caused sales to drop. Only 325 cars were produced for 1994 as a special “Final Edition”.

Laguna NP Sales
1989: 10,970
1990: 6,509
1991: 5,089
1992: 2,281
1993: 1,686
1994: 325
Total: 26,860

October 28, 1994 - The final 1994 Nassau Laguna Turbo has been sold. Let’s take look back at the mid-range model of our sports compact.

For the second generation of the Laguna, the Turbo became the mid-range model.

Powered by a 151hp 2.0L turbocharged 4 cylinder, the Laguna Turbo was initially popular upon the restyle of the car for 1989. Sales quickly fell off after that though. Sales for its final 3 years averaged under 2,500 units. The Laguna Turbo will be replaced in 1995 by the Nassau Hornet XF.

Laguna Turbo Sales
1989: 28,916
1990: 13,252
1991: 12,987
1992: 3,699
1993: 1,425
1994: 2,092
Total: 62,371

November 18, 1994 - The final 1994 Nassau Laguna S has been sold. Let’s take a look back at the base model of our sports car.

For the second generation, the Laguna S replaced the popular Laguna Coupe. While the first generation car averaged over 100k sales per year, the second generation never came close.

The engine for the revised car was enlarged to 2.0L and power was increased from 85hp to 100hp.

The Laguna S will be replaced in 1995 by the Hornet S.

Laguna S Sales
1989: 68,043
1990: 52,682
1991: 49,224
1992: 12,355
1993: 5,890
1994: 7,748
Total: 195,942

Total sales for the second generation Laguna were 285,173 units.

November 24, 1994 - With motorsports for the year wrapped up, let’s look at how Nassau performed.

Fruinian Touring Car Championship
For 1994, the Laguna Turbo replaced the Laguna NP. Our performance continued to fall off. This year, Dover Motorsport and Donaldson Racing left Nassau for other brands. The Blake B2400 captured its second consecutive title, this time with driver Stephen Blackman behind the wheel.

FTCC Final Standings:
5th - Anton Gustav (Trenton Performance) - 2 victories
6th - Marcos Andres (Nassau Performance) - 2 victories
10th - Howard Sampson (Trenton Performance)
11th - Justin Jonas (Nassau Performance)
14th - Gerard Rickman (Segelson Motorsports)
19th - Terry Smith (Segelson Motorsports)

December 1, 1994 - Nassau has released pricing on its new models for 1995.

The 1995 Nassau Hornet will be priced as follows.

Hornet S: $13,910
Hornet XF: $14,893

The 1995 Nassau Stria will be priced as follows.

Stria C: $23,205
Stria S: $24,985


January 3, 1995 - It’s officially the middle of the 90’s. After a shaky couple of years at the beginning of the decade, Nassau is once again humming along. We introduce 2 new models this year and we have several more currently engineering. With an increasingly focused lineup, we’re marching toward our goal of selling 1 million vehicles worldwide.

This year we saw a slight decrease in both reputation and prestige as some of our models are beginning to show their age. With the Laguna going away, our oldest models will now be the Bandito, released in 1989, and the Accolade, released in 1990.

We did make nearly $13 billion in revenues, leading to just over $1 billion in profits.

The economy is on the upswing again, which should be good for our new Stria.

1994 was very good for us. For the 4th year in a row, we’ve seen sales growth.

Our sales total for 1994 was 907,164 cars. This was driven mostly by the Tango compact and Overland minivan. Both models have been huge hits.

536,788 - Gasmea (+6%) - Top Seller: Tango R
247,787 - Fruinia (+3%) - Top Seller: Tango R
122,589 - Archana (+4%) - Top Seller: Tango R

We continue to see growth in all three markets. With the awareness of Nassau continuing to grow in some of the new market segments we’ve entered, we expect to see this continue.

We’re also going to be entering new segments as Charles Gaul has focused on distinguishing our current models from each other.

Once again, the Tango line has been our best seller. This year, sales increased to 508,118 units across the three models.

The base Tango S sold 111,492 units.

The Tango SE sedan came in just behind the base model, selling 104,634 cars this year.

The Tango R wagon was our best seller once again for 1994. Sales of the model continue to increase, as we moved 264,067 this year.

The Tango XF was the only model of the lineup to see a decrease, as sales fell slightly to 27,925.

The final model year for our Laguna sport compact wrapped up with 10,165 total sales.

The Laguna S coupe sold 7,748 units.

The mid-range Laguna Turbo sold its final 2,092 units.

The Laguna NP sold all 325 of the Final Edition models produced.

After two years of sales declines, the Accolade sedan lineup saw sales increase for 1994 to 109,999 cars.

The Accolade SE came in with 23,836 units sold.

The Accolade Estate continues to be a popular choice in the premium wagon segment, selling 30,883 units.

With performance variants of our Laguna going away, consumers looking for a quick Nassau have moved completely to the Accolade Sport. Sales rose to 31,233 this year.

With the improving economy, people are looking for more premium cars. Our Accolade Elite meets those needs perfectly. This year sales increased to 24,047.

Our experiment into entering the offroad segment with the Bandito continues to be mildly successful. We don’t know yet if it’ll be receiving an update though, as our Hamburg plant isn’t operating anywhere near capacity. We sold 49,635 this year.

The Bandito Pickup sold 24,229 this year.

The Bandito S SUV has been somewhat popular, selling 25,406 in 1994.

Finally, the Overland minivan has been a big hit as sales increased again this year. Sales were up to 229,247 units.

The base model Overland S came in with 126,996 cars sold.

The larger Overland XL came in with just under 1/3rd of that total. Perhaps people that want the bigger van only want all wheel drive. We sold 40,955.

The all wheel drive Overland XL AWD has been more popular than anticipated. Perhaps all wheel drive will become a staple in more of our higher end models. We sold 61,296 vans.

Sales Breakdown
264,067 - Tango R (+2%)
126,996 - Overland S (+9%)
111,492 - Tango S (+1%)
104,634 - Tango SE (+1%)
61,296 - Overland XL AWD (+17%)
40,955 - Overland XL (+20%)
31,233 - Accolade Sport (+4%)
30,883 - Accolade Estate (+7%)
27,925 - Tango XF (-3%)
25,406 - Bandito S (+5%)
24,229 - Bandito Pickup (+2%)
24,047 - Accolade Elite (+18%)
23,836 - Accolade SE (+11%)
7,748 - Laguna S (+32%)
2,092 - Laguna Turbo (+47%)
325 - Laguna NP (-81%)


Sorry, no, I don’t buy stira. Ground up engineered, quick ad heel supercar, for under 25k. Something doesn’t line up


On the contrary, if it really did exist in real life, then it would be much more difficult to justify spending more cash for anything quicker.


I’ll put it this way- how many have to be sold to at least break even with the design process, let alone cover the manufacturing line setup. Sure, I’d buy a veyron for 10 bucks, doesn’t mean vag could live with such losses


We’ve never referred to the Stria as a super car. It was designed as a sports car and we threw as much technical innovation as we could at it (all aluminum twin turbo engine and an aluminum body being examples). So while it may compete with super cars in some respects, it really is a sports car first.

While parts of the car may be advanced, it’s clearly lacking in other aspects, mainly the transmission. We only had a 5 speed available, so while you may get to 60 very quickly, gearing limits the car to 162mph.

All prices are based on the in-game prices and both models of the Stria are sold at a pretty healthy markup. They should justify their cost to the company by the turn of the millennium.


Do you have any muscle cars that could of raced against the 1971-1972 Calvinator Model C Lauriville (doesn’t need to be 205 mph, just needed to be fast).


Don’t bother, by the time the Lauriville hits production it’ll be 2167 or something like that.


March 4, 1995 - The newest issue of EngineFad has hit the shelves.

The cover story is a review of our new 1995 Stria. The magazine pits the Stria against the Atlas Ace, which is one of Gasmea’s top supercars.

While the Ace comes equipped with a 7.0L V8 mated to a 6 speed manual transmission that puts down 415hp, it also costs $55k. Our Stria in turn, has a 3.8L twin turbo V6 in the middle connected to a 5 speed transaxle making 332hp.

In the looks department, EngineFad says that the Ace has us beat. It’s slightly over the top, but still attractive, where as the Stria is a bit plain.

In the tech department, the Stria comes out on top. With its aluminum body and all aluminum twin turbo engine, our car is highly advanced.

Inside, they also give us the win, saying the Stria is a much nicer place to be.

The magazine didn’t pull any punches when it came to the elephant in the room though, trashing us for the transmission. With only a 5 speed available, the Stria runs out of gearing at just over 160mph, whereas the Ace tops out at 185.

Overall, they love the Stria and recommend it, but a super car it is not.

Rumors coming out of Germany indicate there could be a merger between Albright Automobiles, the parent company of Atlas who makes the Ace and Z.A.C., one of Germany’s premier automakers.

The current Lutz Stallion, which has been around since 1983 is set to be replaced next year. The new model will be debuting in Detroit next month at the North Gasmean International Auto Show.

Cars as collector items? There’s a big feature which focuses on the rising prices of “classic” cars. Buyers of older cars are seeing costs soar on some of the more rare models. Nassau is actually featured in this story. Recently, a 1970 Nassau Raider NP in Gasmea sold for $60k. That may not seem like a lot, but that’s more than the cost of an Atlas Ace. The Raider NP in question is one of 7,166 sold in Gasmea and was one of the last 10 produced in that year’s model run.

McNamara debuted their new Swift compact car at the Fruinian Motor Show. A very advanced car, the new model could give the Tango a run for its money.

There’s also a comparison for the new 1995 trucks from Lutz, Whitaker, and Atlas.


April 17, 1995 - Welcome to the 1995 North Gasmean International Auto Show!

At Nassau, we’re always listening to our customers, as customers are the lifeblood of the automotive industry. Lately, customers have been commenting on Nassau’s lack of a go anywhere vehicle that can also haul the family and their stuff. While the Overland is fantastic on the road, it’s not quite something you’d take on the trail. Well, finally, Nassau has the vehicle you’re looking for.

Introducing the 1996 Nassau Provo XL!

Built on a rugged and strong steel chassis, the Nassau Provo XL can take you anywhere you want to go. Available four wheel drive means that when the going gets tough, the Provo can still get going.

But unlike some lower end SUVs, inside the Provo XL is a place you want to be. Rather than hard plastic and thin cloth seats, you’re greeted by a soft leather interior which seats 5 in comfort. For music, we’ve included a Nassau Hi-Fi cassette with Surround Sound. The Provo XL really is the best of both worlds.

Under the hood is a heavy duty version of our D series V6 engine.

Featuring a cast iron block and cast iron heads for durability, the single cam D40-6I produces 201hp and 233ft-lbs of torque.

Now, the Provo XL isn’t the only vehicle we’re showing off tonight. Customers love our small, Bandito Pickup, but many want a Nassau truck that is more capable and can haul heavier loads. We’ve listened and are proud to present the 1996 Nassau Redwood.

The Nassau Redwood is the mid-size truck to fit everyone’s needs. It can haul, it can pull, and it can climb pretty much any trail you throw in front of it. It’s D40-6I engine producing 201hp puts it near the top of the mid-size pickups in terms of power.

Inside, you’ll find a durable cloth interior which seats 2. In between the seats is a large storage cubby and 2 cup holders. You can also enjoy the sounds of your favorite music through a Nassau cassette deck.

Both the Provo XL and Redwood will be produced at our new Westmoreland factory in Northeastern Gasmea. Originally built by Albright Motors, the company never produced a single car there. Financial troubles caused construction to stop and eventually the plant was sold to German Automaker Verlegen. Verlegan produced their Pup subcompact car there from 1977 through 1988. After sitting idle for 5 years, Nassau purchased the plant and renovated it. Across from the plant, we’ve constructed the headquarters for NNG - Nassau North Gasmea.

Pricing will be announced later this year, but we at Nassau are thrilled to add to our quality truck lineup.


Yes, hello, marketing department? I’d like to complain about your brochure for the new Provo. The description states the trim to be XL, but the photograph clearly shows an XT. If this trim is not available why would you advertise it? This is atrocious behaviour from an International Auto maker, and I expect compensation in the form of a free set of floor mats.


I’d like to see stira go against a tsukuba s though. It’s not as fast in a straight line, but it could make up for it in the corner


What if the Stria had been fitted with a six-speed manual, if it was at all possible? Failing that, would longer gearing on the existing five-speed unit have increased its top speed, even though some acceleration would have been sacrificed in the process? Anyway, the Provo and Redwood make great entries into the off-road SUV and pickup truck markets, respectively.


Regarding the Provo: Originally, the SUV model of our NT100 chassis was going to have the XT designation. During engineering, the trim name was changed to XL to fall more in line with our Overland models. Someone must’ve forgotten to tell the badge guy. All _Provo_s will have the correct XL badging upon release. Please enjoy a free set of premium Nassau floormats as well as a keychain!

Regarding the Stria: When the vehicle went into engineering, we only had a 5 speed available. We’ve seen big strides with our transmissions of late, so it’s possible the Stria could be updated in the future.


June 8, 1995 - We’ve received the new issue of EngineFad magazine. This month’s copy contains the first advertisements for our new Redwood and Provo XL.

Lutz has finally replaced their now-ancient Stallion sports car. The outgoing model debuted for 1983. With their biggest competition, the Whitaker Panther introducing a new model in 1994, Lutz needed to respond. They responded quite well with a sleek new car powered by a 5.0L V8 that produces 240hp, 15 more than the Panther.

Rumor has it that the Lutz Dagger, which debuted in 1992, was supposed to be the new Stallion. The Dagger, a front wheel drive sports compact is a direct competitor to the Nassau Hornet. When fans of the Stallion, which has been a rear wheel drive coupe since its debut in 1966, heard about the possible change, the backlash against Lutz was so big that they had to go back to the drawing board.

Other stories this month include a review of the new Viking P6 midsize sedan. The Viking 3000, which debuted in 1981 and last refreshed in 1989 was in desperate need of a replacement. EngineFad likes the new model, but it’s entering into a very crowded marketplace.

There’s a story on the booming minivan market. Albright Motors pretty much created the market in 1988 with the release of the Albright Pioneer. Since then, several other automakers have thrown their hats into the ring, including Nassau with the Overland, which debuted in 1992. Now there are new entries from Whitaker, Lutz, and McNamara. These new vans will give the current top sellers, Albright and Nassau, a run for their money.

Aces High, a syndicated television show which heavily features the Atlas Ace and is funded by Albright Motors has been cancelled after 2 seasons.

EngineFad photographers have captured shots of heavily camouflaged compact sedans being driven around Nassau’s testing facility outside of the factory in Slotylv, Archana. Could a refresh or update of the Tango be in the works?

There are also spy photos of what could possibly be Whitaker’s new Blackhawk sports car.

Finally, we have the new ads for our two new 1996 models, the Redwood and Provo XL.


January 4, 1996 - We are now past the midpoint of the 1990s and are moving toward the new millennium. 1995 was a big year for Nassau as we saw the release of our new Stria sports car and Hornet sport compact. We also unveiled our new Redwood pickup and Provo XL SUV, which debut this year.

Motorsports Review
1995 saw Trenton Motorsports, along with 2 time FTCC champion Anton Gustav depart Nassau for Blake, leaving us with just 2 teams. Also gone was the Laguna, which will go down as one of the most dominant cars in FTCC history. It was replaced by the Tango XF for 1995. The Hornet was not eligible as it is V6 powered only and FTCC regulations enacted in 1988 specified that engines could be no larger than 4 cylinders.

The Tango XF proved competent enough on the track to score a victory, but it’s clear that it’s no match for the other cars on the track. Manuel Gamez and his Viking P4 shocked the world this year by winning the championship in a close battle with the Blake _B2400_s, which had won the past 2 titles.

FTCC Final Standings:
7th - Marcos Andres (Nassau Performance) - 1 victory
8th - Gerard Rickman (Segelson Motorsports)
10th - Justin Jonas (Nassau Performance)
15th - Terry Smith (Segelson Motorsports)

Sales Review

The release of the new models has helped increase both our reputation and prestige. In 1995 we earned $1.2 billion in profits on $14.2 billion in revenue.

And things are looking up as the economy is once again in an upswing. Hopefully our new models have hit the market at just the right time.

Our year over year graph is looking pretty good also. After a sharp decline in the second half of 1991 due to a model switchover, we’ve posted nothing but gains.

Overall, 1995 saw the Nassau Motor Company sell 985,424 cars, nearly 80k more than the previous year. We’re just 15k away from our goal of 1 million sales. This also marks our 5th consecutive year of sales growth.

595,487 - Gasmea (+11%) - Top Seller: Tango R
256,934 - Fruinia (+4%) - Top Seller: Tango R
133,003 - Archana (+8%) - Top Seller: Tango R

Growth in Gasmea was in the double digits this year as they’ve fallen in love with the minivan. Our Overland models hit the market at the perfect time. We also saw growth in Fruinia as Archana as well.

The Tango lineup continues to be our best seller, though sales actually slipped slightly from 1994. This year, we sold a total of 498,277 _Tango_s.

The base Tango S enjoyed a slight sales increase, with its numbers up to 113,724.

The Tango SE sedan had the biggest numbers increase and nearly outsold the base model for the first time. This year we sold 113,657.

The Tango R wagon continued to be our best selling vehicle, but the numbers fell this year. The improving economy saw more people move toward our compact sedans. Also, the increasing popularity of the Overland probably bit into our wagon sales a little. We sold 254,622 _Tango R_s.

The hardest hit of our compact lineup was the Tango XF. This was to be expected with the release of the new Hornet. Sales of our compact coupe fell to 16,274 units.

Speaking of the Hornet, it had a pretty impressive debut year. Between both models, we sold 85,385 sport compact coupes. The Laguna hadn’t sold more than that since 1989.

The entry level Hornet S came in with 37,567 sales.

The top of the line Hornet XF was the sales leader, moving 47,818 units.

After a brief rise in sales last year, the Accolade lineup saw its numbers fall slightly for 1995. The sedan will be entering its 7th model year in 1996 and is badly in need of a replacement. In fact, most of the architecture of the car dates back to its debut in 1984. We sold a total of 96,521 _Accolade_s in 1995.

The Accolade SE sedan has seen its numbers more than halved since its best year in 1991. The 1995 model sold just 19,515 units.

The story is the same with the Accolade Estate. The wagon did take back the sales crown for the Accolade lineup this year, selling 29,367 units.

The Accolade Sport, which briefly rose to the top of our premium sedan sales chart last year fell back down this year. The once technologically advanced sedan is being surpassed by its competition. We sold 22,969.

The Accolade Elite was the only model in our premium sedan lineup to see a sales increase this year. Thanks to an improving economy, we sold 24,670.

The debut of our new Stria sports car lineup went pretty well. Demand was actually slightly more than anticipated, especially for the convertible model. We sold a total of 6,114 _Stria_s.

Only 1,921 of those were the Stria S coupe.

The Stria C convertible has been much more popular, especially in Fruinia. We sold 4,193 units in total.

The aging Bandito lineup saw a small sales increase this year, up to 51,598 units.

The Bandito Pickup took the sales crown for the first time this year, outselling the SUV. The pickup sold 26,037 units.

Sales for the Bandito S SUV were flat this year. We sold 25,561.

Sales of our Overland minivans continue to rise. In 1995, we sold 247,529.

Accounting for most of those sales was the base Overland S. While sales dropped slightly for this model, we still sold 123,056.

The drop in sales was more than made up for on our larger models. The bigger, front wheel drive only Overland XL saw sales increase to 47,703 units.

The biggest increase was seen by the Overland XL AWD, which could be considered our “flagship model” at this point. It’s our most premium, most advanced model at the moment. It sold 76,770 units.

Sales Breakdown
254,622 - Tango R (-4%)
123,056 - Overland S (-3%)
113,724 - Tango S (+2%)
113,657 - Tango SE (+9%)
76,770 - Overland XL AWD (+25%)
47,818 - Hornet XF (NEW)
47,703 - Overland XL (+16%)
37,567 - Hornet S (NEW)
29,367 - Accolade Estate (-5%)
26,037 - Bandito Pickup (+7%)
25,561 - Bandito S (+1%)
24,670 - Accolade Elite (+3%)
22,969 - Accolade Sport (-26%)
19,515 - Accolade SE (-18%)
16,274 - Tango XF (-42%)
4,193 - Stria C (NEW)
1,921 - Stria S (NEW)