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Nassau Motor Company - 7 New Models for 2007!


April 10, 2006 - The calendar has flipped to April and it is now time for the North Gasmean International Auto Show!

Today, we at Nassau continue our new model blitz. We started with our new subcompact car, the 900S, so the most logical place to look next is our compact car offerings.

The current, 4th generation Tango made its debut for the 1998 model year and has been a huge success for the company. We’ve sold over 2.2 million worldwide. But as competitors have introduced new small cars, the platform has begun to show its age.

Today we’re here to introduce our all new compact car. We’re here to introduce the 5th generation, 2007 Nassau Tango!

Tango S F
Tango S R

We’ll start with the base model Tango S hatchback, and this is where the first big change is noticeable. While the 3rd and 4th generation Tangos were primarily sedan-based, the 5th generation moves back to the all-hatchback style of the 1st and 2nd generation models. The hatchback body style adds increased practicality and utility to our small car.

Like the 900S, the Tango rides on an all new platform, which is a scaled up version of the chassis underneath our subcompact. However, to increase weight savings, we’ve made heavy use of aluminum. Both the roof panel and hood are made out of the lighter weight metal.

Four wheel anti-lock disc brakes are standard, with vented discs in the front and standard in the rear. 15" wheels are standard on the Tango S.

Inside, we’ve also made extensive use of lightweight materials. The cloth 4 seat interior features a Nassau CD player.

For those who’ve been upset by the loss of the 4 seat Nifty model, we consider the new Tango S its spiritual successor.

Powering the Tango S is a 1.8L version of our E-series 4 cylinder.

E18-4V Stats

Producing 125hp and able to achieve an average of 30.9mpg, the E18-4V makes use of Nassau’s VVT system on both intake and exhaust cams. This also allows for reduced emissions as well. Power is delivered to the front wheels via a 5 speed automatic transaxle.

The volume model of the Tango line since 1992 has been the Tango R. From 1992-2006 in wagon form, the all-new 2007 model brings the hatch back as well.

Tango R F
Tango R R

The Tango R adds many upgrades to an already formidable platform.

The Tango R comes standard with foglights and 16" alloy wheels.

Inside, you’ll find a room for 4 and cloth seats with improved side bolstering and lumbar support. A Nassau Hi-Fi CD sound system is also available.

The big upgrade is under the hood.

E20-4V Stats

The E20-4V 2.0L produces 148hp and will rev all the way to 7,000rpm. Power is transmitted to the front wheels via an all new 6 speed automatic transaxle.

This new engine and gearing allows the Tango R to accelerate to 60mph in 9.1 seconds and through the quarter mile in 16.8, all while returning 27.8mpg.

The 2007 Nassau Tango R will be the new benchmark of small cars.

Well, that just about does it for Nassau here in Detroit. Oh, except for this.

Tango NP F
Tango NP R

We’ve brought back the NP (Nassau Performance) badge! This isn’t just a marketing stunt, as the Tango NP is a truly deserving automobile.

Outside, the differences between this and the standard model are immediately evident. The Tango NP features a 3 door hatchback body style compared to the standard 5 door. The Tango NP also rides on larger 17" alloy wheels and comes standard with vented disc brakes front and rear.

Inside, the Nassau Hi-Fi CD sound system is similar to what’s available in the standard car. The interior has been upgraded and features leather seats and the finest materials.

Like NP models of the past, the big difference is under the hood. For the 2007 Tango NP that’s no different.

E22-4P T

The Tango NP features the E22-4P. This is a turbocharged 2.2L version of our new 4 cylinder engine which produces 233hp. This is equal to the power made by the V6 in our Accolade Sport model.

All of this power allows the Tango NP to rip to 60mph in just 6.7 seconds. You’ll blow through the quarter mile in just 15 and continue accelerating all the way up to 152mph.

How is this possible out of a 2.2L 4 cylinder? Well, the engine’s not doing this all by itself. The E22-4P is connected to a 6 speed manual transaxle with a geared LSD. That transaxle and differential distribute power to all 4 wheels, a first for the Tango lineup. Up to 35% of the power can be shifted to the rear wheels to help increase acceleration, should the front wheels lose traction.

All in all, the 2007 Tango NP is a showcase of what’s possible at the Nassau Motor Company. You’ll be able to find our new hot hatchback on dealer lots in January, and possibly on racetracks soon after.

That’s all from Detroit. Thank you for stopping by the Nassau display!


Please imagine my like on this latest post is applied all 200+ posts. I didn’t read them all thoroughly as I’ve only just got back to the game and the forums. It would take hours to read all the info here in detail, but from my detailed and selective skimming, I can see that the information contained within is invaluable. I think there’s so much that can be learned from your experience with the campaign. IMO, this thread should be stickied.

Thank you, MAG, for putting in such great effort to bring us the story of Nassau. I look forward to keeping up to date with the latest posts from now on. Cheers!


Thank you for reading!

April 24, 2006 - For the first time, we come to you from the floor of the Chicago Auto Show. Nassau has always had a presence at the Chicago Auto Show, but we’ve never debuted a model here until now. The Chicago Show is typically where manufacturers show off their trucks, so we figured this was the perfect place.

We at Nassau are happy to present three new models today, with the debut of our NT200 truck chassis.

We’ll start with the truck itself, our 2007 Nassau Nevada pickup!

Nevada F
Nevada R

The Nassau Nevada is all new for 2007! While the last update to our trucks for the 2001 model year was more of a refresh and revision, the NT200 chassis under these new trucks is all new. Utilizing the same materials as the previous pickup, with an AHS steel chassis and corrosion resistant panels; the NT200 has been slightly resized. Adding 3" of wheelbase and nearly a foot to the total length, this is our most practical pickup ever.

The 2007 Nevada comes standard with 16" steel wheels wrapped around 4 wheel anti-lock disc brakes. Offroad tires and a skidtray come standard for those who want to take their Nevada everywhere.

Inside, a comfortable cloth interior comes standard, along with a Nassau CD player.

Just as with the last update of our model, the engine was the headline. Under the hood is our new C51-8A V8 engine.

C51-8A Stats

The C51-8A is a new version of our C-series V8, which features an aluminum-silicone block and head. This replaces the iron block version used in our current trucks. The use of aluminum means this new engine weighs 90 lbs. less than the current model. With slightly revised tuning, the new engine makes more power, gets comparable mileage, and produces much fewer emissions. All NT200 trucks come standard with the new 5.1L V8.

Since its debut for the 2001 model year, the Nevada Sport has been our best selling truck. There are now over 200k on roads across the world. So naturally, with the new chassis comes an all new 2007 Nassau Nevada Sport!

Nevada Sport F

Featuring a handsome styling update, the 2007 Nevada Sport continues to be the most versatile vehicle we make. The rear doors of the quad cab open toward the rear, allowing ease of entry for passengers or cargo. The small, but spacious pickup bed allows for the easy transport of almost anything.

Mechanically the same as the standard Nevada pickup, the Nevada Sport also offers a cloth interior and CD player as standard. And just like the truck, a 5 speed manual transmission is available.

But let’s say you want the distinguished look of a classy SUV. Well, Nassau has you covered there as well, as we’ve made a huge update to our Provo XL. Presenting the 2007 Nassau Provo!

Provo F
Provo R

The all new 2007 model drops the XL badge, but adds a ton of new tech.

The Provo for 2007 is more comfortable and practical than the outgoing model and offers increased efficiency.

While still a capable offroad 4x4, the Provo has been upgraded to be more comfortable and efficient on road as well. The 2007 Provo drops the chunky offroad tires in favor of more comfortable, and quiet long life compound tires. It also swaps the offroad skid try for aerodynamic body cladding for the highway.

Inside is where the Provo really shines. Passengers are treated to a premium leather interior with seating for 5. A new 6 speed automatic shifts your gears and the manual locker setup of the Nevada is replaced by a viscous LSD unit.

For the first time ever, satellite navigation will be available in a Nassau vehicle, as the 2007 Provo utilizes a premium GPS system. Music, and directions, will get to your ears through a 9 speaker Nassau surround sound system. The Provo also features semi-active sway bars for increased ride stability and comfort.

Our three new NT200 trucks will be available starting in January. Pricing will be announced later in the year.


September 28, 2006 - Nassau has announced pricing for our 7 new models for 2007.


September 30, 2006

As of June 30, 2006, we’ve sold the final 2nd generation (NT150) Nassau Nevada Sport. Let’s take look back at our pickup/SUV.


The Nassau Nevada Sport was introduced in 2001, alongside the revised pickup (Nevada), and SUV (Provo XL). The Nevada Sport was meant to cover the mid-range, people who need the utility of a pickup, but wanted the comfort of an SUV. Powered by a standard C51-8I V8 engine producing 267hp and more than capable both on and off-road, the Nevada Sport proved to be so popular that production simply couldn’t keep up. Sales grew nearly every year the vehicle was available, peaking in 2005.

Nevada Sport Sales
2001: 38,776
2002: 43,570
2003: 44,751
2004: 43,190
2005: 47,512
2006: 22,925
Total: 240,724

We’ve also sold the final 2006 Nassau Provo XL. Let’s take a look back at our premium SUV.


The heavily revised Provo XL debuted in 2001 with a new V8 engine replacing an outgoing V6, and new styling to distinguish it from our pickup models.

During its 6 model year run, the 2nd generation Provo XL never met the sales numbers of the 1st generation. This was partially due to the new Nevada Sport and partially due to production issues. Our factory couldn’t handle producing 3 vehicle lines compared to the previous 2. Production and sales ended early in 2006 so that factory upgrades could occur. The Provo XL will be replaced by the 3rd generation Provo for 2007.

Provo XL Sales
2001: 33,637
2002: 36,209
2003: 35,643
2004: 34,948
2005: 41,343
2006: 18,941
Total: 200,721

As of July 22, 2006 we’ve sold the final 2006 Nassau Nevada. Let’s look back at our 2nd generation pickup.


The Nassau Nevada took over for the Nassau Redwood in 2001. The availability of a brand new V8 in place of the old V6 made the new pickup a hit. Easily outselling the NT100 model, the NT150 had its best year in its first. Sales remained steady throughout the life of the Nevada and dipped in 2006 when production stopped.

Nevada Sales
2001: 37,033
2002: 34,745
2003: 35,372
2004: 33,426
2005: 35,228
2006: 19,214
Total: 195,018