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Need a 3D model of my badge


I don’t have 3DSMax, so i can’t make a badge for me, so if any of you could make a very simple chrome badge of this i would be really happy.![AlbertuniLogo2|540x500]


Soon youll be able to make your own badges in UE4, so just wait a bit


As far as I know, the devs said that UE4 would handle most 3D modelling packages.

You can also get 3DS free by pretending to be a student.


I tried getting it for free, it started asking… questions. Too many of them.:male_detective:️‍♂️


Cough cough BLENDER cough


Can’t use blender to make mods for Automation, kajiraexporter doesn’t work for 3DSMax 2018, i have 3DSMax 2018 and Blender, f#ck


Yeah, you’re hosed then.


Sadly, yes, i will make my grilles then send it to someone with 3ds 2013 so they export is as .kjc to me.
Btw, why does the game use .kjc?


Hold on what? You don’t need Kajira for UE anymore, Blender works just fine as it can export to .fbx files


I play the older version, for some reason UE4 has lower FPS on my computer


Well for one Kee is receiving 0 support for a while until the end of time, plus we’re not far from it being phased out completely…


Alright, I’m not good with modelling, but I’ve done my best to turn your badge in to 3D:





I got it for free using the Student option, but i got 2018 edition, and it’s REALLY good.


You’re better off using UE4 over kee. Try playing around with the settings until you find something good. Nobody’s making mods for kee anymore, and once all the bodies are ported to UE4 and the lite campaign is going, there’s no looking back.