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NeverLoseGuy's Car Thread (Home of Fanatic, Willy, Echo Hour and more)


Welcome to my thread. This is the place where the records and history of cars from various companies can be found. Ranging from a cheap shitbox to 3k hp monster, you will find all of them here.

As of right now, there are up to 16 brands I have created so far, including electric vehicle company (albeit this will never be used due to game limitations). Each brands will represent various types of cars found in real life, some more realistic than others.

Here are the following brands:

Essential Motors - Essentially an American budget-friendly vehicle company that essentially sells a decent quality, essential cars. Essentially a fictional equivalent of Skoda, Toyota, Honda.

Ceramo - A German niche car company known for making small, yet durable cars. Fictional equivalent of Smart and rivals, Japanese Kei cars.

Harper - A French fashion car company promoting highly customizable vehicles, allowing a wide variety of visual personalization. Fictional equivalent of MINI, Fiat, DS.

Budghetta - An Italian budget-friendly car company that focuses on making affordable, yet enjoyable driving machines. Mainly a source of meme cars.

Rolk’s Wager - An American community-driven company known for giving enthusiasts parts and kits needed to make their own DIY cars. DIY-based cars include Baja Bug, Sandrail, Fiberglass Buggy, VW Thing, Mazda Miata, RX3, Honda S2000, Civic, Toyota 86, Subaru BRZ, Mazda Miata, Alpine A110 and Suzuki Jimny.

William’s Co. or "Willy" - An American niche company responsible for reviving box-shaped cars. Tends to make somewhat-budget cars that has a rectangular body style.

Sledgehammer - A Swedish popular company specialized in producing heavy-duty vehicles. Types of vehicles produced are SUVs, CUV, trucks, vans and various commercial vehicles

Echo Hour - A Japanese sports car company focusing on performance cars with decent power but excellent handling. A combination of retro-style muscle cars and compact JDM imports.

Pulsar - A German performance car company making sports car of various types and power. Fictional equivalent of BMW, Audi, Mercedez Benz, etc.

Chronos - An American niche car company that appeals for customers looking for retro-style muscle cars, either custom designs or reproductions of discontinued vehicles. Producer for fictional equivalents of Fond Mustang, Chevy Camaro, Dodge Challenger, and others of similar types.

Thunder - An American car company known for leading the electric vehicle market. Fictional equivalent of Tesla.

Crystillar - A British ultra-luxury brand that makes high-end vehicles with a price tag hitting 6 digits. Fictional equivalent of Rolls Royce.

Speedomancer - A British super-performance company that focus on making a lightweight super car. Fictional equivalent of Lotus.

Fanatic Automotives - An American ultra-performance company making exotic supercars and possibly street legal Formula 1 cars and other race cars. Fictional equivalent of McLauren, Ferrari, Aston Martin, etc.

Krovstal - A Russian car company that makes a series of very powerful cars in forms of trucks and vans. May take inspiration from real-life military vehicles.

Rosimania - An italian company that is infamous for making producing extremely powerful, but also dangerous cars. Tends to be “illegal” cars that never made it into the production.

Linked - Has its own portfolio.
Bold - Cars have been made in Automation.
Normal - No cars have been made in Automation yet.
crossed - Cars may never be made in Automation due to its limitation, unless mods or future updates change that. The appearance and profiles can still be shown, but the stats will either be purposefully vague, or inaccurate.


Essential Motors - "For the people"

Also known as: EM, Essential, Amazon Cars
Established: 1955
Known for: Essentially fleets of basic vehicles
Types of vehicles: Various
Real life equivalent: Dacia, Toyota (commercial side)
Founder: Joseph Emerald Steinfield
Current CEO: Brandon Civil (since 2003)

There are many heroes in the world we know that are never given a chance to shine; an unsung hero. Joseph Emerald Steinfield was one of those people. He believed in humanity and their advancement in automotive technology, but one thing that bothered him was their accessibility to people with less fortune, thus Essential Motors was born.

Working on the principle of “For the people”, Joseph and his newly-found team worked hard to design a series of vehicles, whose functionality were reduced to bare minimum, allowing poorer people to gain access to the ever-growing mean of transport. As time passes, many financial challenges would make cutting the cost harder, but attempts were still made, and Essential Motors would remain as one of the few companies to offer less expensive options without compromises regarding safeties and alike.

Known cars:

Truck - Essentially a major fleet vehicle of the company since 1957. Essentially one of the first cars to be essentially designed by Joseph himself, as he essentially figured the essential practicality of such car essentially couldn’t be ignored by him. The cheapest trim essentially offers an essential 3.8L NA Inline 4 that essentially makes up to 273 hp essentially in 5-speed manual, all suited in steel ladder chassis and panels, among all the bare essentials needed to essentially make your delivery count.

Carrier - Essentially made to compete with fellow shitboxes. The cheapest trim essentially offers an essential 1.7L NA Inline 4 that essentially makes up to 126 hp essentially in 4-speed manual, all suited in steel monocoque chassis and panels, among all the bare essentials needed to essentially make it to your journey from A to B without having to worry about death every 2 seconds.


Quite an unusual engine configuration for so much capacity, but guaranteed to deliver loads of torque in the lower rev range. I don’t think it will be very refined, though.


Rolk’s Wager - "A passion in motors"

Also known as: RW, Rolkie, Rolk’s
Established: 1985
Known for: Kit cars, Replicas
Types of vehicles: Coupes, Hatchbacks
Real life equivalent: Factory Five, Various kit car companies
Founder: Rolk Kennetha
Current CEO: Rolk Kennetha

Some views car as nothing more than a mean of transportation, other takes it far beyond than meets the eye. Rolk’s passion to make a series of affordable driving machine started in 1985, where he left his position in the previous company as a designer to pursue his dream of starting his very own. His first model was a replica of a fifth-gen Honda Civic. His reason of picking the car was due to the fascination of simplicity and practicality of said car, all while having a decent room of improvements that could be done to make it more performance-orientated.

Starting from 12 years after spending time as a parts manufacturer, the first Rolk’s Wager was made as a kit car. It didn’t really impress the market, seeing the Civics were still around in vast amount. Rolk’s would however, develop a small but loyal community who grew an interest in perfomance-oriented budget cars. This community was one of the reasons Rolk’s grew in size, allowing more diverse parts and kit cars that we would see today. In 2004, Rolk’s would have enough resources to start their very own production cars, giving them a shot at other markets that otherwise wouldn’t have shown interest in their production lines.

Known Cars:

Chaotic - Rolk’s first design, as well as the cheapest of product line. While techinically not an original concept but rather a replica of fifth-gen Civic, the car is created from the ground up. Available as either a production “Cratester” or DIY “Kitster” trim, both version comes equipped with 230 hp 2.9 L NA Inline 5 with Direct Injection in 5-Speed manual. It uses Aluminium for panels and steel for monocoque chassis. Overall a fun sportscar that still allows some practicality.

Artist - The main rival of Miata and alike. Available as either a production “Cratester” or DIY “Kitster” trim, both version comes equipped with 362 hp 3.7 L NA Inline 6 with Direct Injection in 6-Speed manual. It uses Aluminium for panels and steel for monocoque chassis. Suited for those who are looking for a bit more fun while still maintaining an affordable price tag.

Kou-Pei - Artist’s little brother. Available as either a production “Cratester” or DIY “Kitster” trim, both version comes equipped with 332hp 3.7L NA Boxer 6 with Direct Injection in 4-Speed manual. It uses Aluminium for panels and monocoque chassis. While half the size of Artist, Kou-Pei weighs in at just around a ton, giving you the experience of a kei car on steriods.

Velocity - The top-of-the-line sports car. Available as either a production “Cratester” or DIY “Kitster” trim, both version comes equipped with 460 hp 4.7 L NA Boxer 6 with Direct Injection in 6-Speed manual. It uses Aluminium for panels and monocoque chassis. Finely tuned for lightweight experience.

Piccup - One of the company’s selling point. Available as either a production “Cratester” or DIY “Kitster” trim, both version comes equipped with 171 hp 2.1L NA Boxer 6 with Direct Injection in 5-Speed manual. It uses Aluminium for panels and steel for monocoque chassis. Obviously not practical, but sure is one hella ride.


William’s Co - "Box Rocks"

Also known as: Willy, Dongie, Boxy
Established: 1992
Known for: Boxy styling, Excessive bragging of murican culture
Real life equivalent: Murica
Founder: Willy Freedom
Current CEO: Hannah Wellsinger

There’re two kinds of companies in this world: One that makes products that are sensible and practical, and then there’s one that screams “I have the biggest dong in the world!”. Willy is one of those.

The obsess-I mean, the fascination of the 80’s automotive styling has always been a part that describes Willy the best, and when 90’s came around, he wasn’t pleased to see the boxiness of the car disappearing in favour of ugly, curvy, disgustingly putrid blobby styling. In 1992, Willy was having a dinner with his friend when they started the conversation.

Here’s the recreation of that conversation:

Willy: Boi, the 90’s sure dropped the balls for that ugly plastic bubbles.
Friend: They sure did, aye. I hate them too. What should we do about this?
Willy: What do you mean “What do we do”? We yeet that shit and bring back the 80’s!
Friend: Uh, the industry is changing, people are picking blobs over boxes. How would we sell our boxes to them?
Willy: Make it murican.
Friend: When do we start?

And so Willy as a company was established. The first car however, wouldn’t be released until 1994, where the company not only faced the tough competitions, but also internal struggles due to poor financial management. By 2003, the miserable trend reached its peak, as Willy the current CEO during that time, passed away due to unknown condition. With his friends yeeting the company, Willy was defunct and was picked up by Fanatic Automotives in 2006, reviving the aesthetic-heavy company from its grave as a more budget-oriented sports car manufacturer, while still maintaining the boxy shape it was well known for.

Known cars:

Zipper - Willy’s smallest, yet most iconic car yet. Its small steel frame and monocoque chassis contrasts the turbocharged Direct Injection 6.3L V8 engine with 5-speed manual transmission. The result is a very powerful, yet nimble subcompact capable of making up to 470 hp.

Climax - Light sports car of the company, powered by a turbocharged Direct Injection 620 hp 5.9L V8 engine with a 5-speed manual transmission. Its steel panel and monocoque chassis ensures low price, while the engine gives out enough power to reach your destination the American way.

Dominator - When Climax isn’t American enough. This turbocharged Direct Injection 8.4L V10 monster packs up to 1275hp with 6-speed manual transmission. While the panel and its monocoque chassis might be made from regular steel and not more prestige materials, the ability to put down that much power alone gives it the right to demand respect from its competition, and if they won’t listen, this beast will show it to you.

Whacker - A weird project from the company. While not for sale, its turbocharged Multi Point EFI 3.0L Inline 6 with 4-speed manual transmission has proven itself to be quite capable of putting down its 318 hp. Even with steel panel and chassis, the Whacker would vibrate violently when reaching higher speed, making it unsuitable for the market. That, and the idea of someone putting an Inline 6 into a lawnmower is beyond absurd to begin with, let alone a V6.


Fanatic Automotives - "The Track Terror"

Also known as: Fanatic, Demon, Red Boi
Established: 1964
Known for: Shittons of hp to the point of unpracticality
Real life equivalent: Dodge
Founder: Curtis Fusion Jr.
Current CEO: Frank Fusion

Fanatic Automotives was established in 1964 for one purpose: to be the best of the best.

The young Curtis Fusion Jr., a mechanical engineer, was always known from his classmates for being over-the-top in many things. One of them was his boasting of starting a company to make absurdly powerful cars, to which was only seen by them as a joke, given they were at the bar. In 1967 however, they would be surprised to know that Curtis had been spending times trying to design an engine capable of making power of a racecar in that era, and while many attempts were nothing but a failure, his first major success was unveiled as the “Banshee” in 1971, which was promising enough to gain attention from people who were in automotive industries at that time.

Fast forward to current day, and Fanatic Automotives is seen as more of a novelty rather than practicality, which is arguably what they are good at. The Banshee, who has seen many facelifts and generations, now makes up to 1693 hp, but even then is tame compared to its newest project, the “Subject-696” who is reportedly capable of screaming 2774 hp.

Known cars:

Banshee - The project that started it all. 48 years of refinement has lead up to this monster of a car, all while maintaining a small package. The beef of this car is the unspeakable turbocharged 7.2L Direct Injection V8 capable of making 1693 hp with 6-speed Sequential transmission. All of this encased in everything-in-carbon-fibre to ensure the weight reduction therefore increase in already insane speed.

Subject-696 or “S-696” - When obsession with power goes too far. Powered by a monstrous turbocharged Direct Injection 13L V10 that makes up to 2774 hp, with 7-speed Sequential transmission to keep up with all the power, and carbon-fibre-everything to ensure the body doesn’t drag it down. This is possibly the icon of the company, which constantly tries to improve the performance of its cars, and will continue to do so as time passes. To get this much power however, many resources have to be poured to even make a single of this monster, making it a low-volume production car that even puts Calvinator to shame.


Subject 696 is definitely the most mental car you have ever made. Even the most potent offerings from the likes of Gryphon Gear and KHT might struggle to keep up with it - but it’s so expensive to make that it might end up being a one-off. The Banshee is not quite as fast, but with 1700(!) horsepower (which is less than half of what Subject 696 is capable of, mind you) it’s still an unhinged machine to say the least.


And you would be right. The S-696 is so expensive it won’t be put into production until you order it. That said, it goes so fast even with v10 it ends up beating my 30s speedster which has biggest v16 in it, although it might has grip issues at that time.

By the way, I changed the engine of the truck from V6 to inline 4 because I thought it would be fun and cheaper to fit this “basic” vibe of it.


Budghetta - "Budget without compromise"

Also known as: Shitmaker, Discount Essential, Cockroaches
Established: 1935
Known for: Shitty cars
Real life equivalent: GM, minus Camaro, Corvette, Silverado, whatever cars they are known for, and like, times 25
Founder: Welson Beatrice
Current CEO: Maduk Broccoloni

Look, I’m gonna make this simple, alright?

There’s a couple similarities between this company and cockroaches; not only everyone hates them, but they are also hard to kill, so much so they managed to survive even after the economy of World War 2. Apparently the Americans forgot to nuke this Italian piece of shit, but I guess it wouldn’t matter, since they would still be here anyway.

So, like, around 1935, there’s this son of a bitch named Welson thought “Oh yeah I wanna make a car that’s cheap and shit”, and there he was, making cars that are cheap and shit. Even after World War 2, this guy along with his workers chose to work on their cars in their small garages, still selling sub-par quality vehicles even by 30s standards. People back then also expressed doubt on their cars, but since anything’s better than walking to some people, they bought it anyway, and they regretted it, all of it.

In the 70s, Welson thought “Oh yeah I wanna make a muscle car that’s cheap and shit” and he did make that, still cheap and shit in the tradition of Budghetta, only this time it was so shit it became one of the worst scandal of the company history, as it would be found out that the car’s tyres were so thin it would literally explode while driving, causing unfortunate victims to go yeehaw on their steelies around 30 seconds before their inevitable demise.

But guess what? Even after that, they still have enough resources to make even more shitty cars in such a vast amount of numbers. Worse still, companies that like to cut corners took the advantage of that and picked the fucking mess of a vehicle from them to be their passenger fleet, bringing the suffering among the people of that era.

Now it’s 2019, and this fucker still pumps out cars that look like a failed abomination from the 80s, with “barely passing” requirements and even a bizarre, one of a kind way to enter the vehicle that literally nobody asked for. It’s most (in)famous models: Beatrice and Welson, are notorious for bad fuel economy, interior quality, and shitty styling even from people who would bust their nuts to an aztek. If there’s going to be something good out of this company, it would be the amount of time we spent on trying to come up with overused jokes related to it.

Known cars:

Beatrice - Prime example of what not to do with a car. You might think this is some idiot ricing his car, but it also wouldn’t surprise you if I say that this is literally what it looks like from the factory. It’s got this 4.5L NA Inline 5 with 4 barrels caburated fuel system rather than today’s standard fuel injection system, cobbled with 4-speed manual transmission to make this lackluster of an experience. Everything is made from the cheapest steel you can find, and its emission value is higher than any boners you could pop in your pants. The crests and stamps you see everywhere are company’s glaring attempt at shaving as much metal as possible off the body, and this is the only car with no real door; you have to open the window and shove yourself into the little hole it has, greeting you with basically non-existent interior that doesn’t help much in making your driving experience better, as if it wasn’t shitty enough. The real spending of this car goes to its big-ass wing that does nothing but gives you more of a reason not to buy this car.

Welson - A slightly “higher end” car, and a much more retarded-looking brother of the Beatrice. If you think the engine of Beatrice is pathetic, you will see where all its performance went. I’m saying this because the damn thing has a 3.3L turbocharged V10 capable of making up to 529 hp, with Direct Injection fuel system, and 5-speed manual transmission alongside with. On top of that it also has this even more of a fatass wing that arguably serves no purpose performance-wise, or if it does, negatively. The most interesting point, however, is the styling and how looking at it for just one second is more that enough to leave mental scars on even the monsters from all the horror movies. It’s just terrible, kill it with fire.


What else would you (or anyone else) expect from a car maker whose only consideration is the bottom line? These trainwrecks ought to be blown up on sight… with a bazooka!


What are the S-696’s track times? I’m guessing that’s one place it won’t have Gryphon Gear beat.


As of 23/5/19, I have reduced its hp to a more reasonable 2774 hp, making it run full lap on track at 1:54:47.