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New Body style Suggestions


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I would humbly suggest something not too dissimilar to a not-SSC Ultimate Aero. The boxy lines are easy for me to work on, and I’m sure it will work for many others in the same sea as I am.


In that case, I suggest a C2 or C3 Stingray instead. I bet it would look great!


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I wouldn’t mind seeing more minvan options like early 2000s to present like the Chrysler Town and Country, or some of the small commercial vans like the Ford Transit Connect and Fiat Doblo/Ram Promaster City.


I’ll have to second what stickmaster62 has mentioned: We need more modern minivans (and it’d be nice to have a few more commercial vans. I ran into that problem when starting to design a few new cars and ran right into the lack of minivans.


The last such body was introduced in 1995, so we definitely need newer bodies of that type, and while we’re at it, make them available in different sizes.


The City turbo is currently available as vanilla


A new luxury sedan, like the BMW 7-Series G11, with a Audi A7/A8 front nose.


Such a car would need a 3-metre wheelbase, give or take 5-10 cm, and would be to the 10s as the vanilla not-XF body is to the 00s.


well now it is


Bringing this back up to the top of the pile with a few things I’ve noticed.

1: We need some more sedan options for 1980-2010. Preferably with more options (Sedan, Coupe, Hatch, specifically) because while there’s a lot of variety if you want to make two-door sportscars or SUV’s, there’s only a handful of choices of sedans, wagons, etc.

2: I’d like to see more Rear Engine support, even in cars that would typically be Front Engine only. I can’t be the only one wanting to pull a “what if” scenario with a Rear Engine car company and needing sedans, minivans, and wagons with the engine out back.

3: Some modern (2010-2020) aerodynamic cars would be nice. Stuff that isn’t exclusively mid-engined, specifically. I understand that supercars are fun to make, but we do need more ‘boring’ cars available.

4: Some more mid-60’s to mid-70’s American cars would be appreciated. Also some early 40’s American cars. However, I feel this is a lower priority over filling the gaps we still have.

Yes, I am aware of the UE4 version, and that many of the modders would prefer to wait instead of working on the soon-to-be-rendered-obsolete Kee version, but I’m sure many of these gaps will still exist in UE4.


Having coordinated with other modders and the devs, I can tell you that quite a few existing gaps are on their way to being filled (even as early as the next UE4 update) and that there is a list of all the gaps to keep track of which extra variants and new bodies need to be added.

  1. Extra variants of just about everything are coming, and there are more sedans for those periods on the way.

  2. Rear engine support has been mentioned, one of the easier things to implement for variety.

  3. Should be coming at some point, that’s one of the holes. More variants of existing cars are complete/incoming.

  4. Whole lot coming for the 70s, and yes, mid 60s to mid 70s is a huge gap.


With the way the game works, will something like the Plymouth Prowler ever be possible?


Probably not, but Razyx did manage to make a Donkervoort work (with some modifications). The Prowler is probably too tapered for that.


Alrighty, fair enough. Appreciate the reply!