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New from BeamNG happy to be here ;)


Hi there :wink:

I’m Dorian, 36, French (sorry for my English) and full-time traveller in a camper van ! (www.katradouz.com)

I’m an enthusiast about motorbike (I have a GS 500E modified ), and cars, classic car (I have 2 Austin mini and 1 Saxo VTS 16v ).

I play often on BeamNG, and with the coming update I’ve just found Automation, This game will be a must for me ! I’ve always wanted a game like that, I play too Car mechanic 2018. Now a partnership with this game ? And all my dreams will be true lol

I will purchase the game tomorrow or soon, I wait the lowered price for BeamNG owners and a good internet connexion.
My first job will be re create a Austin engine, but I think I can’t build a 3 Exhaust ports engine on a 4 cylinders inline engine ? (on Austin mini the both centre cylinders are twin in the exhaust port ), My saxo vts engine, and my (unfortunately sold now ) BMW M5 E34 engine. (S38).

I wish you the best and see you soon here :wink:


Welcome to the forums! I’m no ambassador or anything but I’d very much recommend making a garage thread for your cars, surprisingly many people like to read about each others cars ; )


Thanks Noporian !

Yes, I’ll do that soon :wink:


Welcome to the forums!
I love the E34 M5. Was it a B36 or B38? Definitely post a picture (if you have one) when you open a thread in the My Ride section of the forum that @Noporian was referring to.


It was a B38, in touring, 345 hp, I’ve loved this car, sold with regrets ! yes, I will post it soon :wink:


Salutation camarade de la baguette!


haha salut a toi ! :smiley:


I’ve forgot you can also see some pictures here (my cars, bike travel, everything lol ) , and real time pictures travel : https://www.instagram.com/dorian_katradouz/


Welcome Dorian!


Full time campervan travellers?? Wow you are practically living my lifelong dream right now.
Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy Automation like we do!


Welcome…beautiful pic on camper and absolutely cute dog! :wink:


Thanks @vmo :wink:

@goblin95 Yes we living inside, no house, just a barn rent for mechanic and some little things :wink: really ? If you can, start to realize this dream :wink: It’s hard at the beginning, but after the first step, all is a little more simply :smiley: and the freedom (with some rules indeed ! ) is the best gift of life :wink:
I will purchase the game this week I hope.

@pasinenkovarpos ! thanks a lot :wink: I’m happy you like pics and the dogs :slight_smile:


Glad to have you here! To answer one of your questions, there is not currently an option for the exhaust manifold like you describe. However, the team is hard at work adding new content to this game all the time.


Thanks you :smiley: !
Yes, Hope see a Type A Austin soon in the game !


Welcome! I hope you like it here, we are all looking forward to seeing some of your designs, and those engine replicas sure will be interesting!


Thanks a lot !
I will buy the game very soon, just a little delayed, but in one week will be ok.

Yes sure for replicas, will be fun to do ! And I will make a story about a fictive world for all my future cars design !


Hi !
My really first vehicle ! I will soon make my own brand topic :wink: I brought the game today, this is a test !
Work perfectly with beam NG ! great works the team :wink:

(It’s a V8 from the Ford Vendôme )