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New graphic desktop, why?


Hey Guys,
I’ve bought automation a long time ago (when it wasn’t at steam), and since this time you changed the layout a lot times, without finishing the game. Well, I ask myself, why do you do this, without a final released game version. I mean, this graphic and layout changes are pretty nice, but wouldn’t it be nicer having a finalized and running completed game? I guess , this graphic changes are nice, but they are wasting time, it could be invested for finishing the whole game, or not? Maybe you can explain this to me? Thanks a lot.

Btw, is there a final release date or a direction for those one, you can tell me?

Thanks and a pretty nice day


You do know that the switch to Unreal was not only for “graphic and Layout” changes right ?


Aren’t you at least glad that the devs rebuilt the game from scratch in an entirely new engine without forcing you to pay extra money?


The graphics changes are only of tertiary concern. Secondary concern are the improved UI and game mechanics, of primary concern is that the fundamental underlying structure of the game even allows for what we originally planned on doing. Hence the last two years of switching over to UE4. It is MUCH more than superficial, and the game could not be completed properly without that changeover.


so is there an eta for the next update?


Nothing specific yet, we’re too early in the development cycle for the update to tell, but I would estimate 2-3 months before we’re in a spot where campaign play works well enough to go into open beta.


Ok then lol. if you don’t mind me asking, what are you working on?

or is it top secret :smirk:


Follow our YouTube channel AutomationGame, all the current info is going on there :slight_smile: