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New Offices


Last week we moved into a new office. It took us a day to move. As the office was across the car park from the old one.

Here is a pic (office still needs a tidy up)

It is not that much larger than the old office in sqm, but is a much more usable space.

Plenty of crucial whiteboard space (1 out of 3 whiteboards)

We are pretty happy with the new space.


Looks neat!


Wow That Looks Nice!


Wow! Does that mean we get the Unreal update earlier???

god hashtags are pretentious


Now, we need to decode this graph with “DOHC” and “SOHC”… and I see a hint of inline 5s here :smiley:

Seriously - if you are happy, then we are happy too, because that means even better ideas and better work :slight_smile:




Looks comfy; nice. Rather odd window though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve come to expect this level of quality from you guys, but still, I want to point out the attention to detail with the crossplane and flatplane V8s having different firing orders and in turn different distributors.
Things like that don’t go unnoticed :thumbsup: