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NFS Carbon Automation World (DISCUSSION)


The MR2 was in the game as a special reward (not drivable in career mode) and was rated a tuner.

The NSX I’d personally say is an exotic, but could be both. Depends on how much ‘supercar’ your Surge is.

Edit: After looking at the car, it seems like a tuner that wants to be an exotic :joy:


:joy: Yeah, that was more or less the intention


i’m down for this!


Entering my personal nominations for the car list.

Tier 3 Tuner

  • 1996 Dimension Hierophant Twin Turbo

  • 1996 Dimension Warp SSP4R

  • 2003 Dimension Rift SSP Turbo 4WD

  • 1999 Auxuras CZ6

  • 1995 Maesima NRZ-996

Tier 3 Muscle

  • 2006 Dimension Comanche 6.0 GT

  • 2005 Dimension Paradox 5 6.0

  • 1996 RMW Cerberus 662

  • 1970 Dimension Paradox CA

Tier 2 Tuner

  • 2003 Dimension Hadron 2.6

  • 2003 Dimension Singularity SSP

  • Saminda CZ1

Tier 2 Muscle

  • 1978 Dimension Paradox 2 410

Tier 1 Muscle

  • 1967 Dimension Comanche 290

Nominate cars you feel might be suitable and tell me which cars you don’t think are suitable or OP.



Exotic… how about the Tehuano? 1985, 3.5L V6 and ~240hp. It doesn’t fit turbos though, just saying.


@ramthecowy My '74 Yellow Fox would like a word :wink: 3.5 v8 ~225hp


Oops! I messed up, right, this body unlocks too late, it’s actually 1985. @Sillyworld can yours fit any turbos?


How about some Erin cars for exotics? @DeusExMackia


@FrankNSTein Yeah, that could be a possibility. I reckon the Mk 3 Scarlet could be a good one for this.


I can throw the 1996 Storm Knight GS-E in for the Tuners. Everyone needs a cheap and kinda crappy car for their first build. 156 horsepower, F-AWD, N/A 2.6 liter I4.

It also brings its bigger brother along, the 1996 Storm Knight GT-4T. 306 horsepower, F-AWD, Turbocharged 2.6 liter I4.

As for exotics, it’s not very exciting, but the 1995 Storm Gunslinger GTX Turbo should work. 276 horsepower, M-AWD, turbocharged 3 liter V6.

Would love to get a 1990 Storm Envy MK2 Turbo Coupe in the mix, too, but not sure where it’d stand. 532 horsepower, F-AWD, Turbocharged 6 liter V8. I’d love to throw it in under Muscle, but I don’t know how strict we’re being about muscle cars being F-R or if F-AWD is okay.

I’d nominate more of my cars, but a lot of them stand all over the lines and some would just be game-breaking if they were in it.


If I could propose some nominations, Kimura has the Vivace which competes with the Skyline GT-R as a Tier 3 Tuner. Rennen could send the Sagacious R from the time as well as a Tier 3 Exotic.


I propose my 1969 AEA Barracuda FSX from the Big Fruinian Muscle Car Challenge

It was factory rated at only 290hp, but when tested it made closer to 330hp. So would that technically be a tier 2 then? It’s nearly exactly as I would have made it for my company thread.


For muscle cars tier 2, I could suggest my 1982 OAM Phoenix (445hp) and the 1976 OAM RoadCruiser ‘Falcon’ (416hp)


Gamma have some cars to be posted soon. If we could wait until feb/23 would be perfect, if not I’ll just post them at the company tread and give you some possible names.

Around which years are talking about? Something like : Tuners -> ('90-'06), Muscle -> ('60-'06) and Exotics -> ('00-'06)?


I will nominate a variant of my 2006 Albury Crusader MkIV, which is a Tier 3 Muscle car, but would need to subtract a few quality points to make it eligible. It may not be American, but it fits the definition of a muscle car (front-engined, rear-drive, high-displacement V8) nonetheless.

I will also nominate another Albury model, the 1967 Centurion Mk. 1 5.7 Coupe, for this challenge. It too would make a great muscle car!

While I’m at it, I could even nominate the Harris CS60 for the Exotic category - specifically, the 2001 model.


Can I build a car specifically for this event or does it need to be made from stock form of something?


I would like to nominate some cars from Gamma lineup:

Gamma Surge ST 2003 for Exotics Tier 2

And Surge ST 1994 for Tuners or Exotics Tier 1

(I’ve added only this trims and models to the company tread so they can be added to the game, I actually don’t have the time to post anything more before tuesday. But if until then we still have space at the competition, I may have some options for Tuners Tier 1 and 2.)


Well looking at the Carbon car list I’d also suggest (revised to fit year cap)

From Maesima These options. :slight_smile:
Tier 1 Tuner
2006 Prova ST-R coupe
Tier 2 Tuner
2000 Exestis Sports Touring
Tier 3 Tuner
1995 NRZ-966 Touring SR

From other brands
Tier 1 Tuner
2002 Dimension Singularity ST Sport
Tier 2 Muscle
2006 Dimension Comanche 6.0 GT
Tier 1 Tuner
2000 Saminda CZ2 R
Tier 2 Tuner
2006 Auxuras CZ2 Spec-V
Tier 3 Tuner
2006 Saminda C2000R
Tier 1 Exotic
2006 Erin Merna
Tier 3 Exotic
1996 Erin Scarlet X


With the 2007 models there’s kind of a problem since the game is from 2006. They might have existed in concept form but I’m not so sure that fits the theme.

A 1990 KHT Tsukuba (Tier 1 Exotic) or Tsukuba R (Tier 2 Exotic) as well as a 2003 KHT Bahn (Tier 3 Exotic) would be nice as well. (If @squidhead agrees)


Wow, you’re right well my bad! I was just going by the NFS wiki which showed the Mazda Mazdaspeed3 which apparently was only first introduced in 2007 yet appears in the game…here