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No sound and cant export cars


hey guys, i have some issues i cannot for the life of me solve

i cannot hear any sounds in the game and it crashes when i try to export a car to beam.ng. It gets stuck on sourcing lua data.

i’ve tried uninstalling and resintalling, as well as verifying the files. any ideas what else i could do to remedy this?

after looking at the debug.log i’m noticing an error for locale_file_path.empty() and wondering if this is an issue?


here is a car i’m trying to export.

Model 2 - Trim 2.car (13.2 KB)


Add the Automation and BeamNG.Drive folders to your antivirus exception list. That might be what’s causing you issues.


good idea, but no dice.

also set all automation .exe’s to run as admin. didn’t help


Can we get an actual copy of the log?


this contains both debug.log and an automationgame.log from appdata

New WinRAR ZIP archive.zip (334.5 KB)


Thanks KilKidd,

Never seen this before. Although you said you have done a verify game files can I get you to check whether you have the following files:

For you the files should be found in “C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Automation/WindowsNoEditor/AutomationGame/Content/FMOD/Desktop”

The issue is on startup FMOD Sound System is failing to load any of its sound banks. Which makes it seem like the files are not there. I know you have said you have done a verify. So Steam should have downloaded them. I just want to make sure.


yeah, all the files are there. same sizes as yours too.

fmod doesnt work in beamng either, if that helps any.


Looks like you have sound driver issues. Probably worth getting the latest drivers, or googling your sound device and problems with FMOD.