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North American International Auto Show 2018


Is that a captain planet catchphrase?


Whatever car that is, I can’t wait to find out…


Duke Nukem?!?!?!?


Project GoldLine (GL)

Making it possible to be In touch with the world in the smallness of a car.



Looks like a vision of the future… From 1985, which is when the GTV body is first unlocked.

@Awildgermanappears nice ad… The tagline implies a pushrod engine (which is incompatible with VVL by design).


The answer to that is a lot more ironic than that. I like the concept of modern Pushrod engines, but I reserve those for one of my american ventures. In short this newest version of the by now iconic S-Series completely subverts expectation and actually employs the VVL technology and Turbocharging to not only be faster than any other stock S-Truck but also best the most frugal Diesel for fuel economy. I thoroughly despise this overpowered nature of Turbo-VVTL. This is one of the rare exceptions to the rule.


7.4L V8!


Just to make sure I am doing this right, I need to link the car, or just specs by the 14th?


North American Premiere of the 2020 Monarch Gariche M-GT Concept.


Rennen reveals, for the first time in Rennen’s history, a series of 4 concept vehicles to be revealed throughout the year, the concepts in which are dubbed “LEC-X”.

Stay tuned for the first reveal this Friday.


I like the graphic work you did there…:grin:


On second thought I think I’ll hold off revealing my car… It’s design is not up to the quality standards displayed by everyone else here at the show :exploding_head:


You should also fire your widebody designer or the wheel and spacer supplier. Whichever you’d like to blame on the funny wheel fitment in those oversized arches.


Making our first debut to the automotive world, on behalf of Hennessy Motor Company:

The first of our cars revealed to the public, I present to you the Le Mans Turbo!

Our first true hypercar, this stunning rear-engined AWD coupe boasts a twin-turbocharged 8002cc V12 that produces 1132HP!

HMC - Never a dull moment

The Folks' Wagon

You’re risking confusion with the makers of the Venom GT with such a similar-sounding name. Even so, I want to take a look at it from behind… But why is it rear-engined? I suppose that the engine won’t fit in the front with the AWD system in place.


Wheel gap improves drivability? Or you just decided to NOT make the front arches less wide for reasons?


The legend lives on, in a new form.


I understand where you’re coming from, but the brand’s name is my name, just as the maker of the Venom GT is his name. However, our two names are not the same. We are in no way related, and I have every right to use Hennessy Motor Company as my brand. Besides, when i’m referring to my company, i say “HMC,” which is what is on the badges.

It’s rear engined because it’s designed to handle well around a track; better weight distrubution. Futhermore, AWD provides better launch and control compared to RWD in most cases.

HMC - Never a dull moment


It looks very dated for 2018. Especially the rear. It looks like it came from 1980s, although the body you used doesn’t exactly help.