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North American International Auto Show 2018


Welcome to the Contendiente stand.

NAIAS 2018.

The 2019 Contendiente Enemigo.

2019 Contendiente Enemigo S shown in cabrio form.

Contendiente Enemigo S in coupé form.


Bonham is glad to present the Fleming Drophead

Here are the first press shots of the new 2019 Fleming Drophead. Directly based on the successful coupe model first released in Tokyo last year, the convertible model of the Fleming was a natural continuation for the luxury GT range.
A canvas top was chosen for the ease of storage and reduced weight. All in, the Drophead has had no weight increases, thanks to the rigid nature of the glued aluminium chassis.

Both engine options from the coupe will be offered.

Further details, specs, pricing and performance stats will be released on the press event at the Bonham stand.


I should have seen this one coming… And it’s just what the Fleming deserved. A convertible version would be a logical additiom to the range.


812 hp.
22 mpg.
2.9 seconds.
221 mph.


Devorak by Kimura. A family hauler, back-road brawler, and all-terrain crawler.

LCi4 trim shown in Damask Red Metallic.

LCi4 trim shown in Damask Red Metallic.

More info can be found in the official Kimura website.


Welcome to the Montes Stand

The 2018 Montes Urban (MY19)

Three years after the release of the sixth generation of Montes Urban, today we show the restyling version.

At first glance, it may seem that only changes have been made at an aesthetic level, but in reality, almost the entire car has been remodeled. Use the same chassis and body design, but the materials change. Using now for the first, lightweight AHS steel, and for the second, aluminum completely.

At the engine level, it also launches the new SCHI family, both in 4 cylinders, as in the previously seen, v6 3.5l, used in the RXS-6. Improves both in terms of efficiency, sound, power delivery, torque and reliability, to the previous 4 DiSi cylinders, as well as the V6, compared to the previous V6 of 3 and 3.2 liters.

The geometry of suspensions is the same used in the pre-restyling version, but has also been completely redesigned, but the shock absorbers have new tare and internal design, as well as the springs, to obtain a compromise between ride quality, sportsmanship and low rolling, not seen before.

In the aesthetic section, the optical groups have been changed, both in front and behind.

In front, now they are provided with full Matrix LED lighting, and in the Exclusive and MRP finish, as an option for € 3000, high beam laser lights.

The grille has also undergone a redesign to adapt it to the cooling requirements of the new engines, as well as improve the aesthetics, and have active cooling flaps to improve the aerodynamic coefficient.

Inside, it has been redesigned until the last screw, to increase the feeling of quality of the materials, as well as their adjustments, and to avoid crunching as much as possible.

And in the Luxury and Exclusive finishes, the dashboard is available, as well as the door panels and seats, covered in genuine quality leather, for when you sit in the cabin, seeing the atmosphere that surrounds it and feel the materials, it feels like in a vehicle of superior category, putting a standards of quality of materials and manufacture in the segment, never before seen.

In terms of engines and transmissions, we have a total of 5 engines available. All, except for the 3.5 MRP, turbo. A turbo with spherical bearings, accompanied by an intercooler, which works with low pressure, to obtain the greatest possible response, and the lowest possible lag.

These engines, thanks to the combination of pistons with a specific antifriction treatment, as well as the turbo and direct injection, achieve up to 37.7% thermal efficiency, without the need to resort to hybrid technology. A milestone that allows Diesel consumption in a gasoline engine, in addition to very low emissions.

The available transmissions are of 6 speeds, both in manual and double clutch (MDC), which are responsible for sending the work of the engine to the rear wheels, where you will find the differential.

Available differentials of three types: viscous for all normal versions, except the Exclusive, mechanical for the GT Turbo, and electronic for the MRP 3.5, as well as for the Exclusive.

For more information, we have model catalogs, from which, from today, you can request a driving test, as well as request the purchase of a unit.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Urban_2018_Brochure_Rev2.zip (2.6 MB)

EDIT: corrected an issue on the brochure (3.5 MRP engine capacity).


EVE Logo

Electric Vehicle Engineering - EVE
Electric Vehicle Engineering - EVE

The Ace on the River
And we present :

Project 400
The next Big Deal

This happens when you let you R&D Team have some creative time.
A 1200 HP Carbon Monster.
7.5L of Turbo V12 pushing you to 400km/h.
The luxury Interior and Active Suspension will comfort you while cruising.
But with a flick of switch the seat will hug you into place while conquering every curvy road.
And you will need them when you get pushed into the seat with a 0-100 time of 2.3 sec

Sadly this is only a Prototype at the moment.
We are still working on it to make it even better.
At the moment we are using it mostly as a testcar for other other techs.
For example our ActiveInterior(TM) which will adjust to each Drive Mode.
In "GT Mode" the seats will be softer to allow for longer trips,
While in "Race Mode" they will support you more and hold you more in place

We brought it here to primarly show the public how we work and what they can may expect in the future.
But we are also interested of course if there is a demand for it.
We do have plans to build it for a limited number, but we do need to know if there is a market.
We expect a more refined design in the next months.
But most of the blueprints are done by now.
So if we started Production we expect the first car around Mid 2019
We don't have a fixed price yet, but it would be in the higher figures.
But don't be sad. We have more to come this year.


Holts H2

Visit Holts Motor Company For More Details


Americans like Trucks, so do we. People want off-road trucks with a Diesel engine, we give them a Sports Truck with a gasoline engine.

What to know: I was contemplating giving this a 5.4L V12, but it wouldn’t have fit the realistic approach of Monolith. This is why it’s ended up with a turbocharged version of the standard 2.7L Inline 4, with 278hp and 400Nm. There is very little in the way of choice for transmissions, 7-speed manual, rear-wheel-drive and factory limited slip differential. The sports suspension package with quicker steering ratio, uprated shock absorbers, thicker sway bars and frame reinforcements combined with 245/45R19 sports tires increase the cornering ability. Performance is not terrible, with 0-62 in 5,8s and a non-limited top speed of 153mph.

And worst of all, because this engine happens to be equipped with VVL, it achieves 48mpg on the NATC (New Automation Test Cycle).

2018 Monolith S270GT:

2659cc DOHC 16V Inline 4 Turbocharged [IMP FE27GET], 278hp, 400Nm, 7MT, RWD, 1520kg, 48mpg, $36,500 (@ 35% markup)



Nohda @NAIAS 2018

Welcome to the Nohda stand at NAIAS 2018

2018 Nohda Assent L120

Initially introduced in 2012, the 9th generation Nohda Assent has become one of the best selling cars in the US domestic market, with over 250,000 sales in 2015. The new 2018 facelift overhauls the look of the car, giving it a more aggressive stance.

The new Assent will come with the same engines and trim levels as before, however, the Hybrid Assent, which was features the same hybrid system as the 2010 model, now has a brand new Hybrid Drive system called “TwinDrive™”

With TwinDrive, the new Assent can reach up to 81 mpg.

The new Assent will go on sale in the US on the 20th January and on the 31st in Europe, with prices starting from $21,000.


2019 Zasteros Monte Vettore

The Zasteros Monte Vettore, named after an Italian Mountain is an affordable entry - level hypercar without the hypercar costs and maintanance.

With it planned for a limited monthly production in 2019, Zasteros will ship out a 1,000 car production run in Summer 2018 as a “First Edition” sold for $66,500

It isn't all quirky looks and no perfomance, with a 3.5 L Inline 6 Turbo dubbed the "ST6.35" producing 555.6 hp @ 7500 RPM and 590 Nm @ 5300 RPM, redlining at 8200 RPM.

Mated to a RWD 5-Speed Dual Clutch transmission with E-Diff, Together with a lightweight All-CarbonFibre Body, It goes like a hypercar with a top speed of 350 km/h / 217 mp/h with a 0-60 in 2.9s while still having a fuel economy of 59.0MPG.

Step inside the car, and you will find the normal luxuries found on a normal city car, A Center Screen Infotainment ; Sport Bucket Seat ; Electric Sport Steering ; Traction Control and ABS ; Airbags ; Collision Warning System ; and many more!

Zasteros will be holding out a test car session for you to find out its true potential! :Zasteros Monte Vettore - Complete.car (22.0 KB)


Rennen LEC-MTR. The first of 3 concepts spreads it’s wings on road and on track.

More information can be found at the official Rennen Website.


The all-new Zenshi GT.

The XRZ48 GT has officially been revealed to the world here at Zenshi’s booth in the 2018 NAIAS. First introduced to the market in 1968, the new GT is a clear indicator that the Japanese grand tourer is still going about strong over the past 50 years.

When it hits the sales floor in America soon, a choice of three engines will be available:
A 320 HP 2.5L Turbocharged 4-cylinder, a 373 HP 3.0L Turbocharged Inline 6, and then the range-topping 4.8L Naturally Aspirated V8 pumping out 470 HP to the rear wheels. With the V8, the GT will hit 60 MPH in 4.2 seconds and possesses a top speed of 180 MPH.

Get ready for the new heir of the family.


AL Autos Booth

Hello one and all and welcome to the AL Autos Booth here at the 2018 North American International Auto Show. Here at AL Autos, we have been busy improving our designs and engineering in order to bring you the optimum driving experience. We will be focusing on 3 of our designs. 2 of which are brand new vehicles and 1 which has been updated. Now, lets get on with the show shall we?

AL Autos Latissime (Trims Shown: RGXLE Opulentum, RGXLE, RGXLE2,)

RGXLE Opulentum



The Body

For the new Latissime, we decided to bring a more modern and simplistic flow to the body. The commanding yet present nose grille, the sharp angled vents and mouth grille, and the redesigned rear end to incorporate our vent taillight design. Overall the Latissime will turn heads with its striking design.

The Underside

Starting with the engine, the Latissime has an option of three engines. A 5 L Twin Turbo Flatplane V8, available on the RGXLE Opulentum trim, producing 615 HP, and 465 ft-lb of torque; a N/A 5 L Flatplane V8, available on the RGXLE2 trim, producing 480 HP, and 396 ft-lb of torque; and a 3.1 L Twin Turbo V6, available on the RGXLE trim, producing 322 HP, and 305 ft-lb of torque. No matter what trim you select, each trim comes with a longitudinal AWD system, 7 speed double clutch sequential gearbox, solid disc brakes (6 piston front, 4 piston rear) (size of disc brakes varies per trim), active comfort springs, adaptive comfort dampers, and passive sway bars. The RGXLE Opulentum trim will top out at 176.8 MPH (284.5 KPH) and accelerate from 0-62 MPH (0-100 KPH) in 3.5 seconds. The RGXLE2 trim will top out at 165.5 MPH (266.3 KPH) and accelerate from 0-62 MPH (0-100 KPH) in 4.0 seconds. Finally, the RGXLE trim will top out at 143.6 MPH (231.1 KPH) and go from 0-62 MPH in 5.2 seconds.

The Luxury and Technology

With our highest trim for this model, the RGXLE Opulentum, the interior has been lavished with some luxurious fittings: Premium nappa leather seats, a 10 speaker Bang and Olufsen speaker system, rear entertainment screens, an option of brushed metals or polished wood cabin trim, a leather/wood combo steering wheel, automatic climate control front and rear, and front/rear massaging seats. With regards to technology, the Latissime is loaded with it: a digital dashboard, heads up display, an integrated dash camera (ALJourneyCamera) which records a 1920p view of the front and a 1080p view of the rear, monitors several parameters about the driver and the car including blind spots, speeds, lateral/longitudinal acceleration, and automatically saves footage if the car is involved in an accident, and also uploads footage to your own private JourneyCloud, accessible from your mobile device/computer, and is also saved on a micro SD card, ALPotholeResponse which detects potholes and prepares the suspension so that the occupants barely feel the pothole, and the AL Connect Infotainment System: USB Capability, hands free satellite navigation with real-time traffic, and AL’s WorldConnect which allows the user to check nearby attractions, make reservations, check sports team scores, weather forecast, and so much more!


RGXLE Opulentum
Fully Loaded: $97,980
Base Price: $85,200

Fully Loaded: $75,095
Base Price: $65,300

Fully Loaded: $71,645
Base Price: $62,300

AL Autos Motus (Trims Shown: RGS2, RGS)

Motus - RGS2-1


The Body

The Motus is another one of our sports saloon vehicles designed to be practical yet stunning to look at. For the Motus, we decided to go for a sportier look which will please at any angle: the chrome center piece grille, the sporty grille and vents, our vent/taillight combo, chrome tipped exhaust pipes, a simple and effective spoiler (only available on the RGS2), and a sleek body to catch someone’s eye at any angle. The wheelbase is 9’3” and the total length of the car is 15’5”. Depending on equipment, the Motus will weigh in at 3719.7 lbs (1687.2 kgs) to 4094.2 lbs (1857.1 kgs).

The Performance

Starting with the engine, the Motus has an option of 2 engines. A 3.5 L Turbocharged I6 producing 433 HP and 349 ft-lb of torque, and a 2.3 L Turbocharged I4 producing 241 HP and 210 ft-lb of torque. No matter the trim, the Motus comes equipped with a longitudinal RWD system, a sequential 6 speed double clutch transmission, an electric LSD, Medium Compound tires (RGS) or AL Sport Compound Tires (RGS2), solid disc brakes (6 piston F/4 piston R; Size of disc will vary), active sports springs, adaptive dampers, and passive sway bars. The RGS2 will top out at 175.7 MPH (282.8 KPH), accelerate from 0-62 MPH (0-100 KPH) in 4.3 seconds, and clock a 1:20.3 on the top gear test track. The RGS will top out at 154.1 MPH (248.0 KPH), accelerate from 0-62 MPH (0-100 KPH), in 5.8 seconds, and clock a 1:28.1 around the top gear test track.

The Technology

Fully loaded, the Motus will come with a heads up display which will display directions, RPM, and speed readings, an integrated dash camera (ALJourneyCamera) which records a 1920p view of the front and a 1080p view of the rear, monitors several parameters about the driver and the car including blind spots, speeds, lateral/longitudinal acceleration, and automatically saves footage if the car is involved in an accident, and also uploads footage to your own private JourneyCloud, accessible from your mobile deivce/computer, and is also saved on a micro SD card, ALDrivingProfile 2 which has a, mode that automatically adjusts the traction control, electronic stability control, power delivery, steering sensitivity, and many other parameters which determine how the car performs based upon how the car is driven. The driver also has the option of selecting one of three dedicated driving modes (road, road sport, and track), or, if these drive modes aren’t to the driver’s specs, they can also customize these settings and save it as a selectable profile, and the AL Connect Infotainment System: USB Capability, hands free satellite navigation with real-time traffic, and AL’s WorldConnect which allows the user to check nearby attractions, make reservations, check sports team scores, weather forecast, and so much more!


Fully Loaded: $59,570
Base Price: $51,800

Fully Loaded: $45,885
Base Price: $39,900

AL Autos Cursor (Trim Shown: RGR)


The Body

The Cursor’s carbon fiber body was designed to be a sleek yet aggressive as possible. AL Autos decided to stray away from our normal designs and go for something different. The body features our aerodynamic mouth grille which funnels air in at a higher rate, LED headlamps designed to flow with the body and look stunning, and active front and rear aero. Whether you’re blasting down a track, cruising in the city, or blasting down a highway, you’ll definitely stand apart from the rest. In total the Cursor will weigh around 4082.6 lbs (1851.8 kgs).

The Performance

The Cursor beating heart is a no nonsense 6.5 L Twin Turbo V12 producing 858 HP and 805 ft-lb of torque which can rev up to 8000 RPM. The power is sent through all four wheels through a longitudinal AWD system, and electric LSD. Some other fittings attached to the carbon fiber chassis include a 7 speed double clutch sequential gearbox, 275F/315R AL Sport Compound Tires, Carbon Ceramic Brakes 4 Piston Front and 6 Piston Rear, active sport tuned springs, semi active dampers, and a passive sway bar. This allows for the Cursor to top out at 208.2 MPH (335.1 KPH), accelerate from 0-62 MPH (0-100 KPH) in 2.5 seconds, do a 9.90 second quarter mile, and clock a blistering 1:12.1 on the top gear test track.

The Technology

We included a lot of driver aids on the Cursor in order to help the driver keep the power on the road to their own preference along with some other tech to makeup a wonderful driving experience. For starters, we have included our ALDrivingProfile 2 performance, specifically made for this car, which has a, mode that automatically adjusts the traction control, electronic stability control, power delivery, steering sensitivity, the active aerodynamics and many other parameters which determine how the car performs based upon how the car is driven. The driver also has the option of selecting one of three dedicated driving modes (road, road sport, and track), or, if these drive modes aren’t to the driver’s specs, they can also customize these settings and save it as a selectable profile. Along with the usual AL Connect Infotainment System, we included a performance screen which can display the g forces the car is going through, the true airspeed, throttle input, brake input, active aero angles, and many other parameters of the car. These parameters can also be displayed on the heads up display. Finally, we have the usual quick ratio power steering, antilock braking system, traction control, electronic stability control, and launch control which can sense the conditions of the road and weather and appropriately launch the car.


Fully Loaded: $343,475

That’s all for now. Thanks for visiting our booth and enjoy the rest of the auto show!


2018 Nakamura SI-7

(pictured: SI-7 RC)

(pictured: SI-7 RS)

(pictured: SI-7 RS)

(pictured: Racing SI-7)

(pictured: Racing SI-7)

The revered Nakamura SI-7, since its introduction in 1993, was Japan’s best affordable sports coupe until the Touge Sport arrived.
Now it’s back to take its rightful throne.

The SI-7 features two trim levels; the RC with its naturally aspirated V6 and the RS with its turbocharged V10.
Although both trims are by no means slow, the V10 is obviously the faster trim.

The RC’s 3.5 liter V6 makes 370 horses and 250 lb-ft of torque, fed through a 7-speed manual gearbox and then unleashed through the rear wheels.
That’s enough for an exciting but somewhat lacking 0-60 time of 4.9 seconds,
and although it doesn’t accelerate particularly quickly, it has a top speed of 195 mph.

The RC gets 33 mpg highway and 20 city. Its MSRP is $63,310.

The faster RS trim features more aggressive rear styling (the front looks the same), a spoiler, and most notably, a 5.5 liter twin-turbocharged 822 horsepower and 640 lb-ft V10.
The RS accelerates from 0-60 in 2.9 seconds thanks to its AWD system and has a top speed of 230 mph.
Given its immense power, the RS should be faster, but lacks torque, which explains its sluggish 0-60 time.

The RS gets 30 mpg highway and 20 city. Its MSRP is $83,160.

Both the RC and RS trims feature a premium interior/infotainment system as standard, and 4 seats (2+2).
A bridge trim between the RC and RS is planned, using a turbocharged version of the V6 from the RC, but will not be produced unless it has demand.

Along with the RC and RS trims, there is an exclusive priceless “Racing SI-7” with special paint color/livery, more carbon fibre, and a slightly more potent engine, making 874 hp instead of 822. To ensure it is never actually used in GT racing, it shares its AWD platform with the RC and RS. It utilizes a new 7-speed sequential transmission instead of a manual and has no electronic assists except ABS.
It accelerates from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds and has the same top speed as the RS.

We still don’t know what the 7 means, though.


DMA’s premium 3/4 ton truck gets a facelift, a bigger engine, and a 9 speed transmission automatic this year.

5.1L DOHC 4 valve V8
9 speed automatic with advanced adaptive tow mode, and ultra low first gear.
Selectable front and rear locking differentials
Class 4 receiver hitch
Premium interior
Aluminum body on high strength steel frame.
Power retractable side steps
Manual lever to select four wheel drive
Heavy duty cooling
Over-sized brakes
Mounts for a goose neck, and 5th wheel.
This particular model comes with the level 2 off road package giving it larger tires, 0.6 meters of clearance and a 4:1 low range transfer case.

*Fuel economy not rated for this class of vehicle.

T-15 - UC4P.car (22.8 KB)

DMA is introducing the Daemon, while it may not be DMA’s first attempt at a high end track oriented prestige car, it may be its best so far.

Top speed 209
0-60 2.7 seconds
Mid engine AWD
All of the electronic nanny controls can be dialed back all the way to off via a rotary knob between the seats, and still remains quite handle able for even novice drivers.

Daemon - SL.car (21.7 KB)

I couldn’t seem to upload the pictures, might have been the file size.


Try putting it to a file hosting site, like imgur.



Shromet NAIAS 2018.
Think you know who the king of the trucks is? It’s time to think again.

The king of the Mountain. The 2018 Shromet Adirondack.

For 2018, The Shromet Adirondack has been fitted with several premium features as standard. Full time four wheel air suspension has now been fitted across all models, as well as Shromet Active Adjustment Steering :copyright: now standard in all Crew Cab models. Lastly, an off road protected underside now comes as standard.

Please visit our webpage to find out full information on the new Adirondack.

MSRP For Shromet Adirondack Crew Cab: 40,160$


Introducing the Scagliati Concetto Corse. Breaking New Ground.

Scagliati Concetto Corse, in Rosso Rubio

Scagliati Motori is proud to give you our latest concept car, the Concetto Corse. Scagliati has a long and storied history of building fine luxury and grand-touring automobiles, but that does not mean we have ignored the super sports car market either. The Concetto Corse is Scagliati’s own vision for a future super sports car; small, lightweight and agile, with cutting-edge technology to enhance the driving experience, as well as ensure the long-term sustainability of the super sports car.

Leveraging the SCALE Architecture underpinning the La Serenissima grand-tourer and Cinquetorri SUV, the Concetto Corse is the first mid-engine car to be based on this architecture, and also for the first time showcases our all-new electric hybrid-drive system, the Scagliati Superpotenza Ibrida or SSI for short. Controlled through the hybrid-exclusive iCAST system, the Concetto Corse can drive up to 15 kilometres on pure electric drive only, with the 500-horsepower, 2.9-litre Amadeo V6 joining in when the battery is depleted, or when the pilot demands more power from the system. Combined, the electric and combustion motors produce a combined 635 horsepower and 700 newton-metres of torque, with the electric motor providing instant torque to improve engine response and produce an experience comparable to a naturally-aspirated engine.

While the hybrid system does incur a weight penalty, the unique design of the SCALE architecture, combined with carbon-fibre body panels and lightweight interior, means that the Concetto Corse tips the scales at less than 1500 kilograms, giving the car incredible performance and agility, with the weight of the battery pack concentrated around the centre of gravity for the car in the central tunnel.

The bold new looks of the Concetto Corse also preview an evolution of Scagliati’s design language, to be implemented across the model range over the following years in both new and facelifted versions of the entire model lineup.