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North American International Auto Show 2019


Let us start with a question.
What is better than one of our cars on the international market?
Two of them.

You were shown a preview of one of our cars earlier, but we have a surprise for you.
Both Akari and Yasai will be entering the market as of 1.2.2019.

Both of them come equipped with our latest technologies. SNB JidoKo engines, KamaTec, or even parts from Neon Dragon already on the base models.

Let’s have a look on the individual cars.

2019 Murasaki Akari

Akari comes from fifth generation of our Bravo platform, and brings many innovations, hopimg to set a new quality standard for supercars and hypercars alike.

The V8 from previous generation was replaced by a V10, which is now mounted Transversly, creating unique, and extremely efffective drivetrain layout.

  • The new “VRIAD10” engine makes 580 horsepower and is coupled with our lightning fast seven-speed DCT transmission that ensures constant power delivery and accelerates the car to 62 mph in breathtaking 2.8 seconds, with estimated top speed being between 190 and 195 mph.

While guys at SNB were making the engine, Neon Dragon got busy with the interior.
While you are enjoying the sound of their specially designed exhaust system, you are seated in their sporty interior made of Alcantra, Carbon Fibre, and brushed Aluminium.
This detailed, yet lightweight interior makes sure you are comfortable and safe even when Akari hits her top speed.

The Akari is priced between $80 000 and $95 000 depending on extra options, and will feature two special editions, both of them limited.

“A picture perfect face, with a wild in my veins”

2019 Murasaki Yasai

Yasai, a SUV based on our time-proven Delta platform, makes its return after nearly twelve years to (once again) give you the best of what automotive industry can offer.

Making the new Yasai required us to start nearly from scratch, and we can say the result will suprass even its legendary predcessor.

A capable offroad, comfortable family car, and a perfect assistant for whatever you decide to do.

Yasai will be available with three different engines (I4T, V6, V6TT) and two different transmissions, so everybody is sure to find what they like.
All Yasai’'s engines, like it became standard for our company, are made by our division SNB JidoKo and are highly efficient and powerful.

While the super-smooth suspension and adaptive AWD system ensures that no uneven road can disturb you, you can enjoy Yasai’s premium quality interior equipped with the latest infotainment system from KamaTec.

Yasai starts at $35 000 (270 Hp Inline 4 Turbo, Manual Transmission), and will be offered with high number of options, all of them personalisable by the the future owner.

For more info, visit our sites, or check our social media
If you have any questions, feel free to ask one of our assistants

See you soon again, either at next Auto show, or at our dealership.


A hyper car modeled after a truck. Genius, gorgeous, and absolutely American.


cough Dodge Viper cough


Zenshi at the 2019 NAIAS

Zenshi’s 2019-2020MY lineup is laid on the grounds like a hand of cards on a poker table, along with two very special flagship cars making their appearances for the show, one of which is now finally complete.

"Make history time and time again."

Everything has it’s limit. Time and time again, we manage to pass those limits and make history. When it comes to designing a flagship vehicle, one needs to take into account who or what they are trying to target, what they are trying to satisfy, because it can’t be a flagship without truly showing the world what you can be capable of.

2020 Gundan

The 3rd generation Gundan undergoes a facelift for the 2020 MY, now possessing a more aggressive appearance, yet still retaining the luxurious demeanor.

And, for the first time, will make it’s way to international markets outside Japan.

Usually a facelift is a mild appearance change alongside a couple of new bells and whistles to go along with the car. For the Gundan, some significant changes have been made for the high-end executive sedan.

The main notable change is the front and rear end design. Taking notes from various cars of their own lineup with various clear design languages on them, such as the very sporty Nimessa and Altrea, and the more refined and mature Axia, and mixing those languages together with the 3rd generation Gundan’s initial design, makes for a prim and proper design mixed in with a bit of a playful side.

The Gundan’s KZH45-GDA2T Twin Turbocharged 4.5L V12 engine has been reworked, now making around 460 HP and over 510 lb-ft of torque, around 10 more HP and 80 more lb-ft from what it originally was presented with. The 6-Speed AvanTec is now replaced by the newer 8-Speed AvanTec-E transmission, which aids in making the Gundan more responsive, as well as more efficient.

Pricing will start at $125,000 for the US Market, and will hit dealers within Spring.

"The road is your canvas."

Driving can be an art. The road ahead of you is looking a little empty. Why not give it a burst of life by sending a little rubber all the way?

2020 Shinden X2

After multiple trials, run-throughs, a couple of prototypes and breakdowns (both mechanically and mentally), the successor to Zenshi’s ultimate machine has been complete: The Shinden X2.

The Shinden X2 has proved to be a very tough challenge for designers and engineers from Zenshi and ZMD alike, thanks to their somewhat perfectionist nature. Originally introduced in the Goodwood Festival of Speed last year as a prototype design (which happened to be their 3rd one at the time), The final version makes it’s way to the stage for all to now see and gaze over.

Originally, the Shinden X2’s 4.2L Twin Turbo V10 made 875 HP. After some time, ZMD decided that that wasn’t enough, and raised the stakes, risking a change in competitive targets with a whole new power output from the vehicle after adjusting the ER42 even further: 992 HP and 613 lb-ft of torque.

However, raw power was not all they needed to improve on the car, they also need a considerable bit of aerodynamics to make the car drivable for many people. Ditching the original 3-stage aero system that was used on the Goodwood prototype, ZMD resorted to a 4-stage aero system that made sure the Shinden was not only keeping at speed, but was also keeping stable on the road.

The result was that of a hypercar that can keep itself under control on the track, all the while being a pleasant driving experience on many roads.

The Shinden X2 starts at $315,000, and will be available for order within the following month.
Zenshi as of now, is taking pre-orders.


Such a dizzying array of colors (as found on the Shinden X2) is rarely seen in today’s real-life motoring landscape - I’d go with Ramune Blue Mica as usual. As for the Gundam… no, sorry, Gundan, it’s a more than worthy stablemate to the Nimessa, Altrea and Axia. I thought Zenshi had just unveiled a gigantic robot armed with laser beams - but I was wrong the instant I realized its name ended with an N instead of an M.


2019 NAIAS Pre-Show Coverage

We’re here, live, in the Motor City. This year, we’re finally here for the first ever report of NAIAS, since our creation of Drivers.com in 2018. Look at all those carmakers have released their new creations in NAIAS this year, they are all fabulous! With hours left for public showcase, let us look at the cars the automakers revealed in this show!

Birmingham Birckham SC


Firstly, there’s Birmingham’s latest creation, the uncreatively named Brickham Sports Coupe. The coupe claimed to return to a time when handling matters more on a sports car, and what’s more it has a pretty great looks and much refined than we thought. And speaking of refinement…

Ursula F7


…the famed German automaker Ursula finally released their full-size luxury sedan, the F7, after a failed attempt in 2006. The all-new luxury sedan comes with new engines, loads of tech and of course, a cleaner, crisper design, and tries to stun those SUV-craving people to buy their car with crazy marketing terms like “Perfection Achieved”. We hope this will be ending up awesome than we expected.

The F7 may be their biggest thing from Ursula this year, but they can’t forget to mention all of their other cars. The G3 600GT sports car, after a year of long wait, was now released with upgraded suspension and a more powerful engine. The F5 now gets better looking thanks to SddF (Studio di design Fiorentino), but then a full-touchscreen infotainment system (almost) hinders the car’s great looks.

Also, Ursula also announced their plans to join the next year’s FIA WEC LMP1 race, with all-new rules and regulations, and in the meantime launched a new prototype. Why now? 2020 is like 11 months away, and I’m ain’t saying the start of 2020’s LMP1 season, why do you bother to release it?

AL Autos Quaestus

AL Autos

AL Autos launched a car that sounds like an EV but it isn’t. Yes, that’s right. The Irev, a sport-oriented, 5-door hatchback. With a questionably designed front. The car can be beautiful, but I have no idea why they choose an edgy front for the car. At least the rear is great tho.

The Quaestus sedan may have a more “normal” name and a better-looking front compared to the Irev, but I’m not sure why a C-Class competitor can have such an heavy weight. I can’t say the car will have worse handling than its competitors, but then it will certainly be improved by AL themselves.

Evgenis Sphnix


SUVs. We have loads of them. And the Sphinx is just one of them. Except this British SUV has other intentions. Unlike the AL’s extremely edgy design, the Evgenis Sphinx has a pretty face, with loads of tech and a better drive to match, with a focus on eco-friendliness, thanks to man made leather and hybrid powertrains. Expect this car to be brilliantly executed. But the price…not so much to say. Maybe because the car is targeted to rich hipster vegans…scratch that, I’m just kidding.

Huangdou CC


With a name literally mean “soy bean”, and being Chinese, we could assume that it’s new cars will be shitty. Nope. The new CC is now revived as an SUV, instead of a convertible hatchback like the original models, tries to be better than its Japanese competitors with a big, sexy grille, loads of options and an in-car assistant with holograms, that can turn into an anime girl, known as Yumi. (She’s cute tho, BTW) Much better than Ursula Guide on the F7, I’d say.

Not one, but two. The new SC is just as cool as the CC. This time, it’s a sports coupe fitted with an economical but potent engine and much better looks. These cars can prove that China can make great cars, period.

Harada Sereva


Moving on to Japanese automaker Harada, their Hercule (without an “s”) pickup and the Topisa SUV gets a new…facelift with more features. I’m okay with the Topisa, but the Hercule…I know the Japanese automakers are much more conservative when it comes to making cars, but with other automakers launching all-new cars to the show, why just stop there?

Except I was wrong. Harada launches new cars too. The Sereva sports car is now finally replaced this year, and it’s now quicker and more powerful than before.

On the other hand, Rakuda, Harada’s luxury brand, created a much more uglier sibling to the Sereva, the SK. Compared to the more utilitarian Sereva, this has much more luxury kit and not enough info about the car.

Studio di design Fiorentino TURBINA II Concept

Studio di design Fiorentino

Besides designing Urusla’s F5 concept, SddF themselves also have their own car to show. The Turbina II, pays homage to the ‘66 Turbina concept with a styling inspired by it. Just like the original, it’s powered by a turbine, except this time the turbine powers the electric motors instead of powering the car.

Fuji Sceptre

Fuji Motorworks

Fuji’s newest creation, the Sceptre supercar is going to be a beast in the road. And we expect it will be powered by a V10 or at least a V8. Nope. Instead, a 2.5 liter 6-cylinder moves the car, generating a “measly” 449 hp. We hope this is a right decision for the car, since the car is much fuel-efficient compared to its competitors.

And nope, they aren’t done revealing cars yet. The new Conquest SUV has pretty good practicality, yet packed in a extremely boring design. Still, people will still buy it.

A sedan was also planned to launch, but for unknown reasons, Fuji decided not to release it. We’ll wait for Geneva then. Could be better, could be worse.

Corsica Cheetah


After the controversial last-gen Cheetah, and loads of spy pics, Corsica finally released the new Cheetah muscle car is now revealed. The new car finally returned to its roots with an 2 + 2 layout and of course, an V8. This is going to be epic, but only tests will tell.

Okul S73

Okul Motorcars

The Estonian automaker finally released 4 neatly designed cars in Detroit. The S93 sports car is a small car with a big punch. It looks great, it drives great (in paper), and has all those things every good luxury driver’s sports car has.

The much larger S73 sedan, although it does not have the mass appeal of the Germans and the Japanese, the small sedan has its good things too, with an N/A engine, rather than the turbochargers literally everyone is using. Glad to see some variation to the competition.

And yes, downsizing strikes again. The S98 NH ditches the fabulous V10 for a boxer-6. Even more bad news, the fabulous V10 is going to end in 2020. Bad times. Now we wish the production car is better than we think. Speaking of motorsports, the other car on the show is the NH ARX, a turbocharged inline-4 race car, is the Estonian firm’s first ever motorsport outing for proving us that Okul is no slouch either.

Tanaka Aventus


Tanaka finally replaced it’s Aventus full-size luxury sedan. Unlike the last gen, the full-size hatchback sedan has a big grille (although not as flashy as Huangdou’s CC), and it’s available with 2 (kinda) underpowered engine choices. At least the 5.0 S model has 460 hp, which is enough for most people.

Gabatron Ville


On the opposite side, we have a city car named Ville, by Gabatron. It’s the perfect city car, with its compact size, good top speed, excellent safety and of course, a plan to make a larger model for carrying more people. Great job. But please give us the electric range of this car now or else the buyers could get something that is awful in battery range.

Axuma DSF


Perhaps the biggest launch on NAIAS this year, Hokuto went all-out against Ursula and released themselves a new luxury brand, Axuma. That’s right, Hokuto now decides to compete in the luxury segment. Everyone, please be noted.

The new brand comes with 2 new cars, the SF executive sedan, and the DSF large SUV as Axuma’s first cars. The cars were neatly designed, loaded with tech and claimed to be better than its German competitors. More models are confirmed to released, and the Germans is now going to have sleepless nights.

Shromet Strasser


Shromet released a new SUV yawn, the German-sounding Strasser. Okay, the name isn’t a problem at all, but all those power, technology and comfort for a good price. OK. We’ll see what happens next then.

Murasaki Akari


Murasaki, originally an Japan-only automaker, has finally arrived to the international market with the all-new Akari supercar. Unlike Okul, this supercar is equipped with an N/A V10 creating 580 hp. But a transverse layout, on a V10 supercar? I’m not that sure about that.

Meanwhile, the Yasai SUV is also announced in this show. It doesn’t have the feel of other cars in the show, but it could be critical to the company’s expansion to the international market.

Kyoki Pandora


The American car company with a Japanese name finally launched a gorgeous supercar, the Pandora. Twin turbo 4.5 V8, with 690 hp and a weight of 1413 kg does really sound good on paper, but is the drive counts. A lower powered version with much more comfortable suspension is coming soon, if you just want a GT instead of a supercar.



A new mid-sized family cars are the main highlight of GEC’s press release, which is the GD20, an “alternative of CUVs” according to the CEO of the company. What’s weirder than the car, is the wheels. 16-inch wheels as standard? Inb4 someone else says “HOW COME THOSE WHEELS ARE SO STUPIDLY SMALL” in the comment section. Still, nice try.

D&H Fallow Silhouette Car

Deer and Hunt

Deer and Hunt released a new race car, a.k.a. the Fallow “Silhouette Car”. Its got a V16 pushrod engine that is based from a truck. And they say it’s not done, implying the car should be better than it intended. We’ll wait for it for more news to come.

LMC Tempest

Leviathan Motor Company

The Tempest luxury sports car wants to stand out against it’s competitors by making the design of the car better than most cars on the show and has an hardtop. Good looks can’t prove anything tho, but I’m sure it would thanks to it’s good performance and handling.

Zenshi Shinden X2


Somehow, another large sedan came to this show. This time is Zenshi’s facelifted Gundan, with an more aggressive appearance and a reworked V12 engine. And it costs less than your typical S-Class. Yeah, with an V12 of course.

The Shinden X2 supercar might sounds like some Gundam robot, but nope, it’s a V10TT supercar with a massive HP, 4-stage aero and an absurd asking price. What’s next, a real Gundam robot?

Auxuras STL


Is the Japanese really want to show off this year? But the newly released Auxuras STL, claims to have no physical buttons in car. For real. What’s the point of buttons anyway? /s

Besides the STL, the ITL Spec-V is also showcased at Auxuras’s own press event. While it’s not as “innovative” as the STL, but it has more power, and handles much more better.

Bradford Model A


The Model A is finally here, with a 300+ km/h top speed, and a horrible front end that makes the AL Autos Irev a beauty. Oh gosh. But in the other end of the spectrum, the Battaliga looks great, and drives great. But those tailpipes tho. It’s larger than my laptop, I say.

Martin-Wagner Stratus


Somehow, they have made a decision to make their public showcase just several hours before the deadline. At least they did show us something special. The new Stratus is a big release to the company’s famous compact car, and they even shown loads of updates and engines to the car. But one big question: could it live up to it’s name?

Simge Pista X


Unexpectedly, Simge (short for Simulated Generated, and why its shortened name sound Korean to me) came to this show, and released the Pista X sports car and the Engima X sedan. To be honest, I even thought somebody just rebadged some older car and resell it, because they look a bit dated. Do your design better, Simge.

Oh yeah, I have forgot about the Portare SX too. Although I say the looks is quite outdated, but an 800+ hp flagship model sounds crazy as hell. Trust me.

That it for this year’s NAIAS. See ya’ll on Geneva!

More updates coming soon, stay tuned.
For more news about NAIAS, please visit our website to see more news about it!

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Martin-Wagner Auto GmbH Official Press Event

Since 1960, Martin-Wagner’s compact family car, the Stratus is known for it’s dependability and superb comfort. We keep improving the concept to it’s best. Selling more than 20 million units, the Stratus is one of Germany’s most well-known products to date.
And today, we can prove the legendary Stratus is still alive and kicking. Now in it’s 8th generation, the Stratus is still improving, not just to it’s limits, but tries to overtake them.

The all-new Martin-Wagner Stratus. One of a kind.

The new Stratus is designed from the ground up, with an all-new design, and it still has the qualities of Martin-Wagner’s cars. it’s svelte lines and a more futuristic look can even shame some luxury cars. Now with an improved interior, and loaded with the latest technology and safety, derived from no other than Ursula, the new Stratus is the car for the next generation.

With the help of Ursula’s proven Ursula Advanced Modular Platform (UAMP) the new Stratus is lighter than it’s predecessor, effectively improves it’s proven handling. The engines are much more fuel efficient thanks to the latest TXi and DXi-T technology. And for the first time, an all-electric version, the Stratus E-Force, is also planned for production, giving buyers a new choice for green motoring.

Currently, only 3 different petrol engines, and a diesel engine are released, ranging from a 1.2 L4 to an 1.8 L4 with various tunes to suit everyone’s needs. A 1.6 turbocharged diesel engine is also coming, but only on Europe and Middle East. Later, a 2.5 turbocharged diesel is also planned, as well as an-all electric version. As for high-performance models, they will come too, but stay tuned for more info about them.


1.2 TXi 1.5 TXi 1.8 TXi 1.6 DXi-T E-Force
Engine Inline-4, DOHC, Direct Injection, Turbocharged Inline-4, DOHC, Direct Injection, Turbocharged Permanent-magnet synchronous AC motor
Fuel Type/Battery type RON 95 Petrol Diesel Li-ion battery
Displacement (cc)/Battery capacity (kWh) 1195cc 1498cc 1792cc 1590 cc 45 kWh
Power (PS) 105 PS @ 5600 RPM 144 PS @ 5000 RPM 178 PS @ 5000 RPM 112 PS @ 4600 RPM 140 PS
Torque (Nm) 180 Nm @ 4300 RPM 227 Nm @ 4500 RPM 250 Nm @ 4500 RPM 255 Nm @ 1800 RPM 215 Nm
Top speed (km/h) 225 km/h (limited) 240 km/h (limited) 240 km/h (limited) 195 km/h (limited) 150 km/h (limited)
0 -100 km/h 9.9 s (DCT) 8.2 s (DCT) 7.5 s (DCT) 10.8 s (DCT) 9.3 s
Fuel Economy (L/100 km, Combined) 4.7 - 4.8 L/100 km (DCT) 5.2 - 5.3 L/100 km (DCT) 5.9 - 6 L/100 km (DCT) 3.6 - 3.7 L/100 km (DCT) N/A
Transmissions 6-speed manual, 7 speed DCT, CVT 6-speed manual, 7 speed DCT 7-speed manual, 7 speed DCT 6-speed manual, 7 speed DCT, CVT 1-speed direct drive
Drivetrain FWD FWD, QuadDrive AWD FWD, QuadDrive AWD FWD, QuadDrive AWD FWD
Availability Worldwide Europe and Middle East only TBA

* specs yet to be finailized

The new Stratus will be commenced for production this April, and sales will start at June in Europe, then coming to the rest of the world later this year.

Martin-Wagner Auto GmbH - The Pursuit of Joy (Deprecated)

Simge's Press Release at NAIAS 2019


Since 1975, Simge, stands for Simulated Engineering are producing varying range of cars aimed at many market, especially to people who wanted an affordable car with good efficiency. At Simge, we always put comfort and practicality in our vehicles over everything. But today, we will change that.

Introducing our latest line up, the X series.

The X series was designed with performance in mind. After years of research and development, our in-house performance division finally able to create high performance, powerful vehicle.

Our X series are born, developed, and meant to be driven on racing tracks without compromising their road going ability. Developed with months of testing in Laguna Seca Raceway, we are proud to introduce the X series line up of cars.

2019 Simge Pista X

The Pista was designed to be an affordable option for people who want a fun, quick and stylish coupe. The Pista X getting a lot of new upgrades over the regular Pista. We have tweaked the 2 liter Power4 engine inside the regular Pista and with a lot of performance components inside, including the addition of turbocharger which makes 489 hp @7100 rpm and 506 nm of torque. We also replaced the manual transmission in regular Pista with 6-speed dual clutch transmission. The agile handling of Pista was also improved with the addition of active sport suspension. The Pista X was able to go from 0-100 km/h in 4 seconds with top speed rated at 280 km/h. To keep the Pista X lightweight, we fitted the Pista X with a sport interior including two semi-bucket seats and lightweight material. With all the addition, we are going to launch the Pista X with the price of $49,045

2019 Simge Enigma VX

Since its launch in 2014, the Enigma has gained a reputation of being a compact, economical city sedan with its 1.5l Eco4 engine. The Enigma VX on the other hand, is anything but that. The VX is powered with 2 liter turbocharged Power4 engine. The new engine makes the VX gained a hefty 332 hp of power and 417 nm of torque. To help distribute the power, we added an all-wheel drive and geared LSD mated with 7-speed dual clutch transmission. This resulted in an improved 0-100km/h performance to 5.2 seconds with a top speed of 250 km/h. The VX are also equipped with premium semi-bucket seats in front and 10 speakers audio system with an integrated Sim-Drive in-car entertainment system as a standard. The VX will be sold at $48,780.

2020 Simge Portare SX

Launched in 2012, the Portare is our flagship car with the option of I4 engine on S variant and V6 engine on SL variant. For 2020 model year, we are decided to give the Portare an X series treatment. Taking the SL as a base, we are giving the SX a lot of improvement over the SL. As per the X series tradition, the SX is getting a new engine. The 4.2L Power8 engine inside the SX producing 834hp of power and 927nm of torque. Mated with 7 speed DCT and AWD, the SX can reach the top speed of 320km/h. With its luxurious interior with Alcantara leather and premium 21 speakers audio system with integrated Sim-Drive system, the SX will sell for $81,683

All X Series will have the exclusive Racing Green body color as an option

Simge Motors

Auxuras, Craft for the best

ITL Spec-V Booth

2020 ITL Spec-V Sport Pckg promise better performance.

Auxuras promised that the 2020 ITL Spec-V Sport Pckg will be a much more competitive car compared to it rivals, the exterior have not been changed much but Auxuras gave the new ITL Spec-V a much more aggressive grille.

The vehicle have been re-tuned from head to toe, Auxuras even changed the whole suspension system, reduced it weight and increased the engine power

Auxuras says it has increased it power from 380BHP to 413BHP, and can do 0-60mph in just 5s. It has go atleast a 100kg diet, but it still uses the same 8-speed automatic transmission

The MSRP for the ITL S-V Sport Pckg cost 2 grand more which will be $58,510, it will go on sales around Q3 to Q4 this year as a 2020 model year.

STL Booth

2020 STL will be the first vehicle to go full capacitive sensing without any physical button

The STL have not been selling well and sales for it was very bad, and we mean real bad. Last year, Auxuras only manage to sell only 1920 STL in U.S, less than 1% of total sales for the brand. But things could change soon, the 2020 STL will be the most ‘‘advanced’’ vehicle ever claimed by Auxuras, and it’s all touch capacitive, from starting your engine, to winding down your windows, everything uses capacitive sensing developed by Auxuras called the ‘‘OneTouch Technology’’, similiar to a smartphone

No Button
The OneTouch Technology enable you to control the car functions like on a cellphone, you can wind down your window by scrolling up or down from a small display on your door armrest, your steering wheel controls are all touchscreen with a small display which you can add or remove widget according to your preference, however, you have to double tap the screen on your steering wheel to unlock it due to safety reasons. The gear level are all buttonless as well as your parking brake and engine stop start.

Powering the STL will be the same 3.5-liter SOHC V6 engine that is mated to a new 9 speed automatic transmission, producing 311BHP and 355nm of torque

The 2020 STL will goes on sale around Q3 of 2019 and a 2020 model year and should have a starting price of under $65,000.

Auxuras Motor Co - Next Step, The Comeback

Welp. That’s all folks, and now it’s time for the real automotive news for all the newest reveals at the NAIAS. As always, be sure to check Our Page because we do reviews and more news! Without further ado, lets get into the reveals!

Fuji Motorworks played Eurobeat at their reveal… god… I knew Japan was trapped in the 90s but this is pathetic. They revealed a mid engined car called the spectre, with a 2.5L engine and starts from 35,000$. Either it’s made from cardboard or they haven’t left much room there for profit themselves. Only time will tell.

Here’s Corsica’s cheetah and credit where it’s due, it doesn’t look that offensive. It looks painfully bland, but not offensive. You can get an I4, a V6 or a V8 if you want. Credit where it’s due, doesn’t look bad, I just wonder how it drives.

thanks for the grammar lesson, Okul, but show me why I’d go all the way to Estonia for a luxury sports car. Last I checked Estonia was still trapped in 2009 and the government was paying to make video games. You can see further evidence of this from the fact they’ve released a sports sedan. Nobody’s buying those anymore, a mid engined prototype. Which I can’t comment much on if you aren’t going to tell me much about it, And their ARX prototype. Nice, maybe that will be good if we ever see ARX get launched… cough cough.

Tanaka has made great strides to improve their styling. The new Aventus doesn’t look offensive at all! But you went through all that length to talk about the design and engine but didn’t even mention the interior? Oh well, nobody’s buying luxury sedans anymore either.

Here’s Gabatron’s 4000$ Mobility scooter. I don’t see a range listed, and even if I did, no American in their right mind is going to buy something like that. It’s too small, too pretentious, not fast enough and WAY too french. Maybe you should sell that in a country that might work better, like, oh, I don’t know, France?

Axuma made a bland looking luxury sedan which nobody will buy and a bland looking crossover which people probably will.

Shromet’s new Strasser looks like an old Scagilati, and not in a good way. It looks dated already, It’s John Pinette wearing a corset and telling everybody he’s thin. Honestly if you buy that or any modern Shromet you’re a fool.

Murasaki Automotive … did I read that right? A mid engined v10 car that’s… Transversely mounted? uh… you do you I guess. I don’t think I’ll comment on that one.

Here’s the Kyoki Pandora which is apparently “an enthusiasts car” well, last I checked, 99% of enthusiasts can’t afford a 175,000$ mid engined supercar because they’re too busy buying parts for their broken cars. Like me. My Erin Tauga won’t stay working for 5 seconds. As always with super cars, the proof is in the pudding so show us what it can do around a track and maybe people will line up.

GEC unveiled a new sedan/wagon in a desperate attempt to keep the traditional American sedan alive. A noble effort but I’m afraid it will go sour. Nobody is buying wagons either. Just give the consumers what they want.

Here’s something rather strange from Deer and Hunt, a supercar modeled after a truck? That’s pretty wack. But I’m guessing truck buyers won’t like it because it can’t tow their boat, and supercar buyers won’t like it because it, well, looks like a truck. No word on pricing yet or performance but considering it’s got a twin turbo pushrod V16 I don’t think it will be slow.

LMC’s new Tempest is here. Looks awesome but for a GT car it’s so small! Aren’t GT cars supposed to be, y’know, big?

Murasaki asks, “What is better than one of our cars on the international market?” I don’t know, Zero of your cars on the international market? Either way they’ve made a crossover and a mid engined supercar which strangely resemble one another… Not the connection I would have made but sure.

I almost missed Zenshi’s display and woah, woah, WOAH! Stop the presses everybody! They actually made a car that looks different from all their other models! Unfortunately it’s a $125,000 luxury sedan which I bet will be nice to drive and sell like a car wash in a rainstorm.
Also The Shinden X2 which looks complicated, and expensive. Almost 1000Hp? Not bad.

Martin-Wagner Auto GmbH (god what a mouthful) has a new little hatchback called the Stratus. There’s a lot of petrol and diesel engines and even an electric option! But no word on price makes me raise my eyebrow.

Simge made the Pista with the goal of being affordable. But whoever made that desicion must have taken a nap and forgotten because they’ve made a Pista X which costs 50,000$! They also have 2 dated looking and expensive performance sedans. Which I will once again say that nobody will buy. This is 2019 America, people are buying crossovers.

Auxuras has a new ITL Spec-V which is lighter and has more power, good stuff. All the power in the world won’t change that it looks like a whale though. Actually, scratch that. Perhaps enough power and will rip itself apart at high speed and then I suppose it won’t look like a whale.

The new STL is also here, which we all know isn’t selling well, and Aurxuras hopes to turn that around. But adding gimmicks like being able to play with it with a smartphone isn’t going to lure buyers away from SUVs. I’m not sure how autonomous this driving system is but I know I wouldn’t trust a car with a screen on the steering wheel. One airbag explosion and that thing is a mortar flinging shards of glass into my face. No thanks.


you will enjoy eurobeat sooner or later.


RetroniX Showcase @ NAIS 2019

Welcome to the RetroniX Showcase at the North American International Auto Show. We are going to reveal our 3 all-new vehicles .

Model A Platform

Model A Sedan

As Retronix’s main lineup, the Model A aims to be the perfect daily driver for the masses while offering a performance based source of happiness in their lives. Priced at $36682 @ 20%, it is priced competitively with its rivals while offering standard quality seats and touchscreen infotainment. Made with an all-aluminum platform, it aims to offer variety for future developments of this car.


Top speed - 338 km/h
0-100 km/h - 4.40s
Drive type - Longitudinal RWD
Transmission - 7 speed Sequential / Geared LSD
Tyres (standard) - F245/R265, 700 Tyre Diameter 18 inch Rim Diameter (alloy)
Weight: 1630.7kg (54.7/45.3)

2818cc All-AlSi Inline-6 cylinder DOHC 4-valves Turbo-charged
Direct Fuel Injection
95 RON
10.6:1 compression
493 HP @ 8200 RPM
506 Nm @ 5200 RPM

Model A GT-Class Coupe

As the Model A’s big and luxurious brother of the range, it is no surprise that it does not fail to offer you the best in comfort and luxury. Step inside and you find 2+2 seating layout covered in premium quality leather, adjusted using electricity. and in the center is an 9" infotainment touchscreen.

Although using the same engine as the sedan, it is tuned up to 535hp to compensate for the heaviness of all these luxuries and now uses a Dual-Clutch 7-Speed gear box to help accelerate to 0-100 in 4.2s, up to a top speed of 347 km/h.


Top speed - 346 km/h
0-100 km/h - 4.20s
Drive type - Longitudinal RWD
Transmission - 7 speed Dual-Clutch Sequential / Geared LSD
Tyres (standard) - F245/R265, 720 Tyre Diameter 19 inch Rim Diameter (magnesium)
Weight: 1630.8kg (54.6/45.4)

2797cc All-AlSi Inline-6 cylinder DOHC 4-valves Turbo-charged
Direct Fuel Injection
98 RON
11.4:1 compression
535 HP @ 8500 RPM
501 Nm @ 6900 RPM

RetroniX Battaglia

At the center of the stand, stands proud the battleship of the brand.

Commanding presence at its whim

The All-new RetroniX Battaglia Sports Car.

As the model car of RetroniX, this car is the culmination of all our skills, R&D, time that has been poured out for the production of such model.

Carbon Fibre in the chassis helps it keep out unwanted weight

No forced induction for natural characteristic

All-mechanical being for road, and for the track. Priced at $167770 @ 40%

Top speed - 345 km/h 0-100 km/h - 3.10s

Drive type - Longitudinal AWD (69% Rear)

Transmission - 7 speed Sequential / Electric LSD
Tyres (standard) - F270/R325, 710 Tyre Diameter 19 inch Rim Diameter (magnesium)
Weight: 1631.5kg (43.8/56.2)

5916cc Magnesium/AlSi V12 DOHC w/ VVL 4-valves Naturally Aspirated
Direct Fuel Injection
98 RON
12.5:1 compression
664 HP @ 8400 RPM
634 Nm @ 6600 RPM

Please give me a PM if anyone wants to review either of the three cars.


Fuji Motorworks Press Event II

The lights dim and LEDs on stage turn blue as a small sports utility vehicle rolls out onto the stage.

Conquest SUV

The all new Conquest comes to Detroit with a 2.5 liter straight 6 and optional AWD. This midsize SUV is perfect for adventure, if that adventure is dropping the kids off at soccer practice, buying furniture or going hiking. Just get a front wheel drive model so you can adventure with 50 mpg.


The new Conquest offers up to 51.5 miles per gallon combined, thanks to its especially efficient 2.5 liter ‘6L25’ turbocharged six cylinder, which, thanks to its classic inline design, allows both extreme smoothness and ease of maintenance in its transverse configuration. With it’s next-generation modulated valves, this engine allows incredible economy even in vehicles that may not be regarded as especially economical.


The new Conquest offers a 1300 liter cargo area, with up to 3000 liters available with a folded second row. The optional third row offers more capacity if required, and is easily accessible through second-row captain’s chairs (only on third row models). The Conquest can also tow up to 3400 lbs, and is rated for 1000 lbs of cargo capacity inside.


The Conquest is capable, economical and easy to use, with a 7-speed automatic standard. A 7-speed manual is optional if you’d like to stay in control. The available AWD system allows the Conquest to go anywhere, and even if it’s not equipped, you can journey anywhere without worrying about the paint thanks to cladding on the sides and front of the SUV. Fuji SafetySense keeps you on track even if you doze off, and a brief alarm stands by to wake you up - or, the car will stop itself in a dangerous situation and swerve to avoid accidents. If you do get into a mess, however, the car’s standard 15 airbag setup will keep you in place and the crumple zones will keep unwanted vehicles out of your immediate presence.


2.5 SE FWD

Premium cloth seating
Fuji SafetySense
Infotainment with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
7 speed automatic transmission
2.5 liter six cylinder turbocharged engine
Body side cladding
18 inch Alloy Wheels
LED foglights
Rear view camera
Mirror turn signal cameras


2.5 SE AWD

Premium cloth seating
Fuji SafetySense
Infotainment with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
7 speed automatic transmission
2.5 liter six cylinder turbocharged engine
Fuji Modulated 4 Way AWD
Body side cladding
18 inch Alloy Wheels
LED foglights
Rear view camera
Mirror turn signal cameras


2.5 ES

Premium leather seating with heated and cooled driver/passenger seats
Fuji SafetySense
Premium Infotainment with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
7 speed automatic transmission
2.5 liter six cylinder turbocharged engine
Fuji Modulated 4 Way AWD
Body side cladding
19 inch Alloy Wheels
LED foglights
Rear view camera
Mirror turn signal cameras


4.6 ES

Premium leather seating with heated and cooled driver/passenger seats
Fuji SafetySense
Premium Infotainment with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
7 speed automatic transmission
4.6 liter turbocharged V8 engine
Fuji Modulated 4 Way Performance AWD
Body side cladding with chrome accents
19 inch Alloy Wheels
Comfort suspension tuning
LED foglights
Rear view camera
Mirror turn signal cameras


Was going to reveal this as well, game kept crashing and I need to study

Audentia Motors

Thank you everyone for your participation in this event. We hope you enjoyed taking part.

The next event will be the 89th Geneva International Motor Show.

Please do not unveil any more cars.


Last day of the North American Auto Show, and cars are out!

Lately Ursula has alot of releases, and I can’t keep up. So far it seems they have a coupe, a sedan concept, an LM Prototype Prototype (it seems). The Coupe is called the F3 600GT, and no matter what they say… it’s not mental at all, it looks very empty and bland, and they suspiciously will not say anything about the 0-60. The concept sedan looks fairly okay, as it’s been designed by Studio di design Fiorentino, although it is definitely not their best, I don’t shy away from it. It seems to be rather techy, and shows off Urusula’s interior design concepts. Pretty impressive for an Ursula, all in all. The Prototype Prototype we don’t have much info except that Ursula will be joining LMP1, will hope to see them on the track.

AL Autos has the Irev, which attempts, and fails, to hypnotize me into buying one. The exhausts on it are Absolute UNITS, I bet I could fit my shoes in there. It has nice black rims with a body colored stripe, looks rather sporty. They have 5 trims, which will most likely keep everyone who will buy these happy, but I’m more interested in the Quaseteueaus… Quasar… some sedan that starts with a Q! It looks rather unique, like it or not, and I can say, this one does hypnotize me, even if I don’t like it too much. Impressive sedan!

Evegnis has their crossover, the Sphinx, and I can say IT LOOKS GREAT! Everything goes very well together, and I say the designer is great at his job, doesn’t matter how much he’s being payed (I don’t know) but he/she needs a raise! I can’t tell what segment it’s in, because it seems to advertise luxury, and not be too expensive, but not cheap either… reminds me of the Topisa, which I had been given early acces to (more on that later). All in all though, I’m seriously thinking about buying one for the kids and I. It seems my vegan friend would love it.

Now from… China. Huh. OH WAIT! It’s from one of those few Chinese car companies that are actually quality! (Speaking of, expect a review on a Jinhe soon.) Huangdou has replaced an old hatchback with a great looking crossover. Yup! More great crossovers! The CC looks shockingly great, I can’t decide between this or the Evegnis, this one looks very modern, and I’m guessing it could sell until 2036, like the communists do, and this Huangdou grille style? Top notch stuff. My favorite part of the car- actually no, second, design is still unbeatable -is the talking soybean that it comes with! I saw my weeb friend messing with it, and they somehow ended up with some anime girl in the car or something? Really cool though. They also came out with the SC, and no surprise, IT LOOKS SO AMAZING!!! I WANNA GO TO CHINA NOW! Okay, so, it’s a small sports car, with a little engine, I’m assuming it could be a rival to those small Harada Sports cars, and the SportX is really fast! 4.4 seconds! (Please teach me your ways of amazing design Senpai @yangx2 :stuck_out_tongue:)

Harada has come out with… 3 cars? 4? I dunno, 2 of the cars are same except for the design, and the better looking one isn’t even available, WHERE THIS AUTO SHOW EVEN IS! Anywaaaay, the first car, isn’t a car, it’s a letdown of a truck. What are you doing Harada, producing a truck since 2008? At least the Road King and HRT X are cool, the Road King seems to be one of those American luxury pickups, and the HRT X is an off-roading truck. It gets an amazing, whopping, massive, 11 MPG! That’s about the worst at the show! Good job Harada! Now, for the other 3 cars, I was invited to an early event, the Topisa, and the SK/Serena. The Topisa is a crossover, very similar to the Evegnis from earlier, but I’m not really thinking about buying this one, something about it puts me off. The Sereva is designed by Lavelle, and it looks great… except I don’t think it’ll be bought by anyone. I’m not a fan of the SK’s looks, and I don’t think anyone will buy this either.

From Studio di design Fiorentino, there’s the Turbina II, it doesn’t look bad, and has a unique biofuel turbine engine. Not much info about this one, but it’s pretty cool!

Fuji has a mid engined sports car, the Spectre, and it looks nice, nothing too amazing or impressive, and the performance isn’t too great, but I can’t say it’s bad at all. It’s got great economy, and it might be made of plastic, as it’s very cheap. Not too bad in all.

Corsica Cheetah! Looks great, performs great, hasn’t gotten rid of the V6! I’m more inclined to that fat V8, or that small I4. The V8 SS is a proper performer, and is definitely in most budgets. I am a fan!

Tanaka has just came out with the new Aventus! It’s great! I love how the car looks, it has these really nice exhaust pipes and lights, the grilles go very well together, great car. It has an optional DCT, which I find odd, although the car comes with a V8 and V6. The car, you should think about it, though it’s rather expensive, starting at $48,105.

Hokuto has revealed the Axuma luxury brand, which seems to be in the same vain as Rakuda or Auxuras, which I’m glad to see some more rivalry with! The cars are very nice, with a sedan and a large crossover, which have multiple options and bespoke features!

Shromet has come out with the generic American crossover! The Strasser! It’s very average, and I don’t think it’s too bad! One thing I find odd, is that it has an optional 3.0 I5. Winder how many will pick that up. Another oddity is 530… this is SFG level of crack.

The Kyoki Pandera is a mid engined, amazing supercar, with a 690 HP V8, and great looks, a lot of grilles, and carbon fibre. I am a fan, and it is very cheap for such a supercar, especially judging that it has a 14 inch screen in it!

Now we know why the DaH Fallow has that nameplate! It looks just like a DaH Fallow truck! It’s amazing, with a V16, strangely… pushrod, and it’s a truck engine? Yeah, odd car, but it’s still great!

LMC has the Tempest, and it seems to be a normal sports car on the inside… and an AMAZING looking, gorgeous outside, with the grille, lights, and everything, also, expect to see them in Geneva!

Another favorite, Auxuras, has the ITL Spec-V, and the STL. (We had also heard that Rakuda will be making a rival to the Spec-V.) The ITL has GREAT looks and performance and looks, definitely a keeper! I have no buttons to push with the STL, figuratively and literally, as it really has none. It looks great, inside and out, and it is also a very expensive car, though, like the ITL, it is very much worth it!

That’s all for the Auto Show, you’ll see me soon, maybe with Geneva? (Sorry for missing some releases)


Optional DCT?! I thought I said optional AWD…


Welcome To The 2019 North American International Auto Show from Atlas Automotive.

Starting off this new year, we are ready to show off our Latest Vehicle, the Flagship sports car, The Atlas Vortex! Also being shown off is the Atlas R Super car.

Atlas Vortex S

The Atlas Vortex is the main sports car of Atlas Automotive. Built from high quality parts, each model is hand build and then rigorously tested at the Nurburgring in germany. Decades of racing experience and dedication are essential parts of the Vortex experience. The base model Vortex S is powered by the Venerable 3.5L VX35 DE Flatplane V8 engine. Sent through the ever reliable F10 Sequential Transmission to the rear wheels, the VX35 produces 452 bhp at 8700rpm and 329 lb-ft of torque. The Vortex also features magnetic suspension control, allowing fully adjustable settings for either improved comfort or aggressive when you intend to take the Vortex to the track. No frills, just Atlas performance at its finest.

“The Vortex is waiting, are you ready?” -Vortex commercial tagline

Price: $115,000

Engine: 3.5L FSI V8 DOHC Transmission: F10 Sequential Paddleshift
Horsepower: 452 hp @ 8700rpm Torque: 329 lb-ft @ 6600rpm
Weight: 3270 lb Skidpad: 1.27g
0-60(mph): 3.7s Top speed: 196 mph
1/4 mile: 11.7s MPG: 14.4 mpg

Atlas Vortex V

The V model of the Vortex takes the preformance to the next level. Installing a pair of turbochargers, the power is upped to an impressive 657 horsepower. The Transmission has been swapped to the F12 Sequential to better match the increased performance. Also installed is Atlas’ well tested Razor All Wheel drive system, insuring all that power makes it to the pavement. A adjusted from lip and canards help keep the Vortex V glued to the ground by producing 1.33g’s of downforce. The Vortex V is the ultimate way to experience what the Vortex sports car line has to offer.

Price: $140,000

Engine: 3.5L TFSI V8 DOHC Transmission: F12 Sequential Paddleshift
Horsepower: 657 hp @ 8800rpm Torque: 439 lb-ft @ 7100rpm
Weight: 3250 lb Skidpad: 1.33g
0-60(mph): 3.0s Top speed: 200 mph(Drag limited with rear spoiler deployed)
1/4 mile: 10.6s MPG: 10.2 mpg

Atlas R

The Atlas R is Atlas’ signature vehicle, it was first unveiled at Mondial Paris 2018. The Atlas R benefits from all of Atlas’ advancements in racing technology, its built for total domination on the track. The V10, the R54 DE, of the Atlas R even has history behind it, its basis being the V30 FI engine used in the Atlas Velocity 7.36 edition. The design was refined and improved using modern technology to produce an incredible 845 horsepower and rev to nearly 9,000 rpm. With incredible power such as this, good aerodynamics and grip were essential. The Razor All wheel drive system puts all that power down to the pavement through sticky Ecsta V720 tires. Once at speed, the rear deployable spoiler(like panamera) helps to maintain downforce, exerting a maximum of 1.46g’s.

The Atlas R is ready for the competition, are you ready to put yourself behind the wheel and tame this beast?

Price: $320,000(est.)*

Engine: 5.4L FSI V10 DOHC Transmission: F12 Sequential Paddleshift
Horsepower: 845 hp @ 8500rpm Torque: 534 lb-ft @ 7600rpm
Weight: 3264 lb Skidpad: 1.39g
0-60(mph): 2.5s Top speed: 238 mph(194mph if spoiler is deployed)
1/4 mile: 10.17s MPG: 11.5 mpg




Fuck me… I was so busy and I had school so I had no time to post my car. I’m going to unveil it at Geneva then.


Or if you can’t wait for Geneva then you could make a thread for your cars instead.