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Not my 2002 Toyota Corolla T-Sport anymore


So this is my first car and it is pretty neat as it is very quicc.
I have only found one strange thing with it. It is the gearbox as I can accelerate to 100kmh in second gear and just change straight to sixth gear from the second gear, but I believe the gear box is from lotus elise so it kinda makes sense why it is strange.

Sorry I am not artistic enough to write a novel about my car
I might add more text.

Pictures (I dont have many pictures (not text) yet):

1991 Renault Clio 16V

Awesome ride!

Enjoy that 2ZZ-GE!


Be proud of your Toyota man! :grin: The gearbox in the Elise is from the Corolla, not the other way around.


A ninth-gen Corolla is a reliable friend you can trust, certainly. Although for your first car, a T-Sport is a rather… beefy friend. :joy:

Joking aside, it’s a cool ride, best of luck! Also, these are normally naturally-aspirated, right? I know of the supercharger versions, but this one is bound to be a normal T-Sport…


Yes. T-Sport is the NA. The supercharger it was the TTE, although you can buy the supercharger as an aftermarket element, in Toyota. With warranty (at least in Spain).


As I thought, thanks for clarifying. The supercharger examples are hard to come across, so it’s something I don’t see often. Doesn’t make the T-Sport any less cool, it’s still an Elise engine with plenty of pep!


Corollas are good first car. Good car in general too. You have to be fairly particular or want certain quirks if you go for something else.

That said, it’s not unusual for manuals to hit 100km/h in second then be able to shift up to whatever you want, though probably more so if your car was significantly older.


Update: Secondary air injection pump is malfunctioning and it turns off the vsc and traction control sometimes. Now I have to find a way to bypass it as I am not going to pay 1/4 of the car’s price just to replace a fairly useless part.


I should get winter tires.
Snow helps to hide my license plate… …Speeding cameras can’t see my plate now :thinking:


I got tired of that Corolla and got another one.