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Nothingness 2


Some things were here, they were bad.

Performance tuner Time attack 1995

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Not a bad design. Will watch for more… also, excuse me while I sort this, it will take but a second


Spierdalaj mi stat! :smiley:


French approaches…
The Étalon!

Mid-class RWD/AWD car coming in a palette of various bodies since 1983 (with a face-lifting in 1989) with five engines, four trim levels and a few special editions - so great that it was produced until 1995 :slight_smile: It might not be long - only 4,40-4,46m - but thanks to its 2,65m wheelbase it has enough space for passengers, and hydropneumatic suspension and optional automatic transmission also ensure comfortable journey.

Its basic body is the 5-door liftback.

Most basic version.

There is also 4-door sedan named [color=#ff000f]Berline[/color]…

Special edition - luxurious Vagabond.

And of course more practical estate - [color=#ff000f]Break[/color] (it’s a French car in the end :wink:).

A bit off-roady Tigre, another special.

Also something more fun in store - coupe denoted by [color=#ff000f]S[/color] in name.

GTS - 3-door version of GTi hot-hatch (?).

Last but not least (in fact the longest equally to Berline) - [color=#ff000f]Cabrio[/color]!

[color=#999999]Top of the line Versailles.[/color] Erm… Cabrio after lifting is in Versailles trim, not this. Voyage is in the middle of the line.

Five engines, four trim levels - a car that will suit you perfectly. The model range starts with 1.6e Standard for $10 000 and ends with Tigre V6 for $15 900.


1.6e, 1.8 - cheap engines. 1.6 - economical one. 2.5 is denoted as “V6”.

Trim levels:

  • Standard - it just rides, has 4 wheels (15" steel), 5 seats and basic radio. Alloy rims are the only option. Available engines: 1.6e, 1.8, 1.6. Available bodies: 5d, Berline, Break.

  • Confort - better radio, power steering, some advanced safety features and alloy rims. No fancy options. Available engines: 1.6e, 1.8, 1.6, 2.0. Available bodies: 5d, Berline, Break, S (coupe).

  • Voyage - better quality of everything you get in Confort. Automatic transmission as a paid option with 1.6, 2.0 and V6. Available engines: 1.6e, 1.6, 2.0, V6. Available bodies: all.

  • Versailles - top of the line with premium interior, hydropneumatic suspension and 16" rims coming in standard. Automatic transmission as a free option with all engines. Available engines: 1.6, 2.0, V6. Available bodies: all.

There are 8 colours and 5 alloy rim types available with every trim level.
With such choice you can have one of over 2000 combinations. Even if that’s not enough, there are some [color=#ff000f]special models[/color]…


Both are powered by slightly tuned 2.5 V6 known from other versions - Antares E1B - with power increased to 172HP. They have a bit sportier suspension, improved brakes and wider tyres on 16" alloy rims. In other terms GTi is equipped equally to Voyage trim, while GTS stays closer to Versailles - the only difference being lack of hydropneumatic suspension.
Performance on the example of GTi:


Its the first company car to use turbocharged engine, and also the first sports model to use AWD. The engine chosen for this experiment was Sirius E7A. Apart from adding turbo it also got all-new multi-point injection (in place of single-point) and few other minor tweaks, resulting in astonishing 212HP, while still being reasonably reliable and running on 91 octane fuel. All of this was packed into widened GTi body with few aerodynamic changes. Other modification include wider wheels, limited slip differential, even better than GTi’s brakes and even sportier than GTi’s suspension. All of this with still comfortable interior made it an ultimate sport limousine of its class.


Fear not, those prefering some more of a “limousine” in a sport limousine. Vagabond is what you need, with powerful V6 from GTi and luxuries of a Versailles. It also represents your style and taste with unique silver colour of a classical Berline body set on 16" wheels. Having in mind its big power engineers worked day and night to make its hydropneumatical suspension a perfect balance between comfort and driveability. Other parts of this balance are improved brakes, discrete tail wing and standard automatic transmission.

Tigre & Tigre V6

Tired of all this haste towards sportiness? Want to relax in the wild? Étalon Tigre will take you there with no effort - both from you and from the car. Thanks to its higher suspension and constant AWD it goes effortlessly where other cars must stop. Thanks to its big baggage space it can take everything you need for your picnic, and even a lot more. Thanks to its standard automatic transmission and comfortable interior you can relax on your route to the picnic already. All of this comes in standard 2.0 variant and premium V6, although both of them have hydropneumatic suspension included.

For the end, the cheapest 1.6e Standard performance for comparison (sorry that I didn’t provide data for most other versions, but it’s simply too much :slight_smile:):

What about the lifting? Well, almost everything changes in it, so there will be second post about it, roughly the same size :slight_smile:


Aaaand here it is, Étalon facelifted to welcome the 90s, as the Étalon X!

Here pictured it’s basic version, being an equivalent to pre-lifting 1.6e Standard.

The car undergone many changes - both visual and mechanical. Front screen became more tilted - as it was previously on S and Cabrio - on 5d, Berline and Break bodies, as did the front of the car, which made it more aerodynamic and modern-looking. Also practicality is a bit improved in Berline and Cabrio bodies thanks to tailgates ending significantly lower. All versions got better brakes, mounted previously in Étalon GTi, and also new suspension. ABS appeared as a standard equipment of all trims and traction control as optional in Xs trim and standard in Xl and all special models. 3 of 5 engines are completely new constructions, developed especially for this model, and another one is much better compared to its predecessor. It might not be a completely new car, but it’s an overall refreshment, making Étalon ready for a new decade to come.

New bodies, starting from basic 5d (also showing new colours available):



Former S, renamed to simply [color=#ff000f]Coupe[/color]:


New engines

1.6e & 1.7 are less expensive engines, new 1.6 is even more economical than its predecessor, and 2.5 - took straight from previous GTi - is still denoted as V6.

New trims

  • Xe/Xme - replaces Standard. Available engines: 1.6e (Xe 1.6), 1.7 (Xe 1.7), 1.6 (Xme 1.6). Available bodies: 5d, Berline, Break.
  • X/Xm - replaces Confort. Available engines: 1.6e (X 1.6), 1.7 (X 1.7), 1.6 (Xm 1.6), 2.0 (Xm 2.0). Available bodies: 5d, Berline, Break, Coupe.
  • Xs - replaces Voyage. Offers optional traction control. Available engines: 1.7 (Xs 1.7), 1.6 (Xs 1.6), 2.0 (Xs 2.0), 2.5 (Xs V6). Available bodies: all.
  • Xl - replaces Versailles. Unlike other trims offers traction control as a standard equipment. Available engines: 1.6 (Xl 1.6), 2.0 (Xl 2.0), 2.5 (Xl V6). Available bodies: all.

Special models


XGTi replaces both GTi and GTS, meaning both 5d and Coupe versions are now equal in terms of equipment. As standard versions of Étalon X got brakes from GTi, new XGTi got even better ones. It also got a completely new V6 with 4 valves per cyllinder and multi-point injection putting out 204HP & 247Nm of torque which allows it to have this performance:


XTS is a replacement for turbo. Its turbocharged engine is based on new, 16-valve generation of Sirius family and runs on 95 octane fuel instead of 91, and this together makes quite decent 245HP and 297Nm of torque. It has completely new brakes, new suspension and much wider tyres. With these canges, new engine and AWD inherited from its experimental predecessor it has impressive performance, considering it’s a comfortable, not so small liftback.

XLS Vagabond

The new Vagabond not only offers new unique Golden Sand colour, but also a major improvement comparing to the predecessor - an all-wheel drive for better driveability. It also offers the same new, powerful V6 that XGTi has under the hood. With all of this it achieves 217km/h, 0-100 in 9.9s and goes around TG track in 1:39.23.

X Tigre

Tigre is a special model that changed the least - still being a spacious estate that can take you everywhere in comfort. Still with automatic transmission, hydropneumatical suspension, permanent AWD and locking differential included. Still in two variants, Tigre and Tigre V6. However some changes were made - apart from common for all Étalon X’s ones such as better brakes, standard ABS and visual changes new Tigre got different bumpers with blinded vents and more plastic covers to prevent mud from getting into engine bay and other internal body spaces. New version is also more dynamic than its predecessor, achieving 197km/h top speed and 100km/h in 12.8s. Also for those curious how an off-roader deals with the test track - it does surprisingly well, with a time of 1:49.39s - in its less powerful version with a 2.0 engine.

Few other examples of Étalon X:


The first price is the base price (for comparison with the first Étalon), second is the actual one (excluding taxes).

  • Xe 1.6 - $10 500 / $11 500
  • Xs 1.6 Break - $13 300 / $14 600
  • XGTi - $15 600 / $17 900
  • X Tigre - $15 000/ $18 000
  • Xl V6 Cabrio - $16 500 / $19 000
  • XTS - $17 500 / $ 20 100
  • XLS Vagabond - $20 800 / $22 900

This is the end of Étalon’s story - at least for this generation :slight_smile: As I’ve written before, next comes something modern, and with rather small trunk :stuck_out_tongue: And next? Maybe something with hiding lamps and RX8-like doors, maybe something futuristic, maybe something familiar :wink:


Ridiculous amounts of booooscht do tend to make the car hard to drive around the TG test track! Also, I’ll add the body you’ve chosen is somewhat dynamically disappointing, in that while it fits massive engines, it also doesn’t house very wide wheels and has a bit more drag in proportion to other bodies. It’s also friggin’ heavy. All of which is why it may not seem that fast.


7,1 liters is the new standard, it seems.


If it’s AWD, a 7.1L V12 is as big as it gets. If RWD, that goes up to 10.8L or something.


7L engines are also the largest V12 you can get in a number of other engine bays, particularly some of the sports coupes and big sedans in AWD configuration.


I don’t think so. At an average of something like 1 emote per 17 words (not precise, I didn’t count) it’s probably more than the average, but emotes convey a lot that simple plain text doesn’t. I normally like using a lot of emotes myself to clarify the tone of a certain phrase :ok_hand:


cute - looks like the sort of concept sketches you’d see from the 70s


If only there was a way to get your own designs into the game without having to rely on others…


same as you I post random designs!
anyway, nice cars!
Especially the Demon.
And YAY for the french names


This looks properly cool… except “DAT OFFSET THO” :smiley:


I would like to see more information about both of these cars…


Nah I think you did a pretty good job on it tbh.

…I can also imagine it being a bit of a summer car project :grin:


Trabant lol