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Nurburgring 10 laps Challenge [ENTRIES RIGHT NOW]


someone had the track! Fixed the entry time (races begin December 22nd and end December 24th @ 12:00 am (not much time will be needed for creating and uploading screenshots))! How could getting a car to go FASTER than 220 mph clash with getting the most out of it? “Eats the road” is another way to say DANG FAST! A GTP1 is an F1 with fenders and looks nothing street legal and we all know what an F1 looks like! And @Microwave, since I can’t put you on an Ignore list, anything related to that meme will get you flagged, so take the image off by 2:00 pm today Mountain Time, or I will flag it (not because of the gun, but because it is ridiculous and it seems you will use it in any of my threads YOU SEE as stupid)! But seriously, I fixed the Entry time!

And @Sillyworld what in the world is that?

Tell you what, I will make a track. I will find out how. And don’t say track edit won’t work cause I already know!


You’ll figure it out once you start building cars that can handle a racetrack.


What is Nurembergring anyways?[quote=“CNCharger, post:6, topic:19148”]
what in the world is that?

It’s a golden cock, you have earned champ :innocent:

And that ladies and gentlemen, is why we have the search function.


Nurembergring is a track in Western Germany! It is one of the longest tracks ever and is used as the 24 hour endurance for testing along side Spa (in France) and Hockenheim!

What’s the Golden Rooster for?

How are there custom tracks out there if there is no working track edit, and I want to use a 35 mile track instead now!



this is stupider than a a soul food restaurant that doesn’t serve Chicken and Waffles.

@CNCharger i tell you this out of sincerity.


it’s like you have this mind to make these challenges and go against anything that conventional wisdom and common sense says.


Oh you mean Nürburgring (sarcasm)

Please, leave the forums, I’m afraid it might be contagious.

FYI the track editor is working, just need to put 2+2 together to use it. And the track already exists



I don’t get the Chicken and Waffles thing. I’ll go for years without eating waffles (last time I had a waffle was…I Don’t know, but chicken, That stuff is good)! And I think I mentioned this before, I have Aspergers (politically correct term is High End Autism, but Political Correctness ruined Star Wars by making it look like Greedo shot first and now I’m just waiting for the Star Wars theory that says Han has the force based on how fast his head moved (thanks to photoshop) but I believe and KNOW Han shot first)! Basically, I write what makes sense to me! Its a real pain for me to read books like “the Great Gatsby” cause they make NO STINKING SENSE! And there is no need for a judge cause we are only testing speed. And thanks @Sillyworld, I simply had a brain fart about the spelling!

How do I install it?


by using the search button




that’s a fucking cop out of an excuse and you fully well know it.

Asperger’s doesn’t make you make boneheadedly idiotic challenges without reading the guidelines, but being a fully certified wanton retard does.

when you use a learning disability as an excuse for your petulant and asinine behavior, you lose any shred of credibility you once hand, and you had next to none to begin with.


It just means I think differently. I do have it, and YOU JOHNWALDOCK are OUT OF LINE. Don’t turn this thread into a battleground! My challenge might need a few tweeks, and when I realize that, I’ll make the adjustments!

These Forums, they need an ignore option. Once that happens, all I have to do is put you on the list, and you can yell at me all you want, But I won’t care cause I won’t hear and your right to free speech is still not infringed! Its better than getting flag!


no, no. a few tweeks would be adjusting the drivablity requirements form 35 to 30.

this task needs a redesign.


And when I find a better way to structure this challenge, then I will! Oh, and didn’t I have a rule on MY Threads specifically about NO SWEARING! Its like the no smoking law. If someone doesn’t want people on their property to smoke, then they can say no smoking on their property! This is MY Thread! If not, then the thread was taken down.


Just remember that the function will work both ways.

In any case

I believe I and Strop have already suggested improvements to your challenges in the past, but I will quickly recap what makes a good challenge

  1. How will we be judged? How will the 10 laps be judged, and how will the 10 lap race differ from 1 lap race, i sure hope it’s not “automation time x 10”, cause that means it can be 1 lap race or it can be a 1000 lap race, there will be no difference

  2. What are the aspects that will factor into the challenge calculation, do I need reliability, fuel economy, comfort, drivability, off road?

  3. Requirements are… vague so

a. What’s the budget
b. What year is this limited by?
c. What are exact chassis types that we can/can not use (looks are not a valid reason to ban a chassis)
d. What are the engine requirements
e. What is expected of the engine because it does not only produce power, but a variety of other stats
f. Does it matter what kind of gearbox I use
d. Does it matter if I quality spam the superslick tires
e. Can the brakes overheat and if they do how will it affect the challenge
f. What if I can not feed the road to my car because I suck at visuals
g. If I decide I want to tune somebody else’s car, does that mean that the creator can’t use the same car as base, since it’s from the same company
h. Can I undercool the engine?
I. Do we even need safety?
J. What sort of fuel are we running
K. Is there a HP/W limit?

this is just the top of my head, there’s tons more that I can’t recall right now.



bye. before i get warned for meme overload :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow. What did I stumble onto in here? I thought it couldn’t get much worse, yet you’ve proven me wrong.

I think everyone else here has chastised you sufficiently, but I cannot let this one slide.

You’re on the internet. The American first amendment does not apply here, son. Furthermore, that right only applies restrictions on the government. I’m 99.9% confident that you’re not the government (the sheer incompetency is what preserves that last 0.1%). Thus, you can’t infringe on anyone’s rights.

Much like the other crap you produce on this forum, you should probably look into the subject matter before you spew it everywhere.


It’s the race track where they prosecute Race Criminals :laughing: