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Odd Exhaust?


Pre-word: I do play with quite a number of mods, so that is very likely a culprit in this error, but on the off-chance that it is within the game it might be looked into.

This is not exactly the most crucial bug I’ve ever found, just some oddity when adjusting the exhaust fixture. As I move the fixture around, the piping underneath the chassis just kept lowering itself. I tried it with both a modded exhaust and a vanilla exhaust and it kept doing the same thing. I did not try another body (mostly because the game crashed not long after, but I blame that on all the mods).


Sorry to bug you all with this, figured it might save headache to squash it now.


I had something different, but similiar. You just need to restart automation, if doesn’t work, export .car file, delete your car, and export the .car file to automation.