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Official Car Design Competition (UE4 Open Beta)


Same here TheMiltos21. The 80’s Premium was my only finalist car, and I can see so many ways of improving! I guess that’s what you get for trying to get a car into every category, rather than trying to make the best one or two you can… :stuck_out_tongue:


Today is competition video making day! That means in the next few days you’ll get more of the finals :slight_smile:


Ow yeah :smiley:




Got all footage for the remaining videos recorded and did all the overlays yesterday.
Today is another full video day and I just finished editing Finals Category F, that should go live at 1800 CET this Wednesday! I’ll cut together the audio commentary for the others probably today and that should leave another day of editing to get all but category R finished. :slight_smile:


The 90s Fun / Hot Hatch category finals are up!

Category G finals are done as well, it is scheduled for this Friday 1800 CET.


The Category G video, 00s SUVs and Utility vehicles, was released during the weekend:

Next up are the Hypercars! Just edited and uploaded the video, it will go live on Monday 1800 CET.


Grats Killrob! I can’t believe you won the hypercars category, but well done sir!!!


Indeed I am ze bäst hypercar maker!

But here we go, just finished up the Category X finals :slight_smile: enjoy!


And here we go crazy, Category Y is up!



Oj! The forums were down so I couldn’t post it, but the first part of the Category R finals are now up!

Part two follows 24h after part one, and part two follows 24h after that. :slight_smile: So it’ll keep you coming back!


I enjoyed part 1 and 2, but learned so much of part 3, especially in the field of suspension training. I don’t even dare to look at the last entry I sent in into the CSR right now, knowing what I know after that…

(Also, I was fan of the Arrow.)


Now that the forums are functional again, I have updated the OP with all the links to the latest competition videos. The grand finals / summary video will probably be out this week. I still need to figure out how to do it exactly. :wink:

Anyway, if you have not checked out the finals of Category R yet, I highly recommend you do, an excellent conclusion to the competition overall!



The 3rd part of Ad reviews was very informative, i realized that I never cared about suspensions settings…
And picking one of the two finalists was such a difficult choice!


Grand Finals Part 1 is live!

You have some voting to do, too :slight_smile:


The Grand Finals Part 2 are out!

An interesting conclusion for sure, and another look at all the amazing designs that have made it to the finals.
Thank you all for participating and following the competition! It was great fun, even when not everything was perfect. A big thanks to the judges who have put in countless of hours to make this possible!



I feel like I should clear the air with the allegations made against me in the video. What I said about getting friends to vote for me was in jest immediately after I brought up concerns of suspicious voting activity (which I was told at the moment was being looked into). I did not follow through with that or do anything else to rig the votes, and I’m just as shocked as everybody else with the turn of events.

That being said, I understand Killrob’s decision to nulify my votes due to how suspicious is looks. I just want to make it clear that I did not attempt to cheat my way into winning.


how to compete, is it still exist? i have so many designs and i want to show them but i don’t know how, can somebody just give me shortcut instructions? is it just LOOK competition or complete model competition? please hurry up i am so addicted


It’s been six months. The competition is over. Share your cars on the car design sharing section of the forums or compete in challenges if you want to.


thank you brother